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 Hiroshi Renshe

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Hiroshi Renshe

Hiroshi Renshe

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PostSubject: Hiroshi Renshe   Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:26 pm

General Info

Name: Hiroshi Renshe

Gender: Male

Village: Aurora

Rank: Jounin

Age: 17

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165lb

Element: Fire and Water

Summonings: None


Hiroshi was born into a family of opposing elementalists. In other words, they all mastered two elements that are opposite of each other. His father mastered wind and earth, his mother mastered light and darkness, and he mastered fire and water. At one point in time, him and his family lived in a forest. One day, he was out practicing his fire jutsu, and he accidentally hit a tree, causing a forest fire. He tried to put out the fire with his water jutsu, but he hadn't had enough practice to do so. He ran inside the house and told his parents, then started running out of the forest. His parents, however, were still asleep when he told them. By the time, they had gotten dressed, it was too late. The fire had already caused the trees along the path out of the forest to fall, and they couldn't escape in time.

Extra Information

Family Members: None

Team mates: None

Sensei: None

Jutsu: Clone, Replacement, and Transformation (For now D;)

Finishers: None

Equipment: 2 medical kits, 20 shuriken, and 30 kunai

Weapons: Kusaragaki (Fire and Water katana)

Outfit: See avy! =o

Strengths: Strong and agile.

Weaknesses: Zones out a lot, clumsy at times, and pays attention to his hair waaaaaay too much.

Abilities: Nearly unbeatable swordsmanship through years of endless training.

Bloodline: None
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PostSubject: Re: Hiroshi Renshe   Sun Jul 26, 2009 8:28 pm

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Hiroshi Renshe
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