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 Zero uchiha

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Zero Uchiha

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PostSubject: Zero uchiha   Sun Sep 27, 2009 11:09 pm

General Info

Name:Zero Uchiha



Rank:Ex-Chuunin, A-Rank Missing Ninja



Weight:123 lbs

Element:Fire, Lightning

Summonings: None

:Academy Student Arc: Zero had joined the academy at age 7 and was known as one of the Uchiha young prodigies as he was starting to grow up easily grasping any thing he wanted. He was skilled in many arts of fighting and his jutsu was at the top of his class. He was the top student in his class and was feared by his whole class due to being An Uchiha and they were rumored to be very great shinobi. During his Time at the Academy Zero got all good marks in his classes and passed the Genin Exam easily. After the Exam he gained his sharingan abilities at age 10.

Genin Arc: Zero has been a genin for 2 years now taking it easy for the time being not living up to his true potential as an Uchiha.In a Mission to the Mist his Genin Squad was killed as he was one to survive alongside his sensei. After the mission Zero went everyday to the memorial stone to pay respect to the team whom he could not have survived without. When he was assigned to a new team he could not get along with any one of them. He usually did his work alone and did not cooperate with the team. Though he was a good shinobi at his age, most his missions failed due to his arrogance to work alone.

Chuunin Exam Arc: Zero's team was sent into the Chuunin exam as the Jounin sensei made a reckless decision to do so as they could still not work together. The first test was quite simple, though it seemed the people around Zero except for a select few were having major issues taking the test. Zero used sharingan to his advantage and copied some answers he did not know himself. He passed the test as he had stayed in the room when others left, the entire test was just a cover up for another test of courage and wits, it was also a test to see if they had good spying skills.
After the test they were given a few hours before the next part of the exam. The next part was a survival test and restraint to look at secret documents. He was sent to a gate it was number '14' and a Chuunin proctor stood at the gate with a key to unlock and a listening device, it stated 'GO!". Zero and his team of two rushed through the now opened gate and immediately searched for an opposing team to get a heaven scroll as they were given an earth scroll. Soon after 10 or 15 minutes Zero and his team came across another team from the Leaf Village. The opposing team knew of the Uchiha power and didn't want to take the chance of losing terribly and having to fend off other teams, they put the scroll on the ground. Zero tsked and walked forward kicking the scroll at them, "Fight Me!' he shouted at them. The team backed down and tried to run, Zero cut off their escape and punched one across the jaw, "I Said Fight me!" he shouted at them and they eventually fought with Zero succeeding over the three of them, Showing the true power of the uchiha, He wasn't going to disgrace his clan with such an easy win such as a forfeit. They reached the Tower in near time for a record if Zero didn't take the time to fight the team. They waited many days for the other teams to make it here.

Final Test, It was the Final test and Zero was paired against a Hyuuga from the Leaf village. He didn't know much about his opponent other then that they were taijutsu based and his Sharingan would read every movement he made, this fight would be simple thought zero.Zero's match was number 4 on the setup and it seemed like it took forever. He looked at his opponent with dark eyes and the hyuuga looked back at him. The match had begun and Zero activated his sharingan which was already at three tomoe. The hyuuga ran at him and Zero could see every movement he would make and counter attacked and knocked the boy back. Zero stood in the sunlight looking like a holy deity to the hyuuga boy. Zero stared into the boys eyes with a cool look as he captured him in a genjutsu. The Hyuuga thought he was winning now as he 'attacked' Zero, the hyuuga only had lifted his hand in a sign of giving up. Zero deactivated the genjutsu and smiled at the hyuuga who lost a humiliating defeat. Zero was declared the winner. Soon after the other fights Zero was made a Chuunin and received his vest and title to the whole village.

Abandoning Village Arc:
Zero did many missions while he was a chuunin and became very renowned throughout the village, Though he soon found out that the village wasn't offering him enough power quickly. For a year he did research every day on an Organization he had heard about, they were full of insanely strong shinobi and he wanted to be one of those shinobi one day. He had to make a choice after a scout had traveled to his house in the middle of the night giving him a location to an Akatsuki hide out. It was either leave the village he loves or gain power quickly. He made the dark decision and geared up for his journey to the Village where the recruiting station was located. He didn't have much trouble leaving the village as a festival was going on and security wasn't very tough that night. He took the path out of the village and was soon at the recruiting station. He had fought one of the ninja there, they were far stronger then him and it showed Zero how much better he could become if he went with them. He made a bargain with the Leader to become an Apprentice and would soon work his way to becoming a full fledged member of Akatsuki. He was classified an A-Rank missing ninja upon his leave of the village.

Extra Information: Nothing Of Importance

Family Members: Family Deceased

Team mates: None

Sensei: None


Basic Jutsu:

Katon Ninjutsu


Raiton Ninjutsu:



Finishers: Chidori

Equipment: Basic Shinobi Equipment

Weapons: Kusanagi

Outfit: See Pic

Strengths:His Genjutsu is near perfect and almost inescapable, his ninjutsu skills are very high and he is very smart. He has mastered the Sharingan, He has a mass understanding of most shinobi abilities and bloodlines. He has Immense speed that can only be tracked by the sharingan. His Chakra levels are high like a kages.

Weaknesses: Taijutsu isnt his strongest point in a fight. He cares too much for a fellow Uchiha member, he has a small sickness in his lungs. He tends to leave his opponents alive when he should kill them.

Abilities: See Stengths and jutsu

Bloodline: Sharingan

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PostSubject: Re: Zero uchiha   Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:15 am

Okay when we say village and rank you have to start out as an AS....We mean from the site itself. >.>;;; Yeeeeah edit that part and then i'll approve. :3
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Zero uchiha
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