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PostSubject: Demise   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:39 pm

Name: Demise the deadly 1st

Gender: Female

Village: None

Rank:S-rank , missin nin

Age: Unknown



Element: Crystal and Ice

Summonings: Demonic Crystal and Ice dragons (Kumigi (Crytsal dragon) Frunimi (Ice)

Abilities: Ice/ Crystal shard roar. Reforming there bodies in anyway.

Extra Information

Family Members: None

Team mates: None

Sensei: None



Name: Crystal: Hexagonal Shuriken: Wild Dance
Rank: C-rank
Type:Offensive, All ranges
Description: Demise throws a vast amount of crystal shuriken to her opponent. She can use a much advanced form of the attack where crystal particles surround her and condense into numerous shuriken.

Name: Crystal Armor
Rank: A-rank
Type:Offensive , Defensive, Short-range (0-5m)
This jutsu allows Demise to become encased in a thin sheet of crystal to protect her from blunt force trauma. This armor can also aid Guren in performing stronger physical attacks. The crystal is transparent and can only be noticed by light reflecting off it.

Name: Crystal Release: The Gods' Crossings Technique
Rank: B-rank
Type: Offensive, Supplementary, Mid to long range (0-10m+)
This jutsu will create a long stream of sharp crystals to bind or pierce a target.

Name: Crystal Release: Jade Crystal Blade
Rank: C-rank
Type: Offensive, Short range (0-5m)
Demise can quickly form a blade made of crystal on her arm, and use it almost similar to how a ninja would use a Tanto. Blades can be formed on both arms if needed

Name: Crystal Release: Crimson Fruit
Rank: b-rank
Type:Defensive, Supplementary, Short range (0-5m)
Demise can create a dome of crystal to surround a target. It is high durable from both external and internal attacks.

Name: Crystal Release: Arrow of Light
Rank: A-rank
Type: Offensive, Defensive, All ranges
Demise will encase herself in a prism of crystal. While doing this, she can hover in the air but is unable to maneuver, however is protected from all but the strongest of attacks. In addition, she can focus her chakra into light through a prism and launch a powerful heat blast.

Name: Crystal Arm Spear
Rank: C-rank
Type:Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)
This jutsu allows Demise to create a large sharp rod attached to her wrist which she can used to impale a target. It resembles Crystal spear.


Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard
Rank: B-rank
Type: Offensive, Long range (10m+)
Description: An Ice Release technique formed from freezing water particles in the air . After forming the needed hand seal Demise will thrust her arm to send out a black ether-like dragon to strike her opponent. As it flies through the air it will begin to turn. When it hits the target it will use its motion to launch the opponent high into the air.

Name: Ice Release: Piercing Dragon Fierce Tiger
Type: Offensive, Long range (10m+)
This jutsu allows the user to create a giant tiger made out of ice from freezing water particles in the air. This jutsu is cold enough to freeze any Water Release techniques it comes into contact with.

Name: Ice Release: Snow Storm Swallows
Rank: B-rank
Type:Offensive, Short to mid range (0-10m)
Description: This jutsu creates a cluster of ice needles in the shape of miniature swallows, which the user then throw at the opponent. These needles can change direction in midair and will maim the opponent with their sharp wings.

Name: Ice Release: Twin Dragon Blizzard
Rank: A-rank
Type:Offensive, Long range (10m+)
Description: An advanced version of Ice Release: Black Dragon Blizzard in which Demise releases two dragons of black snow that merge into a massive tornado.


Name: Demon Flute: Phantom Sound Chains
Rank: B-rank
Type: Supplementary, All ranges
Description: Using her flute, Demise creates the illusion that her opponent is in a never-ending room of bones. They are bound by wires that hang from the ceiling, restricting their movement. Soon after, their flesh will begin to melt away from their bones, causing great pain and horror to the target.

Name: Demon Flute: Illusionary Dragon Manipulating Melody
Rank: B-rank
Type: Supplementary
Description: Using her flute, Demise can control her Dragons from a distance without using words. By playing specific notes, her dragons will move and act in specific ways. Tayuya can also change the melody if the opponent figures out the keys

Finishers: Crystal and Ice death ritual jutsu

Equipment: Senbon , Explosive tags , smoke tags , poison tags


Name: Demonic Flute:
Using this flute, Demise can cast genjutsu and control her Dragon summons by playing specific melodies. This is the only item she keeps with her. She says that no one that has heard the sound of her flute has lived. If the opponent recognizes her melody she can change it to confuse them

Outfit: Looks like picture.

Strengths: Close combat , flexibility

Weakness's: Genjutsu (thus confirming why she only has one genjustu jutsu)

Abilities: Forming crystals from tiny shards in dirt. (explanation: Demise sends chakra into the crystals in the dirt. The crystals then expand and become larger when a crystal release jutsu is being done the same is done for ice as she can put chakra with ice properties into the air to use the water molecules to form ice out of no where.)

Bloodline: Uknown
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PostSubject: Re: Demise   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:55 pm

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