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Bantan Yabaku

Bantan Yabaku

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PostSubject: Goat empress!   Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:22 pm

Name: Netami Verde Kishiyagi


Age: 14

DOB: Oct 9th

Rank: Chunin

Weight: [140 ibs

Height: 5,10

Likes: She likes Flirting with people, her horns on her head, she loves going from guy to guy.

Dislikes: People who make fun of her horns, people who prey on the weak, people who threaten her or her friends..

Code Word: Babbleoon


The Kishiyagi's features are quite unique when compared to the majority of shinobi around the lands. A long green mane decorates her body, the long flowing rivers of hair fall to the middle of her back, extending all around her shoulders and regularly fall upon her bosom. Dark hazel eyes are framed by the beautiful light-green locks. Her eyes are mysterious in nature, usually attracting the attention of men and women alike. Adding to the exotism of this odd beautiful, a red line is marked upon her skin just beneath her eyes. The line was given to her by birth yet it looks as if it was some sort of sunburn or painting. The final touchs to her facial features are her petite lips and beautifully tanned skin, given to her by the sun during her long travels. The well known horns given to the Kishiyagi are quite prominent on Netami's features, they are very similar to the horns of an ibex, some traces of the animal's skull can be found on her head, akin to a crown of sorts.

Netami has a beautiful body that she has worked all her life to sculpt. Though she is slim and fit, she is still quite curvacious, a trait she has inherited from her curvy mother. Compared to other girls, the Kishiyagi is quite tall, yet when compared with men she is usually seen as shorter than them.

The Kishiyagi sports three individual clothing sets that she carries around in her bag. The first is very revealing, it is clothes that simply cover her bosom and the higher part of her lower half. The small shorts reveal her long, smooth legs, while her short shirt reveal her flat stomach and curves. Her second outfit is usually used for the Kishiyagi Ritual or for affairs that deal with the clan or for when she meets important people. This costume is a fully body white suite that covers every bit of skin, large gloves protecting her hands can be added if needed. A single dark line runs from the collar to her hips, softly deviating to the left. Her final outfit is a short red dress that she wears when she must attend formal meetings. The dress is quite beautiful, this also reveals her long legs.


When Netami is herself, she is sweet and loving, she is very hard to hate, she will constantly help the others around her and is most likely to be a helping hand instead of one that harms. Yet a great darkness hides within her. Netami suffers from a Multiple Personality Disorder which she believes surfaced during her first intercourse episode. This other personality, which she regularly refers to as her Bijuu takes over usually when she needs to battle or when her other personality feels the need to lust.

Compassionate: She prefers helping others than herself. Putting other people before herself is a trait that is easy for her. She inherited this from her father, and is a trait usually shared by all Kishiyagi. The fact that she protects the weak is nothing less than admirable. During her travels she will constantly aid the weaker, the less fortunate and the ill. For her, it is a way to atone for her constant sinful way.

Other traits: Netami is a traveler at heart, another characteristic gained from her clan. Though she has been in now every country, she keeps on traveling, it keeps her in shape, she loves meeting new people. She is also a fun-loving person, or a happy-go-lucky individual. She will regularly crack jokes when the situation is tense, or will turn a harsh comment of someone else into a comical sentence. She prefers making people laugh than to dealing pain to an individual. Even though she has these traits, Netami is not afraid to get dirty and fight if she feels the need. In battle or on a mission, the kunoichi is quite serious and attentive, taking any bit of information and analysing it to her advantage. The Kishiyagi is somewhat of a leader but prefers being a second in command, or lesser. She can not run big organisations, yet she is quite able to run a small faction, easily capable of leading the team to victory.

Ninja Stats:
[Base this off rank]

Combat Strengths: Taijutsu(Close range combat) Casting genjutsu, Canceling genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Great Chakra control

Combat Weaknesses: B rank and above genjutsu, Hand seal speed, Hiding her chakra signature.




Smoke bombs

Razor wire

Paper bombs

Name Gamyûsa Mori (Antilope Knight Lance)
Rank: B
Type: Main Weapon : Lance
Effect: A double ended-lance commonly used by jousters or knights.
Special: X
Drawback: If the limits are not met, this is a simple weapon. If a person is too small, the weapon may be too tall to be properly used.
Description: A tall(around 7-feet tall) double-ended lance. The lance is unique to her family as it is made with a special metal that let’s them perform their unique jutsu to enhance its properties. The weapon is well balanced as it weighs the exact same thing on each of its sides, and has a small handle at its center so that the user can twirl it around from its middle. Some of the lances may be incrusted with jewelry, but when it is bought it is quite smooth, its silver/white color easily gleams in the day time as sun rays reflect upon it. The lance is used by the Kishiyagi especially when they ride upon their summons, yet they also use it when they are in their regular, human form. The materials that make up the weapon are a strange alloy between metal and actual goat/antilope/bull horns, granting it the ability to be manipulate using jutsu that only the Kishiyagi family know of.


[center]Jutsu List


Background info:

Netami's tale starts with a very difficult birth. During the whole pregnancy of young Migoto Kishiyagi, the girl was plagued with intense pain, exaggerated it seemed compared to the usual pregnancies. The young woman had been recently married to the current Goat Emperor. Soukei Kishiyagi was a proud man, he had married Migoto for the sole fact that he needed a heir. He only seldomly spoke with her. There was no love between both individuals, only lust animated them. The odd pregnancy stunned medics, they could do nothing else but ease the pain with their healing jutsu, yet the pain would always come back once the medics would leave. Towards the final month of pregnancy, Migoto could no longer travel with her husband, the pain had become too intense and the baby would be born shortly. The man had other things to do than to wait around his wife while she gave birth. He promised his wife that he would come back in a month, to meet with their child. Soukei left the area where theEarth Country's capital once stood but now a jungle, leaving his wife behind. Hoping that once his child would be born, maybe they could be a family, he would put effort in his family. Thirty days later, Netami was born.

Soukei came back just in time for the recovery of his wife. A small green haired baby, matching the hair color of her father's mane, was held in Migoto's arms. The baby somehow instantly recognized her father. Yet the Goat Emperor's face was distorted with anger. It was no secret that Soukei wanted a heir, not a heiress. The emotion upon his face was not subtle, and his wife noticed, breaking her heart and lengthening the gap between them. And he truly no heart? Netami was his child, yet he had no interest in her. Migoto could not continue traveling while trying to take care of her child. She decided to settle in the spot where the river country once resided , settling in the area. The father, preferring his nomadic lifestyle, would grant permission to his wife to live in a house in the jungle, and would promise to visit her as much as he could, even though he would only do so every third month or so.

The upbringing of Netami was a normal one, or as normal as they get in such situations. The young girl could not be taught the jutsu of her family, as she was too young to receive the ritual. So Migoto taught her daughter simple Genjutsu. The constant visits of the Goat Emperor proved fruitless for the man. He tried to produce another child, hopefully a heir, yet there was no success. Migoto's difficult pregnancy and Netami's painful birth had made the woman sterile, unable to produce anymore children. The woman's condition was unknown to Soukei, yet after several years of visits, it became quite evident. It was when he daughter turned 8 that the man would finally acknowledge her, he would accept the fact that the next in line for the thrown of Yagitaiso would be Netami, his only daughter. He would cherish her, train her in the ways of the Kishiyagi, she had the potential, the only that had formerly kept her from achieving her potential was her father. Yet it would change. The next Yagijotei was in the making it seemed...

Once she had gained a decade, Netami was brought to a secret chamber within her home, where her father spoke to her about a certain ritual. The ritual dealt with granting a Kishiyagi the horns of an animal of the bovidae. The young Netami had always envied the beautiful horns upon the crowns of her parents, and wished to have one herself. The ritual would soon start. An ibex stood before her and soon the odd intricacies of an unknown dialect were spoken. The chanting continued for several hours as Netami was operated upon, the ibex's horns and part of its skull forged into her own skull. The pain was unbearable, waves after waves of pain were felt, even though the medic did as much as she could to heal the young Kishiyagi, the pain was felt, and it was excruciating. Netami was left comatose for a few days following the ritual. The medics, and her parents regularly visited her. For once, Netami truly felt part of her family, she finally had the horns of the clan and could train into their jutsu. Also the fact that both her parents were so prominent in her life was soothing to her. She simply felt loved.

Her training began a whole week after the ritual. At first the young prodigy was taught by a fellow Kishiyagi that had educated many Kishiyagi in the ways of the shinobi. The man was different than the men Netami had seen before. He was handsome, and had the bluest of eyes. At the age of fourteen, the young kunoichi started innocently flirting with the man. At first the mentor ignored her advances, she was too young and was the daughter of the current Goat Emperor, it would be foolish to attempt anything with the young girl. Soon the flirting turned into manipulation. The adolescent manipulated the man to try and make a move on her. Yet Soukei arrived upon the scene and saw what seemed like the older man trying to feel up upon his own daughter. Soukei, furious, expelled the mentor and decided to take the training of his heiress into his own hands. They were soon travelling around the continent, Soukei teaching everything he knew to his young daughter.

It was during her travels that Netami's lust intensified. She could not clearly explain why she had such a need for flirting or human contact, it was something that she could not talk about with her family. While her father would rest, at night Netami would creep out. Trying to figure out who she was, and why she needed comfort from other people. Would this lust even end? Or would she be plagued with the need of human contact for the rest of her life?

At the age of seventeen, Netami and her father had been in the Thunder Country (or at least where it once was before the great change to the shinobi world took place), now simply roaming around. They had set camp for the night and soon had fallen asleep. A few hours later the fire mysteriously extinguished itself. The duo, instantly waking up and sprouting into action got into position, they're weapons ready for whatever came their way. Shadows flickered around them, Netami distinguished a face in the darkness, a man she had met a night during her travels, behind her father's back. The men moved into to attack the father and daughter. Soukei was quick in taking out a few of them yet was stricken in the chest by a blade. Netami, taken by surprise, threw her lance forward before spinning upon her heels and fighting off a few assailants. Seeing her father die before her very eyes, awoken a feral force within the Kishiyagi princess. An instinct for survival. She fought tooth and nail until there was only two men left. It happened to be her former sensei and a man she had seen before and had spent a night with, secretly hidden from her father. Both men had followed her, probably to try and rape her. It was kill or get killed at that point. Netami sprung into action and soon she was left alone, sobbing as she held her father close to her. She cried for the rest of the night until other officials of her clan came upon the scene. They had studied Soukei's will and knew that his title would be given to his sole daughter.

And so Netami became Yagijotei, the Goat Empress. She possesses the ability of a chunin or higher.

If you are starting at a higher rank then Genin, an rp sample will be needed for acceptance.

1 - you can post it at the bottom of your character
2 - you can PM it to an admin
3 - you can do a rp in the "off topic rp" forum with a friend or alone

However the RP sample MUST be of the character you are using on DOS.
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