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 Raiton Jutsu

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Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 1573
Type : Advanced
Rank : Chuunin
Elements : Ice and Water

PostSubject: Raiton Jutsu   Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:00 pm

Kangekiha - Inspiration Wave
Rank: D
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Attack, Defense
Raiton • Kangekiha is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning Element. Darui will first create a protective wall of water using his Suijinheki jutsu. He will then form the needed hand seal and emit a bolt of electricity into the water which will increase its defensive effectiveness and stun any targets who attempt to pass through.

Raiton: Raijū Hashiri no Jutsu - Lightning Release: Lightning Beast Running Technique
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Attack
By manipulating lightning chakra into their hand, the user can make the lightning expand to create the form of a hound. The hound remains connected to the user's hand, allowing them to control it during its attack.

Jibashiri - Earth Flash
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m)
Type: Attack
Raiton • Jibashiri is a Ninjutsu technique utilzing the Lightning Element. After soaking her opponent with a Suiton, Fuuka will unleash an electric current which will run along the ground towards her opponent.

Shichuu Shibari - Four Pillar Binding
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+)
Type: Attack, Supplementary
Raiton • Shichuu Shibari is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning Element. To utilize this technique, the ANBU member will form the needed hand seal. Four large earthen pillars will rise to surround the target summon. Lightning will then be unleashed to stun the target. This will be the second attack in an elemental trio used by the ANBU. First will be Fuuton • Kazekiri to cut and immobilize the target. Then Shichuu Shibari is used. Finally Doton • Otoshi Buta to imprison the summon in a gigantic sealed pot.

Gian - False Darkness
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+)
Type: Attack
Raiton • Gian is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning Element. After releasing his black Lightning elemental from his body, Kakuzu will use the spirit to release a strong bolt of electricity from its mouth. This strong attack can be defended against by an equally strong attack of the same element such as Raikiri.

** Jutsu can be used simply from the user's mouth. The lightning element will remain in its usual state; i.e., no black lightning. Other effects still apply.

Kaminari Shibari - Thunder Binding
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Raiton • Kaminari Shibari is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning Element. After launching his staff into the air, Kitane will form the needed hand seals and cause the staff to break into three equal pieces along its shaft. This tree smaller rods will then implant into the ground in a triangular shape around his opponent. These Raiton infused pierces will then create electrified fields between themselves to form a triangular shaped prison. The field can be penetrated by a more powerful Wind Element infused weapon. This weapon can then by used to cut through one of Kitane's staff pieces, which ends the jutsu.

Raiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu - Lightning Element Shadow Clone Technique
Rank: A
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Raiton Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes lightning to create a Kage Bunshin clone. Because it is a Kage Bunshin, the Raiton version shares the ability to interact with the environment due to it having physical substance. This allows the clone to carry out limited attacks on its target. If the Raiton Kage Bunshin is injured, the clone will revert into its natural lightning state. Like in other Lightning Element attacks, should the target come into contact with the electricity, they will be momentarily stunned.

Raiton no Yoroi - Lightning Armor
Rank: S
Range: -
Type: Defense, Supplementary
Raiton no Yoroi in a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Lightning Element. After surrounding and infusing his body with the Lightning Element, Raikage will greatly increase his speed, power and reaction time. This Lightning chakra will also act as a defensive shield, being able to greatly decrease the strength of incoming attacks, like a Chidori. The increase in speed will also grant him reflexes on par with Yondaime Hokage. These abilities will also be used in conjunction with his already powerful Taijutsu to create even deadlier attacks.
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Raiton Jutsu
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