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 About the Xzenos

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PostSubject: About the Xzenos   Sun May 17, 2009 3:33 pm


Some 200 years before, a man who called himself "Old Man" first founded the Xzeno clan. He assembled several members to meet and train in different abilities. He gave these first men and women special names with meanings behind them, then had them choose and element and weapon to master. The elements that could be mastered were:



These men and women trained day after day with their elements and weapons, soon mastering them and developing new attacks for battle. They then began to teach these elements and weapons tactics to younger members of the clan, giving them tests and constantly trying their growing abilities. When a young member would reach their a certain point in the clan, they were given a summon or multitude of summons depending on what element they possessed.

Now in the present, the current Xzeno clan has been ravaged by a war and only a few members remain to train the younger Xzenos. The current leader is no one for now. XzenIcisia, XzenQutio, XzenRaigu, and others are working with other members on restarting the clan, making it a power once more. Doing this means developing new tactics, attacks, and new seals for the Xzeno clan members to master. As soon as the Xzeno becomes a superpower, a leader will emerge to run it.

The men and women wear either one of these symbols somewhere on their wardrobe to show their clan.

Xzeno Seals

What are seals exactly? In the Xzeno clan, a seal is a mystical tattoo somewhere on the body. When activated, the seal glows a brilliant color. Depending on what element the Xzeno is, the color of the seal will vary when glowing. When the seal is activated, the Xzeno user can perform jutsu without making handsigns. In a way, the seals are imprinted jutsus upon the body.

There are 100 known Xzeno seals, but only masters know them all.

Some Xzeno members choose to let all of their seals show at all times, but some users like some of the girls developed a jutsu that makes the seals invisible unless activated.

Xzeno Eyes

Becoming an Xzeno means in the future, obtaining the eyes will be acquired.

How to attain elemental variations to Xzeno Eyes.
1. Have a master Xzeno activate them when they think you are ready for the eyes. It takes two days time for the eyes to be used.
2. Stab yourself in the eye with your Xzeno weapon while covered in the element you want in your eye. I know, this is a very brutal and painful method, but many recover within a day or two.
3. A 3-5 paragraph post on the activation of your elemental variation. Once done, your eyes are activated instantly.

Joining Xzeno/Bloodline

The Xzeno bloodline - The Xzeno bloodline could be called the bloodline of geniuses. It is bred and evolved for those whose skill in battle can reach unfathomable lengths. It's core trait lies in the fact the an Xzeno is a master of many styles, this would build up a spiritual awareness throughout the years. Thus the newer generations are born with strong spiritual presence, called aura. This aura is able to affect objects, to do what the users wishes. Next comes the use of Aura. It comes in the form of Xzeno Seals, mystical seal tattooed on the body in invisible ink, that is shown when they are active. Next is the Doujutsu part, the mystical eyes of he Xzeno, or Xzeno Eyes. These eyes have different levels that can be unlocked through rigorous training.

If you don't have the bloodline:

When joining Xzeno, you get a seal on your right arm, basically like a tattoo to show what clan you are proudly representing. You choose your element to train with and a weapon. Depending on the element, you also get a summon or summons to use. New members also automatically learn the first 5 Xzeno seals, which are like the Xzeno jutsus. Once the first 5 are mastered I shall teach more.

As training progresses and many seals are learned, you will be able to learn about the Xzeno eyes and how to use them, but for now they are secret..

Leadership of the Xzenos

In the past, Old Man Xzeno led the clan as the top dog and his elemental teachers were sort of his advisers. Now though, there is no one set ruler. Instead, each element is represented by a teacher that holds voice in the council.

Lightning -
Water/ice -
Earth -
Fire -
Wind -
Blood -
Light -
Darkness -

Xzeno Clan

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About the Xzenos
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