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 Surpentheon Fanglord ~Dragon of Legend~

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Surpentheon Fanglord
Role Play Moderator
Role Play Moderator
Surpentheon Fanglord

Posts : 929
Type : Forsaken
Rank : Grand Sannin/Sage/Ex-Kage
Elements : Lightning (Most often)

PostSubject: Surpentheon Fanglord ~Dragon of Legend~   Sun Jun 07, 2009 12:57 pm

Name: Surpentheon Fanglord

D.O.B.: November 15th

Age: 23

Bloodline: Dragon's Eye

Rank: Tsuchikage

Classification: Blank

Village: Hidden Crater Village

Alignment: Good

Family/Parents: I don't remember much of my family. I do remember a soft voice at night that would sooth me to sleep as a silk-soft hand would carress my face. The color of ravens and roses as if a curtain fell around me and a soft touch came to my forehead. Strong hands in the summer as I was hoisted to the sky and a strong scent of sweat. Not much to remember, but it's all I remember except for flames and loud screams.

Appearance: I usually wear a head band to ge used to it for when I become shinobi. Then it's usually a white button-up shirt with black khakis.

Personality: High spirited at times but loves to relax.

History: I don't remember much before the academy, but I do remember growing up in the wilderness. I lost my parents in a fire and was never the same after. I remember coming home to a raging fire and the screams coming from the flames. At that moment, I felt a sense of rage run through my body and in this time, it felt as if a power was awakened within me. It was a driving power and energy. With it, I ran away from the ashes and never looked back.

I ran and ran until finally I was exhausted and collapsed. When I awoke, I was in a room with white curtains and walls. I was found and taken to a village. I had fallen into my future and possible even a new home. I slowly began making this new place my home and found out that shinobi were needed. I was excited by the idea and anted to try. I soon found out that I had a knack for it.

I am now training in the Grand Academy to become a shinobi. I'm trying to make new friends and grow stronger in my new future. But there is something strange I've been beginning to notice. The power I felt run through m that on day with the fire, it's growing. I am yet unclear what it really is, but if I continue on this path, I feel I'll soon find out.

Speciality: Blank

BL Abilities:

Blood of the Dragon God- This is what gives this bloodline it's major power. The wielder of this BL is supposedly blessed by the gods. They possess an immunity to genjutsu as well as amazing strength and reflexes. The downside to their immunity, is that they can't use Genjutsu either. Their skin is hard as stone and their blood can burn a person on contact. Though, their most redeeming power is their ability to take on dragon-like features.

Bloodline Jutsu:

Release: Since Genjutsu doesn't effect them, this is instead used to take their full dragon-like form with scales, wings, tail, fangs, etc. In this form, the users strength and abilities increase over ten fold. Though they tend to be slower on their feet now.

Rip Charge- (A-Rank) This is an ability of full god-like aspects. Using electricity, the user rips a hole in space and time. (The size can vary) The hole can be used to absorb attacks or swallow massive objects. Inside the hole is a world of constant storms. Electricity is in no short amount there.

Counter Charge- (A-Rank) This jutsu is only able to be used with Lightning jutsu. This creates a long lasting bolt of lightning that has an amazing property. It is a bolt that changes its color and makeup to cancel an oncoming elemental jutsu. It's used strictly as a cancel move.


Demon Lightning- (S-Rank) It's a fusion with lightning and the users blood. It gives the lightning a blood color when it protrudes from the users arm. It takes on an existance of its own through the fusion with the blood. It can attack and protect simular to Gaara's sand. It feeds on the users chakra. Though if it hits a jutsu or opponent, it'll take their chakra.

Clone Of The Demon- (A-Rank) This is a cloning jutsu developed by Inatzu that uses his Demon Lightning to create human copies made of Demon Lightning. Though they are human shaped, they act only on instinct mostly. They can only communicate to a fellow Demon Lightning user thus speech is a way to see through their disquise. Also, being made from Demon Lightning gives the clones free use of it to assist the true user. Though, these clones are nothing but bad news to opponents. Because they are made out of Demon Lightning, Physical attacks will prove absolutely useless. They can instantly explode or create more protruding strands of Demon Lightning on their body. A fearful opponent to be sure. (Also has an undying hunger for blood.)

Roar of a Thousand Birds- (A-Rank) By creating lightning in both hands, the user then slams their two hands together. The hands collide starting at the palms making a V. This shape allows a path for the lightning to escape. When the hands/palms collide, the lightning connects and is freed in a radical pattern. It then shoots out the hands in a wave-like pattern. ( < o O ) This attack was developed and evolved after watching Chidori.

Lightning Dragon Flash- (C-Rank) similar to Dragon Flame Jutsu, this uses the same technique but utilizes the Lightning element for faster and more focused attack. This causes a blast of lightning to be emitted from the users’ mouth at speeds over 500 fps. The last image the opponents sees is a terrifying dragon about to consume them.

Tunnel Lightning- (A-Rank) by using chakra infused Electricity I can direct the flow of it through the ground as well as other solid objects and air.

Lightning Bomb- (B-Rank) I condense electricity I hold in my hand and coat it with hardened chakra which now allows it to be thrown. When thrown and it collides, the extra pressure causes the lightning to explode with added force and speed.

Lightning Bombardment- (S-Rank) The user summons supreme lightning of such large amounts that the entire field seems to explode. Afterwards, the area is filled with dust.

Hydro Lock- (C-Rank) The user expels a burst of static that covers the field and electrifies anything with water in it or on it. This acts as a solid defense for but a second and can be used to act as a targeting jutsu for other lightning moves.

Lightning of the Plus Factor- (D-Rank) This is an electrical attack with mainly a positive charge. It is weilded in the hands and is used for piercing during taijutsu or long-range striking since it can be dislodged from the hands and shot. It's path can be disrupted by something giving off a negative feed/charge.

Lightning of the Minus/Negative Factor- (D-Rank) Same as Lightning of the Plus Factor but is mainly a negative charge. Is harder to direct and control but can be steered easily if a positive charge is around. This causes it to seek out the positive for an explosive reunion, if you catch my drift.

Stun- (D-Rank) This is a slight shock to the opponent system usually carried out by physical contact This causs the opponent to stop mid-attack, but only mmentarily.

Secret Arts:

Luna's Lasso- (D-Rank) This is a jutsu developed by Surpentheon for means of capturing an enemy or stopping a useless battle. The blade glows with a pure light that is released upon contact with a solid object. If it hits the opponent, it then creates a lasso around the opponent instead of a cut. This in turn makes it so the opponent is unable to move and is filled with a pleasant feeling that makes any agression or need to fight just fade from their mind.

Elements: Lightning, Light

Weapons/items: Right Legged Pouch: It has 2 pouches. The back most pouch contains 5 kunai. The forward most pouch contains 3 reels of high tension, hook ended wire.

Back Pouch: This pouch holds 3 kunai, several extra wire reels, 7 ninja stars, tags, 2 smoke bombs, and several blank scrolls.

Side Pouches: There are 2. One on each side of his hips. They're on the side but positioned towards the back for comfort. Each one holds one scroll. The right pouch holds Surpents' weapon scroll. It contains more kunai, ninja stars, as well as shuriken, special swords, and other weapons. (Full list to be added later.) Left pouch holds his Medical Scroll. This scroll contains neccessary medical supplies such as soldier pills, bandages, etc. (Full list to come.)

Goals: To get stronger and become known as a hero.

Last edited by Surpentheon Fanglord on Thu Oct 15, 2009 4:03 pm; edited 7 times in total
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Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

Emanyeru Ai Kouseitan'i

Posts : 425
Type : The village hidden in a Darkness
Rank : Unranked Missing Nin
Elements : Fire, Darkness, Diamond

PostSubject: Re: Surpentheon Fanglord ~Dragon of Legend~   Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:00 pm

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Surpentheon Fanglord
Role Play Moderator
Role Play Moderator
Surpentheon Fanglord

Posts : 929
Type : Forsaken
Rank : Grand Sannin/Sage/Ex-Kage
Elements : Lightning (Most often)

PostSubject: Re: Surpentheon Fanglord ~Dragon of Legend~   Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:32 pm

Dance of Devastation- (S-Rank) The user takes a standing stance and raises their arm up infront of them. They then call forth so much chakra that it takes on a swirling, visable form around them. This chakra focuses on the arm/hand area. Then Lightning springs forth, beckoned by the user and launches out at speeds so fast even the mighty Sharingan and Byakugan can't keep up with the many lightning bolts. This inturn also makes it impossible for the user to keep track of the bolts as well. The strands launch themselves out at random, going into the air, forward, into the earth and all the while leaving a solid, heated, dangerous stream of itself behind where it has been. The finishing form of this jutsu is that of a giant web surrounding the user and the opponent. Once in it, it is impossible to get out even if your body could bend like a snake. This jutsu is meant to stab, ensnare and even dismember the users enemy. Because of its large area, ranging to that of over three football fields, and its random strikes, it's prctically impossible to get out of its way since the jutsu is finished in just over a second. It is also risky for the user since the random uncontrolable bolts can get into the 6 inch area of protection around the user by accident. Tis is usually followed by the justu Vanishing Web.

Vanishing Web- (A-Rank) Used in succession with Dance of Devastation. The user forms one handsign, the Dragon, and the web then implodescausing mass damage to the entire area and those within. The end result is a giant crater with just a small spire in its center where the user stands. Most likely cut from flying debri.
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Posts : 1365
Type : Unknown
Rank : Unknown
Elements : Shouton, Raiton

PostSubject: Re: Surpentheon Fanglord ~Dragon of Legend~   Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:20 pm


Xzeno Clan
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PostSubject: Re: Surpentheon Fanglord ~Dragon of Legend~   

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Surpentheon Fanglord ~Dragon of Legend~
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