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 Tsuki Sora (WIP)

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Sora ~Guardian of Dreams~

Sora ~Guardian of Dreams~

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Rank : Jounin
Elements : Water, Light, Wind, etc.

PostSubject: Tsuki Sora (WIP)   Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:50 pm

Sora, Tsuki

General Information
Name: Tsuki Sora
Alias: Sora's Daughter, Raina's Daughter, Moon's Heart.
Birthday: April 27th.
Age: 13.
Gender: Female.
Blood Type: AB

  • Skin: Caucasian/Pale skin.
  • Height: 5'0''. (5 foot exactly)
  • Weight: 89 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Blonde.
  • Eye Color: Gray blue-green. (The gray touches are in the blue in her eyes.)
  • Clothing: She wears very tomboyish clothing yet with a feminine touch still. They are typically colored earthy colors like brown, and green and a black t-shirt. Her pants fit her perfectly while her black shirt is a bit shorter, revealing her stomach, sort of like a midriff, revealing her skinny shape. She wears a grene coat that flows with the wind, similar to that a traveler might wear for warmth.

Her personality is truly a unique thing. She is her own person from the mixture of traits within her she received from her parents. The biggest noticeable things about Tsuki is that she is innocent and doesn't particularly know much about anything obscene or the crueler things of the world besides death and war. Obviously she's had to deal with much of that since her parents died not long ago and when she was very young. She had to bring the strong mentality she had with her to last out the agony of being parentless. However, Tsuki is kind and caring as well, to virtually anything and everything and everyone. Talk to her and she will talk back, she's friendly in that regard. She normally has somewhat of a good handle on her emotions but then again, being not fully mature yet, she can slip up at times and lose control, feel them too passionately, just like Sora. She can be a hothead, but normally has a composure as mentioned. Tsuki happens to be bisexual. Around girls she acts like Sora and around boys she acts like Raina. But, then again, she has her own unique way of dealing with things, unlike to her parents' ways. Nonetheless, she's brutally honest, even if it hurts you or her she will tell the truth. However, she will be there to comfort the blow dealt by her honesty. Overall, she's Tsuki. ^^

Character Information
Clan: Xzeno
Rank: Genin
Position: Upholder of family name, warrior.
Special Abilities:
Being that Tsuki is the daughter of both Raina and Sora, both of which belonged to the Xzeno clan, she was handed down the ever famous Xzeno eyes entrusted with one special element upon activation and the Xzeno's beginning. Tsuki, when her eyes become activated in RP will have the same eyes that Raina did, the Flame/Fire Element. That is her starter element. This enables her to control and manipulate fire and all jutsu relating to fire (of course of her rank can manage) quite well, and slightly above average to others who learn the element.

  • Brutal Honesty: Tsuki does not care if it scars you, bruises you or merely brushes off your skin, she will always be honest with you. She values the truth over a lie, way higher than any lie, even a white one. If you ask her what she honestly thinks of something she will come out with it, even if it hurts both her and yourself. She's direct with most things.
  • A Bit Too Trusting: Tsuki is not as versed in the world as someone whom is older and has more experience would be. She is but a 13 year old kid who is yet to learn of most of the cruelties and obscenities of the world she lives in. She really only knows of death and war, and because she is so "innocent" her mind is not fully formed. This leaves her open for attack on her mental prowess at any point in time by anyone. She's a bit too trusting and will trust someone, sometimes with a little too much, too fast.
  • Fear of Blood: Alike to Sora, Tsuki has an extreme fear of blood. It's rather sort of like a phobia. She sees it and it is hard to erase the image of it from her brain. With concentration she may be able to erase it but she immediately retracts and cringes in fear, and into herself. She will become immediately petrified.
  • Literal Hit to the Genitals: Tsuki may be a bit more of a girl than Sora was in her day and age, but she is still wired just like a boy down there. If you find the right spot to hit and hit it hard, she will keel over in pain and attempt to rid of the sensations of pain that are running through her down there. This is a true weakness, physical weakness of Tsuki though it is also there to give the character some comedic essence.

Equipment & Ninja Tools:


Background Information
(Make it as descriptive as possible. Length is no less than two paragraph for a genin, longer for higher ranks)

Jutsu Information
Chakra Nature: (Element of Chakra Nature. This will be character's strongest element.)
Chakra Manipulation: (Elements Character can Manipulate. 1 for Genin, 1-2 for Chuunin, 2 for Jounin, 2-3 for older, more advanced Jounin)
Summoning Contract: (If you have signed a summoning contract, say what it is here)

(Separate by rank, color code by type of jutsu, hyperlink customs.






OCC Information
Codeword: (The codeword can be found by actually reading the rules)
Other Characters:

  • Ayameko Hirosaki
  • Seirei Sora
  • Mahoutori Kami
  • Akahana Hyuuga
  • Alexandra C. DiMarcus
  • Juliet Regan III
  • Kimiko Kuchiki
  • Yuki Uzumaki (WAYY LONG AGO)
  • Utena Tenjou
  • Ino Yamanaka
  • Sakura Haruno
  • Naruto Uzumaki
  • Ayaka Kurusugawa
  • Tsuki Sora (Now).

And I believe that's it~! :]

'I've been through hell and back, but I'm not giving up, no never. I will never give up!... It's just who I am."

'A dream is a true desire, a wish from your heart, and they should never be forsaken. I have my own dreams, and I have a right to chase them. Your dreams are safe with me.'
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Tsuki Sora (WIP)
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