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 Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"

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Xarias - "The Forbidden"

Xarias -

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PostSubject: Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"   Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:09 pm

Name: Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"

D.O.B: April 2, Year Unknown

Age: No known age, she doesnt age. This will be explained in my history. She appears in her mid-twenties though.

Bloodline: No Bloodline Known. But there is an ability which helps her to gain them. This will be explained in my history.

Rank: I will provide sample. Xarias is known to be S-Ranked, or atleast High Jounin.

Classification: (This is based off of us, if your rp skills are somewhat low or average then we might just put genin or chuunin, by sending one of the mods or admins a rp sample, this will make this part the template easier for us, instead of us travelling around section to section trying to find your character)

Village: Currently resides in the moutains or plains of the Lightning country.

Alignment: Her heart is evil and cold, but her mind is intact and wants to do good for herself. She is basically neutral.

Unknown parents.



History: Xarias is the twin-sibling of Hidan. They grew up together happily, but as the genetic twin strain on each other got tighter, they grew more the same, save for one explicit ability that Xarias never revealed to Hidan, to keep from his jealousy. If Xarias had killed a clan member, and ripped their heart out, draining the blood by drinking it; She would obtain the techniques of the victim. In order to use that successfully, the enemy must be dead. After a period of time around their high teenaged years, both Xarias and Hidan fought along side each other, killing anyone in their paths. Xarias was naturally more powerful, lethal, and deadly than Hidan was; but never showed the true potential of her power. She was also incredibly strategic in her fights, thinking swiftly and then performing quick acts to back-up her thoughts. Her brother, Hidan, was more of the rush in and kill type of guys. But, eventually; Belonging to Yukagure, they were forced to stop their violent killing due to the tourist attraction that had been recently replaced by Shinobi input. Both Xarias, and Hidan were infuriated by this, and in return, killed their neighbors to leave a scarring mark on the village before leaving it. As time went on, the twins trained together constantly. Xarias dominated Hidan in all aspects of fighting. To make for home, a ritualistic cult named 'Jashin' took them in, and in return for the cults 'kindness', they pledged loyalty to the Shinigami. The Deathly God. The primary teaching of this faith appears to be outright slaughter, where anything less than utter destruction is considered a sin. Jashin was considered the 'Vampirism Cult' because of the need of the opponents blood to perform their ritualistic satisfaction. The amulet around Hidan's neck, and around the right side of Xarias' leg, is a symbol of Jashin and they used it to pray to their god before battling, requesting a good kill, or (when they were not allowed to) for forgiveness. Eventually, the twins were approached by Pain, the leader of the Akatsuki, to make an addition to the powerful organization. This marked the beginning of the seperation of the twins. Hidan, foolish as ever took on the offer without a second though; while Xarias, offered a third in his wake. Xarias knew the organization would soon come to their doom and turned the offer down. Hidan had repeatedly asked Xarias to ajoin with him to keep the two together, and Xarias plainly rejected his attempts. Hidan pursued with the goal of the Akatsuki, and Xarias was a strict follower of Jashin for quite some time. After the dismembermant and potential death of her twin brother, Hidan, her mind was cracked and split into emotions. These emotions influence her skills, abilities, and appearance. After successfully killing a target known as "Su' NoMyaki, The Godly Inscentive", Shinigami blessed Xarias with the evolutionary form of Jashin's inner power. She would have the ability to enter the underworld, and after some amount of months to a year, released; Carrying with her the ability to transform herself into a Demon. After a time - She unlocked the true capability of the form, and used it to its highest potential. She returned to the Shinobi Nation, Yukagure, she slaughtered almost the entire village in the request of Shinigami to prove her worth of keeping the demonic form in her possession, and if the mission was not carried out, killing her. Evidentally, Xarias became heartbroken after seeing a small child whimper over the body of his mother who had been killed by her. Xarias finished the cults religious ceremony and swore to stop killing since then. Xarias thoroughly altered the ritual by putting more than one pike through her body, and saying words in demonic phrase to ensure she kept her immortality for serving the Shinigami throughout the years. He accepted her plea. Since then Xarias has roamed the forests, avoiding ANBU contact in hopes to keep from being imprisoned for her misdeeds. The image of the weeping child is still fresh in her memory to this day.

Although Xarias can see, she wears a cover over her eyes to keep from seeing, that way she focuses on her surroundings, vibrations, and sound to gain advantages.

Speciality: Kuraijutsu (Jutsu of the Shinigami), Taijutsu, Ninjutsu.

Jutsus: (The Basic Jutsu Don't Count (Substitution, Clone, etc), and keep it ranked base, unless you're like an A-rank genin, you can't know any higher C-rank)
Academy Student // 10 Jutsu

Genin // C Rank Missing-nin = Jujutsu • Shijihyouketsu - Sorcery • Death Controller Possessing Blood
Rank: -
Type: Hidden Jutsu (No Elements).
Description: Jujutsu • Shijihyouketsu is a Ninjutsu technique used by Akatsuki member Hidan. This Kinjutsu was the creation of the Jashin religion, an evil god cult of which Hidan is a member. As long as Hidan kills, his body will not die. This jutsu allows Hidan to inflict whatever damage his body takes onto his opponent. Hidan will first form a Jashin symbol on the ground. Hidan will next draw blood from his opponent; the usage of his ranged scythe will help in this step. He will then consume the blood of his opponent to begin the ceremony.

With the blood consumed his body will darken and form a skeletal deaths head outline on his body. Then by placing himself within the circle of the symbol, any damage he takes while within it will also be felt by the opponent whose blood he consumed. Hidan will use a pike to cause self-inflicted damage which transfers to his opponent. If he steps out of the circle, the connection ends and his opponent can damage him with no ill effects on themselves. Note that this technique does not appear to be tied to Hidan's general ability to not die. Keeping with his strict religious nature, if Hidan wins his battle he will finish out the technique with a thirty minute long prayer ceremony by laying on the symbol with the pike through his chest. With this process his body will lose its skeletal outline and it will regain its natural appearance.
Xarias Jutsu
Name: Koumajutsu-Koutetsu (Demonic Invocation Armor)
Rank: -
Type: Kuraijutsu
Description: On a 24 hour basis, Xarias will be guarded by a demonic shield, which conceals her entire body. This armor will make her fade, but not completely. The armor will make her appear as if she was a demonic spirit, making her body appear as if it was ghostly. Her body will glow purple, black, and blood red creating an aura - And if seen you could see almost all the way through her body. This will make it so her Kuraijutsu has a more killing effect, increasing the power of the jutsu's incredibly. In addition it will make it so she cannot be hit, and if swung through her demonic armor will consume the enemy holding them in place. Xarias chooses when she will allow this armor to take effect, and when to take it off.
Name: Oni-Tsume Rikkou (Demonic Claw Exertion)
Rank: S
Type: Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Kuraijutsu
Element: Affinity utilized by darkness.
Description: Xarias will stand in a feral offensive stance, and charge toward her enemy with break-neck speeds. Once in front of them, she will exert a pitch black aura from her body. She will stand up, and her hand will be shaped into a demonic claw of some sort, made of nothing but scales, bone, and extremely sharp nails. She will swing her arm however way she wants. This will slice the enemies skin with ease, and cut through bone. If the enemy survives the impact, somehow - It will leave a deep burn mark that is colored black embed on their skin.
Name: Chi Natsuin Tu Sono Shitamegami (Blood Seal Of The UnderGoddess)
Rank: S
Type: Kuraijutsu
Element: -
Description: Xarias will seduce her enemy, or just plainly get close to them due to her immortality. She will expose her large, razor sharp fangs and sink them into the enemies neck, wrist, forearm, chest, or right above the hip. Once bitten, the individual will go into a frenzy, and be forced to drink the blood of humans or they will die from starvation and the rapid growth of the undead hormones raging inside of them. If they survive the bite, a seal will appear over the mark bitten, and will grant the individual Kuraijutsu, and there blood will turn black - Becoming acid. They will pledge full loyalty to Xarias, and listen to her commands on contact. They will now represent her, the Shinigami of Jashin.
Image of Seal:
Name: Kuraijutsu (Jutsu of the Jashin God)
Rank: - (Unranked Jutsu Type)
Element: Darkness
Description: Kuraijutsu is the Jutsu used by the Jashin Shinigami. The God of Death. It is devised of pure evil energy. When this type of jutsu is used, it purges the body of the user and temporarily grants them extreme strength, attack speed, agility, and power. This lasts for 1 cooldown, after the use of the Kuraijutsu that followed it.
Name: Summoning Jutsu - Rampart Phoenix, Demonic Possession
Summoning Rank: S
Summoning Demon Type: Dread Phoenix
Summoning Demon Weight: Xarias controls the weight of this Summon
Summoning Demon Size: Extremely large, wing length of around the size of 3/4 of a football field.
Summoning Demon Abilities:1. This Phoenix flies up into the air, and can shoot balls of flaming black fire - Which ignite the area and surge the enemy(ies) with demonic jutsu, temporarily giving them brain damage. These flames are incredibly hard to put out and if not put out, can last for days.

2. Xarias can increase the size of the phoenix making it the size of about 4 football fields or more. The phoenix will then perform a twisting dive into the ground, creating flaming craters and destroying almost anything in the AoE once it lands. When it dies, the phoenix will disperse an extremely large radius of black flames, burning anything that it touches.

Image of Demonic Phoenix:
Elements: Dominant: Darkness; Recessive: Lightning; Final: Fire.

Weapons/items: Name: Takai-Gaiaku Gai (Death Influenced Scythe)
Type: Scythe
Rank: S
User: Xarias
Effect:: Xarias sealed the scythe with a seal of Kuraijutsu. When swung, it consecrates the area around Xarias and her enemies by displaying a dark aura that burns into the ground and spreads by the second. It will burn the area instantly igniting it with demonic black flames. It will burn the feet, or legs, or whatever is on the ground at the time. if the enemy is hit by the Gai, it will send an unholy shock through the opponent(s) setting their insides on fire, burning them from the inside out. This scythe is kept in a seal that is engraved on the right wrist of Xarias which resembles the Jashin symbol, followed by a tattoo'd list of the 7 Sins.
Picture: The scythe ^ Not the girl.
Goals: Currently, the only goal she has is to refrain from feeding on the blood of humans. Another goal of hers would need to be trying to not kill people, she doesnt enjoy engaging in battle anymore, and wishes not to fight if she can absolutely avoid it. Xarias is called the 'Forbidden One' because Humans have hated and reviled her for what she is.

Last edited by Xarias - "The Forbidden" on Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:40 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Shunsuke Uchiha

Shunsuke Uchiha

Posts : 108

PostSubject: Re: Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"   Sun Jun 21, 2009 6:55 am

I'd leave that for the admins but I just want to make a note...getting a kekkei-genkei after killing impossible...but as I said I will leave to the admins and mostly to Eman cause he is deep into this stuff so yeah keep in mind my note...

P.S But meh I'd like her for Kuro Akatsuki...
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Xarias - "The Forbidden"

Xarias -

Posts : 5

PostSubject: Re: Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:39 pm

Thats just it though, Xarias is now against fighting. So the chances of her attacking, killing, and then getting past her resistance to even DRINK the blood of the enemy is very unlikely. Not only that, it'd require her to get their hearts as well.
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Xarias - "The Forbidden"

Xarias -

Posts : 5

PostSubject: Re: Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"   Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:40 pm

But, I did edit the Kekkei-Genkai part. Pardon that.
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Shunsuke Uchiha

Shunsuke Uchiha

Posts : 108

PostSubject: Re: Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"   Sun Jun 21, 2009 2:05 pm

Xarias - "The Forbidden" wrote:
Thats just it though, Xarias is now against fighting. So the chances of her attacking, killing, and then getting past her resistance to even DRINK the blood of the enemy is very unlikely. Not only that, it'd require her to get their hearts as well.
Yeah I read if it's that yea you can keep it but...ah anyways Want to join Kuro Akatsuki ?

P.S Nonetheless:
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PostSubject: Re: Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"   

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Xarias - "Sono Kunzuru Ichi"
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