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Council of Four
Council of Four

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PostSubject: Fuuinjutsu   Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:59 pm

Gofuu Kekkai - Five Seal Barrier
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m), Mid (5m ~ 10m), Far (10m+)
Type: Supplementary
Gofuu Kekkai is a Fuuinjutsu technique utilized by Akatsuki. The five "kin" (prohibition) seals act together to form a barrier to the entrance of their cave. The cave door itself is marked with one tag, and four other tags are located within a few hundred meters of each other. To remove the barrier, all five tags must be removed at the same moment.

Shikoku Fuuin - Finger Engraving Seal
Rank: C
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Shikoku Fuuin is a Fuuinjutsu technique used by the Leaf Sannin Jiraiya. By forming the needed sealing chakra on his finger, Jiraiya can engrave a message into an object.

Fuuin Teppeki - Sealed Iron Wall
Rank: B
Range: -
Type: Defense
Fuuin Teppeki is a Fuuinjutsu technique used to Fire Temple monk Chiriku. This seal has been placed on the statues flanking the door to form a barrier. The monk's Senzoku no Sai allows them to remove the barrier as needed. A powerful direct strike to the iron gates can also remove the barrier.

Fuuka Houin - Fire Sealing Method
Rank: B
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Fuuka Houin is a Fuuinjutsu technique that allows the ninja to seal away a nearby fire. After unrolling a scroll to hold the fire, the ninja writes the needed sealing incantation onto the scroll. Then by forming the needed handseals, a vapor will emanate from the scroll to encompass the fire and take it back to the scroll for sealing.

Danzou's Sealing Jutsu (Unnamed)
Rank: A
Range: Close (Arm-length)
Type: Supplementary
This unnamed sealing technique is used by Danzou. After touching the skin of his target with the palm of his hand, Danzou will secretly place a seal on their body. This seal can then be activated a short time later. When activated, the seal will expand to spead over the target's body and bind them in place. With them bound, Danzou can attack at leisure. The seal can be overcome with a powerful enough chakra like a manifestation of Susanoo.

Fuuja Houin - Evil Sealing Method
Rank: A
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Fuuja Houin is a Fuuinjutsu technique used to counter-act the effects of a cursed seal. The ninja writes the needed seal characters on the ground and body of the person cursed with the seal. The ninja then forms the needed hand seals and places his hand over the cursed seal and then activates the written seal. The seal characters will then retreat to surround the cursed seal in a circular seal. Though the Fuuja Houin can work well against lesser seals, it will not be able to fully stop a cursed seal placed by a powerful, skilled ninja.

Gogyou Fuuin - Five Elements Seal
Rank: A
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Gogyou Fuuin is a Fuuinjutsu technique used by the Sannin Orochimaru. Orochimaru forms an elemental seal on each of his fingers, one for each of the following five "elements": water, metal, earth, fire and wood. He used this odd numbered seal to disrupt the affects of the even numbered Shishou Fuuin placed on Naruto's stomach by the Fourth Hokage. The Gogyou Fuuin would disrupt the Shishou Fuuin's ability to let the Kyuubi's chakra blend into Naruto's chakra.

Keiyaku Fuuin - Contract Seal
Rank: A
Range: Close
Type: Supplementary
Keiyaku Fuuin is a Fuuinjutsu technique used to terminate active Kuchiyose agreement control. To use the jutsu, Yondaime will touch his palm to the bloody body of the contract holder. He will then activate the seal, which will remove control of the summoned creature. Utilizing this jutsu, Yondaime was able to end Uchiha Madara's Sharingan mind control of the Kyuubi.

Gogyou Kaiin - Five Elements Unseal
Rank: A
Range: Close (0m ~ 5m)
Type: Supplementary
Gogyou Kaiin is a Fuuinjutsu technique used by the Leaf Sannin Jiraiya. Jiraiya forms an elemental unseal on each of his fingers, one for each of the follwoing five "elements": water, metal, earth, fire and wood. He then applies his hand with force to the Gogyou Fuuin to remove it.

Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin - Complete Nine Mystical Dragon Seal
Rank: S
Range: -
Type: Supplementary
Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin is a Fuuinjutsu technique utilized by Akatsuki. To further their goals, they seek to capture all the "jinchuuriki," literally "the power of human sacrifice" a.k.a. demon possessors such as Uzumaki Naruto and Gaara. Akatsuki seeks to use the bijuu (tailed demon beasts) for their unique abilites. Once they capture one of the jinchuuriki, they will bring them to a hidden location. All nine members need not be physically present, they can use their astral projection technique to transport a spectral form of themselves into the cave.

The members will first summon the huge "king of hell" statue. This statue has its mouth bound and eyes covered. Once they begin the technique, the mouth binding will fall away and nine spectral dragons will emerge from its mouth to strike the jinchuuriki. This will then begin the extraction process. With the absence of Orochimaru, the process will take three straight day and nights. During this period the members will release the same exact amount of power as that of the bijuu, this synchronization will thus allow its removal. As the extraction continues, the statues eyes will open to reveal the current status of previous jinchuriki captures, with irises appearing in the eyes to apparently represent a capture.
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