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 Nathan Uchiha

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Nathan Uchiha


Posts : 96

PostSubject: Nathan Uchiha   Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:35 pm

Name: Nathan Uchiha
D.O.B: 28 March

Age: 8

Bloodline: Sharingan

Sharingan: Locked


Classification rp sample training for Body Flicker :


Alignment: good right now


Personality:Nathan is a very calm, reserved individual that does not embrace sudden unnecessary outburst of bullheadedness. Being raised as an orphan Nathan grew to accept solitude and does not mind being separated form other for long periods of time, frequently finding enjoyment in the tranquility of silence. Though a loner by nature, Nathan can be quite sociable when necessary, but usually withholds such an attitude for those he honors and trusts. Despite his reserved attitude, Nathan can be known to have a vicious streak that is only unleashed in the most stressful of situations, and usually only on those that Nathan holds with disgust and hatred. Above all other things, Nathan despises individuals that prey on the weak and helpless.
Nathan is typically very attuned with his surroundings, being able to since when something is troubling those around him. Due to his kind hearted nature, he cannot help but try to help those that he gets close to, but he is usually very strategic about how he approaches other, since he does not want to miss any details that may factor into how an individual is feeling.

History: Nathan has been an orphan from birth, as the a crazed cult kidnap him and killed off all other members of his family but his mom as a means of getting the power within the newborn’s body and if it was not for ninja unknown to him they would have kill him as well. Nathan and his mom was left without protection from the hordes of power crazed shinobi seeking to turn the child into a weapon for their country. Had Nathan not been claimed by the shinobi of Darkness he would have surely been raised to be nothing more then a tool to be used in warfare. However, this was not the case. Nathan mom raised him, and while he did not have dad to always be there for him, he had a good life. The ceremony that the cult try to performed was in a temple in Osaka, and so the people of the Village Hidden in the Darkness had no grudge against the child. Almost all of the villages, including Nathan, had no knowledge of what kind of beast slumbered inside the child, as it was a well-kept secret of the shinobi that knew the truth.
Allowed to train in the ninja academy, Nathan aspired to become a great ninja of Darkness as a means of repaying the village that had raised him.

Speciality:Taijutsu, Ninjutsu

Jutsus:Substitution, Clone, etc

Elements: Fire

Weapons/items: Name: Akuma no Okunote :: Left Hand of the Devil


-Looks: This is a protective gauntlet worn upon the left hand. The gauntlet is made of steel, and a dark blood-red color. It covers the forearm, up to the portion of Nathan's arm that is also covered in a fishnet glove. The backhand section is the largest, and the piece is segmented so that it can allow the arm to move properly still. Furthermore, the segments that are on the forearm have spikes that shot out towards the first, so that they can act as a guard against any blade caught by them, preventing the blade from traveling the length of the guard. The backhand piece is complete with two spikes that stick out a half a inch from the closed fist, so they ad a small stabbing effect to all of his punches with this arm. The glove is attached with straps, and there is an additional coating on the inner arm. Thusly, it does not cover the fingers, but protects well the arm it is upon.

-Capabilities: This is a defensive piece of armor. It is sturdy, and can withstand much force. It is designed to black against slashes and other damage to the left arm, which is Nathan's primary sword hand. Thusly, it acts as a good guard especially when Nathan misses with a slash, and is then left otherwise defenseless from his arm being extended past the opponent he had attempted to hit. While not indestructible, the arm can withstand a good deal of force, and thusly becomes a good tool in battle.

Story: Yomi. To the shinto belief, this is the after life. There is not hell, and no heaven, only the Shadowy Land of the Dead. While the afterlife is not entirely peaceful, some may find rest within its pits. However, most will have to suffer for their sins, and those that do suffer at the hands of creatures known as Oni, the servants of the goddess of death. Thusly, this gauntlet represents these servants. Symbolically, it represents how the three gods of his other weapons, Storm, Sun, and Moon, were spawned by the founding god when he returned to the physical world from having been within Yomi.

Name: Kaisou no Yaiba :: Dagger of Reflection


-Looks: This is a weapon that usually comes in a pair. However, in Nathan's case, he uses a single one of these daggers. Traditionally, it is known as a trench knife, the very same kind that Shikamaru wields. However, this is one crafted by Nathan. Made from the same steel alloy of his new sword, this knife takes on the same glossy steel color, making it very reflective and almost mirror like. The blade fits on a hand much like an iron knuckle, but with jagged bladed edges on the portion of the blade that extends in front of the knuckle grip. This portion of the blade, along with the actual dagger, features a refine blood drip. The knuckles extend from the fist about an inch, and thusly add a cutting effect to punches. From one side of the fist, there is a blade that extends outward 6 inches, and is extremely sharp. The blade can be worn extended from either the thumb or pinky side of the hand. Though the finger grips of this blade are individual holes in which the use slips their fingers through, it is easily switched between an upward facing and downward facing position for a skilled user.

-Capabilities: This blade features the same chakra imbuing nature of the sword Nathan now wields. Thusly, he can use it to do things similar to the sword, coating it in fire, wind, or poison. However, being that the blade is not as long, and thusly has not stability to the chakra nature outside of its metal, it needs to be combined with an additional jutsu in order for this elemental extension to go beyond the blade itself. Being that metal covers the knuckles, this is a good blade to use in combination with the sword, as it can be used to block other weapons, and thusly can potentially halt the attack of an opponent, while allowing Nathan to attack with the sword.

Story: Tsukuyomi. He is the incarnation of the moon, the great ebbing and flowing force of the world. He represents balance with his sister of the sun, and is the guardian of the night sky. This weapon is the final symbol of a three part series, completing the representation of three powerful gods who were all spawned when the first god came running out of Yomi, the Shadowy Land of the Dead. Thusly, all three of the weapons represent how death can being a new beginning, and in some way better the world, a lesson that was hard learned for Nathan. He crafted this blade at the same time as the sword, making sure that the smaller dagger had more chakra imbuing nature then the larger blade. The reflective surface of the knife symbolically represents the final gift the gods first have to man. Along with the necklace of the sun goddess, and the sword of the god of storms, man was given a bronze mirror known as Yata no kagami. May the surface of the blade ever represent the glow of the moon, and complete the balance between fighting that is needed for victory.[b]
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Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i


Posts : 425
Type : The village hidden in a Darkness
Rank : Unranked Missing Nin
Elements : Fire, Darkness, Diamond

PostSubject: Re: Nathan Uchiha   Sun Jun 07, 2009 6:51 pm

approved, weapons you can get at genin when you arrive at the village
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Nathan Uchiha


Posts : 96

PostSubject: Re: Nathan Uchiha   Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:03 pm

Tattoo (only can do the E-D rank those)

Last edited by Nathan Uchiha on Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:17 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Type : Unknown
Rank : Unknown
Elements : Shouton, Raiton

PostSubject: Re: Nathan Uchiha   Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:06 pm

So you can only do the E-D rank? Approved then.

Xzeno Clan
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Nathan Uchiha


Posts : 96

PostSubject: Re: Nathan Uchiha   Sun Jun 07, 2009 7:34 pm

Name: Katon • Heat Gathering
Rank: D
Range: (0m ~ 10m)
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Clan: -

Description: After performing several hand seals, Nathan will focus on the energy around him. The warmth and heat will begin to come around him in a ten meter radius, raising around him by a large amount. Easily making temperatures rise to over a hundred degrees, creating a lot of difficulties for his opponent and himself in battle.

Katon • Heat Removal
Rank: D
Range: (0m ~ 10m)
Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu
Elemental Affinity: Fire
Clan: -

Description: After performing several hand seals, Nathan will focus on the energy around him. The warmth and heat will begin to come into his body, within seconds, everyone will feel as if the temperature was twenty degrees below zero. All the heat will have gone into Nathan's body, preventing him from feeling the cold.

Katon • Faia Tama No Jutsu [Fire Release • Fire Projectiles]
- A technique utilizing Fire Chakra and Infuse
Rank: D
Effect: A skill where the user gathering their fire chakra they imbue it into their projectiles. Releasing them from their hands, spiralling about they catch flame in order to add to the damage of those projectiles. This technique can be utilized with Shuriken, Kunai, and Senbon

Katon • Fukumen Jouki No Jutsu [Fire Release • Veil of Flame]-
A technique utilizing Fire Chakra and Burst
Rank: D
Effect: A skill where the user after performing the necessary handseals either stomp their foot on the ground or slam their hands against the ground. From the ground cracks emerge as a burst of flame emerges forth to attack the opponent

Katon • Ho no Tate [Fire Release • Fire Shield]
- An technique utilizing Fire Chakra, Shield, and Condense
Rank: D
Effect: A skill that is normally used when the opponent is rushing in for a taijutsu attack. Gathering fire chakra into the air and condensing it upon the ground. As the opponent goes to strike, a flaming wall will appear before the user. This jutsu is effective at blocking taijutsu attacks, and will end up burning the opponents hand in the process
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Surpentheon Fanglord
Role Play Moderator
Role Play Moderator

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Elements : Lightning (Most often)

PostSubject: Re: Nathan Uchiha   Mon Sep 07, 2009 4:15 pm

Approved. But keep those Tattoos at their level.
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PostSubject: Re: Nathan Uchiha   

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Nathan Uchiha
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