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 Normal Training Fields

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Posts : 299

PostSubject: Normal Training Fields   Thu Feb 25, 2010 1:12 pm

Here the land is normal. All types of element can be found instead of just one and training takes place as usually, instead of just one particular field.
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Ichiban Genkaku


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Type : Ketsuekigakure
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PostSubject: Re: Normal Training Fields   Thu Feb 25, 2010 2:34 pm

Ichiban walks out onto the training field, finding a nice secluded spot. He sits down and talks aloud to himself. Now how to go about this. I suppose first I'll have to get familiar with summoning chakra to just one hand, since i'll have to simultaneously use both wind and water to create my Ice element. He grumbles, saying something along the lines of "This whole inherited element crap better make it easier". With having said that he stands up and begins the process.

He starts out by focusing on just his normal chakra. He wanted to get the hang of just simply being able to summon chakra to one body part. He slowed his breathing, removed all other thoughts from his mind, and focus on his inner body. He could feel the two different energies that made his chakra. His physical and his mental. He concentrated on the two and brought them together, both creating the chakra within him. Easy enough he thought aloud. That was always easy with Genkaku, establishing the two different energies. It was crucial to their style after all.

He moved on to the hard part next, which would be summoning his chakra not to both of his hand like normal, to make a Ninjutsu, but just to summon it to one hand only and hold it there. He had to accomplish this if he was to even think about summon two different elements at once to make one element. He focused hard and long, trying several times and getting further which each attempt. Finally it payed off, as he had managed to get the chakra to reach his hand and managed to keep it there. He decided he would train this some more, just to make sure he had it down.
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Ichiban Genkaku


Posts : 28
Type : Ketsuekigakure
Rank : Genin

PostSubject: Re: Normal Training Fields   Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:16 pm

He decide now after managing to do it with one hand, he'd learn how to do it with both hands. First with just his other hand, then he'd learn to do it with both at the same time. So far this was easy, but he knew he'd have the hard parts coming up when the element gathering started. He pushed these thoughts out of his head and began focusing on his other hand.

Since this was his left hand he didn't much like it. It was alittle slower, and took him longer. Longer was bad, as he needed to use both the elements at once to create Ice. He didn't need one showing up at a slower time than the other. He continued with many attempts until he felt that he could summon chakra to his left arm, at the same speed as his other arm. He nodded in a silent sense of accomplishment to himself and then decided to move on to the next step, bringing chakra to both of his hands at the same time.

Alright lets do this. Just got to focus really hard. He was saying this to himself as he prepared his mind, clearing all the thoughts. However a small group of birds in some nearby trees where making a bunch of disturbing chirping noises that he didn't very much like, which interrupted him many times during his attempts at getting chakra to both his hands at once. Finally after being fed up he looked in the direction of the birds. He gathered some chakra then opening his eyes released it into his eyes and activated one of his bloodline abilities. Munashii Boushi. The word spoken echoed through the air with a sort of mystic, alluring, whispered tone. His eyes turned into that alluring sapphire blue color with their hazy, mist like appeal. So mystical, so alluring. He knew the birds would have to look into these eyes, to learn their secrets.

The moment the small animals made eye contact Ichiban could feel the link to their minds. He had them caught, mesmerized in his seductive glare, the charm of a snake indeed for as beautiful as they were, they were deceiving. Not a few seconds later and a strong, forceful pulse of chakra was sent straight to the birds mind, blasting into their thoughts and stunning them. The birds fell out of the tree, stiff as the tree branch they were sitting on. With the noise gone he deactivated his Munashii Boushi and went about his training.

After several more hours, and several more stunned birds, Ichiban finally got it right. He was able to summon chakra to both of his hands at once, without any problems at all. he took a note that this might also improve his performance in activating jutsu. Then he decided it best to move on to the next task, his first element he would try to summon would be the water element.
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Ichiban Genkaku


Posts : 28
Type : Ketsuekigakure
Rank : Genin

PostSubject: Re: Normal Training Fields   Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:05 pm

Already Ichiban knew this wasn't going to be easy. For several hours he had been trying to summon forth the water attribute, which was a part of his affinity for the element Ice. I don't get it! My affinity is Ice, it is my heritage, so it is natural that water and wind should be a factor, but then, why is it that I feel I can't reach the water, like its being blocked... His voice trailed off at the end. He sat down and emptied his mind of everything. Then he looked down inside himself, not with just his mind, but also his spirit. His affinity was there, hiding somewhere, he just had to find it.

At first everything was black, he could feel himself walking, but he wasn't quiet sure where he was walking too, or where he even was. Then, just as he was about to give up and try again later, he saw the tiniest dot of white light. He started walking towards it, and it grew bigger. It was an entrance. He ran towards it and at the last moment he burst out into the light, only to find himself in front of an ocean, a vast body of water. It stretched as far as the eye could see. He turned to look behind him and he saw what appeared to be more land, forests and plains life everywhere. Its then that he finally noticed he was standing on a large, wooden bridge of sorts.

He looked down to see a plummeting drop. The wooden bridge was actually a dam. It stretched all the way down to the ground, where it ended. He let out a whistle to exaggerate the magnitude of the drop. He was looking down when he suddenly heard what sounded like a male voice. Startled by the sudden appearance he spun around, backing away from the edge. It was a old man, long gray hair, full gray beard, and a cane. He wore a simple gray cloak and all in all, looked totally out of place.

Who...who are you? Better yet, where am I?

The man smiled lightly at this question, then as if it where obvious, he said with a matter-of-fact tone. I am you, and you are nowhere but yourself.

Ichiban looked at the old man like somehow, he expected that strange answer. After all he had somehow gotten to this weird place when just moments ago he was sitting in the training fields of his village. He expected nothing less than weird answers from characters who had just appeared. He turned to look at the ocean, then back to the old man. Ichiban quickly readied his hidden blade, as the old man now stood with a giant hammer at his side. The hammer sparked, and crackled with dark energy. It was a war hammer. On the other side, stood his cane, looking normal and at the most sturdy.

So uhhhh...whats the war hammer there for? Not planning on doing anything violent with that are you?

The old man stepped back, holding out his hands. Nothing lad, nothing at all. It is you who will be using the hammer. You needed water correct? Well here it is lad take it! Just one obstacle stands in your way. The older man stands off to the side, motioning to the bridge.

Ichiban raised an eyebrow in question, then went with the obvious choice. He grabbed the war hammer, he thought the most obvious choice. It was really heavy, but he could manage to drag it over. He looked over at the old man once more to make sure he was serious. Seeing no change in the old mans stance he brought up the war hammer and with all his might, swung down. The hammer came down like a thunderbolt, smashing into the side of the dam and shaking the whole thing. Air was pushed away by the power of it, whip lashing his hair, his cloak, even the old mans, backwards. He walked back over and then blinked in surprise. Not a scratch, not even a single scratch.

He was puzzled. It didn't work. He instantly knew what he had done wrong, but he can't believe he hadn't seen it before, he was stunned that he had fallen for it. He took the hammer and set it on the ground next to the old man speaking as he reached for the Cane this time. I asked you who you were, and you said me. You weren't lying were you. Your the water attribute in me. Your what makes my heritage, or part of it anyways.

He holds the Cane high in the air thinking to himself Just as my Munashii Boushi is deceptive, so is water. It is calm and fluid being moved easily yet, when under the right circumstances it can be solid and full of wrath and fury. Water is not always what it seems to be. As he thought of this, he brought the can down with little force, just barely tapping the dam. A flash of blue light, and the old man was gone. His Cane however remained. Or at least it only looked like a cane. A sword was now lodged into the dam, buried halfway into it. A powerful force of energy was blasted into the damn, cracking it all the way at the bottom.

The obvious choice was to go with the hammer, which looked powerful and capable of breaking the damn when really, it was weaker than the damn. The true power was with the cane because, like water, the cane appeared to have no special power. Only until it was recognized, and tried, did it reveal itself. The dam started to break, the water pushing its way through but apparently Ichiban wouldn't get to stay and see. A force was pulling him back. He could feel himself being pulled back through the black tunnel, and then his eyes snapped open.

He was staring again at the training field he was previously on. Whatever was stopping his water element had apparently been removed, the barrier broken, for Ichiban could feel the water attribute rushing from his inner chakra. It came for rumbling like a wild river down his arm, until it reached his hand. His hand glowed a faint blue color for a moment and his whole arm was moist and wet, then it went away and all was good again. The water attribute was there, and he had completed the first element. With a sense of accomplishment he rested, and couldn't help but wonder what would happen when he tried to summon the next element attribute, wind.
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Ichiban Genkaku


Posts : 28
Type : Ketsuekigakure
Rank : Genin

PostSubject: Re: Normal Training Fields   Sat Feb 27, 2010 2:55 pm

Ichiban had rested, and then had tried to summon his wind attribute to his other hand and surprisingly he didn't have any trouble summoning it. The only trouble he had, like with most Genkaku was controlling it. Every time he summoned the attribute it would shoot erratically up his arm, and then disperse in a chaotic frenzy. Sensing he already knew what must be done he closed his eyes and left all thoughts. Focusing deep within his inner chakras. Just as expected everything went black.

He knew it was that strange black tunnel. He didn't fumble, or go slow, he simply took off in one direction, or maybe it was any direction. Who knew who cared. Like last time he saw the end of the tunnel. It wasn't so bright this time, it looked gray and cloudy, like a storm. He didn't much like the look of that, but he went anyways. He stepped out and then had the instinct to immediately step back into the black tunnel, and forget he ever came.

What he saw in front of him was monstrous, literally. A huge creature was standing before him. It's true form was hidden because its body was entangled in a massive frenzy of ravaging, chaotic winds. The whole thing was a unbelievable site to behold, yet it was happening. This huge beast was laying waste to the lands beneath it. Everywhere it stepped land was torn away and everything was swallowed by its frenzy.

Just as he was about to turn around, and think of another strategy to come back later, he noticed a man. The man was bald, but dressed randomly and very colorful. It was all random and strange, just as the creatures choice in what it destroyed next. Ichiban had a feeling he already knew that the two were the same, and as such were a part of him. The man spoke first, in a rather humorous, yet annoyed tone.

Oh well its about time ye noticed me! I've just been sittin here watching you! Waiting for poor ole me to be noticed. Or if you prefer I was watching me watch myself! Ha isn't that a thought! So! What are ye going to do about that beasty! Or if we prefer what are we going to do about us!

He spoke like he was mad, or had gone mad. In a quizzical manner that still mad sense somehow. He was pointing at the large beast. Smiling all the more while he watched the beast with interest. I do say we have good taste in our form don't we?

You expect me to do something about that? Err I mean me...You expect me to do something about myself? Look at that! It's monstrous, uncontrollable! Where would I even start. He looked back at the beast. It was so huge, so chaotic. How could something such as this ever be controlled. The man, who was apparently mad said with a solemn, almost disappointed voice. Lad do you have to be told everything. It is your own self you know. I would think we know about ourselves better than anyone. Think mah boy think! With that, the man walked away, leaving Ichiban to stay there, by himself.

Ichiban did just that however. The man was right, he knew better about himself than anyone did. He thought back about the water. He knew what had to be done. He spoke aloud, to himself mostly, but he felt as if the mad man were still watching and listening from somewhere. Just as the water and my doujutsu had something in common, as they were a part of me, I'm guessing, well I'm guessing so does our Bite Illusion and the Wind. I think I get it now. The water comes from our spiritual energies, which must be where our Munashii Boushi gets it source from, while our physical energies are the chaotic source, just like this wind is. They effect the nature of our element, and our chakra. So just as I would contain the chaotic chakra to control it better, in a sense, so should I do the same with this beast.

With that Ichiban ran forward, towards the beast. Looking up he spoke to the large creature. You are me, and I am you. I may not be able to control you directly, but I have means. You will no longer be able to roam free. Return to will be contained. He held out his hand, and the beast turned and roared. It was being pulled in, by my own will. It was being slowly pulled into Ichiban, but just like last time, he was pulled back, not going to get to stick around to see the end result.

He zoomed back through the black tunnel, as he was leaving the mad man smiling and waving at him. His eyes snapped back open and just like the water, he could feel the barrier removed. Wind surged through his arm, whipping chaotically as it went down his arm. The cloth was torn off and cut away as the wind traveled down his arm and his hand glowed a faint, white color, then it faded away and just as before, everything was back to normal. It was easier this time, now that he knew what to do, but he had managed to summon both attributes. He smiled, at his new accomplishment and rested again, for his next goal would be Ice.
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PostSubject: Re: Normal Training Fields   

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Normal Training Fields
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