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PostSubject: XzenQutio   Fri May 20, 2011 11:50 am



Name: XzenQutio
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 142lbs
DOB: 8/8
Appearance: Cloak, hair color is different colors most times (due to chakra seal, used to be brown), has blue eyes but they change depending on aura usage or Xzeno insignia activation. Athletic figure, muscular but naturally pretty. Ominous in a sense.
Personality: She used to be a fun, outgoing person but is still easily angered, she used to train hard and is still very tom-boyish. Her sister says she has anger issues..Shes more quiet and keeps to herself now due to events that have occurred previously in her life.
Likes: Sleep, food, animals, music
Dislikes: Loud and rude people, sexist people, overly dramatic babies that have way too many problems that can be easily solved

Character Information

Rank: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Combat Strengths: Taijutsu, weaponry, earth, summons, quick on her feet
Combat Weaknesses:Air, cocky, over-thinker to simple attacks, sacrifice anything for her friends
Equipment: 15 senbon, 10 shuriken, 2 windmill shuriken, 5 flash bombs, 3 smoke bomb, 10 exploding tags, 5 kunai, 2 soldier pills, handful of makibishi spikes, wires
Weapon: Golden Chains (I'll find my original description of them in a little bit), katana with Xzeno insignia
Element(s): Dou (Earth) Kane (Metal) and Shouton (Crystal)

Jutsu: I still have my original jutsu that are listed in my "inactive" profile but I won't post them due to my occupation..

Other Information

Relationships: None
Family: XzenIcisia



Academy Student- During the time that Qutio was an academy student she had been a very troubled child that liked to be very playful and pull tricks on many people in the village and within the Ekisho clan. When she had been very bad and had been caught stealing things from the market areas she would be punished and sent to her room for long periods of time. During these times she had noticed that she could turn the rocks on her floor into a crystal rock that was shiney and pretty. Not fully understanding what she was doing was a serious problem because she did not understand that in doing this she could seriously hurt someone if she wished or acted harshly in a situation. During one of these times of being a child and having a very arrogant attitude she got into a fight with a boy at her school. The boys name was Tyex and he said that he could beat up any kid that tried to touch him because he was a strong member of the Hyuuga clan. Well, Qutio being as cocky and not-so-mild-headed decided that she would prove him wrong and beat the living snot out of him for acting so tough when all he really was is a coward.

So, the next day she met Tyex in an ally way and after a few
minutes of tough brawling, Qutio was being beaten pretty good. Qutio had gotten Tyex in the face a few times but not enough to stop him from beating her up until she could hardly stand. Without thinking twice the boy charged in to finish his last attack and to officially end the battle by knocking the girl out. Unfortunately for him Qutio had lifted her hand up and within the next second, Tyex’s arm was surrounded by a crystal and he couldn’t get it off. Getting scared the boy ran off leaving Qutio to lay there in agony. Luckily for Qutio her sister Icisia had seen the boy run off with the crystallized arm and ran to the alley way to find her sister laying there bleeding. Qutio was rushed to the hospital for minor injuries and a broken nose. Her punishments at home were much worse though, she was forbidden to use the crystal arts until she was older and more controlled.

Genin- A few years after being forbidden to use the arts
Qutio graduated from the academy and became a genin at 11. Her being one of the brightest in her class and also one of the strongest she was able to excel very quickly without much incident. She was still very hotheaded and tom-boyish so she still ended up in a few fist fights and brawls every once in a while. After being a genin for only a short while she soon began to become very serious and train very hard and earned the title of Chuunin at the age of 13. By this time though her parents had been killed and she was left with her sister as her caretaker.

Chuunin- During her Chuunin years she was still a very
outspoken person with few cares in the world. She trained hard for 2 years in the arts of Earth and Metal as a Xzeno (a special underground group of shinobi). After finishing her training with them she had acquired a new weapon of choice called the Golden Chains which were connected to her soul and very much a part of her. Also while in this group she gained many friends and lost many as well, among this she also got a black tattoo on the left side of her lower back that symbolized her membership within the group and allowed her to use special seals. She also began a new hobby of sorts, underground fighting. She became very skilled in the cheating ways and dirty tricks that street fighters used.

Around the time of her 15th birthday Qutio had a strange encounter with a cult called the Azure. These strange groups had very strong leaders that could take out any shinobi with one hit if they willed it. She was automatically attracted to the idea of being strong and capable of wielding that much power so she became part of the Azure group. When she did
this she was given a special kind of metal that was much stronger than she knew. It had completely entered her body and had wrapped itself around her bones. This kind of scared her but she knew that it had to be for the best so she let it be and trained as much as she could with this group until one day they vanished and she never heard from them again.

After feeling left by the many groups and the many friends
that she once had she turned back to the idea of gaining more power and pushing forward and completing her Chuunin years to move on to becoming a Jounin. While training the forest one day she suddenly remembers that she has the ability to control and morph things into crystal. She then begins training in secret and perfecting her abilities in this art and soon begins to master it and control the crystal with ease.

She uses her other abilities like the Xzeno Seals and her Azure metal during the Chuunin exams and stuns everyone, including her sister, when she suddenly uses her crystal element to make her opponent stop in his tracks and have to forfeit because he could not counteract it. She passes her Chuunin exams with a broken arm and a sprained ankle but a very strong sense of pride because she had shown that not only could an Ekisho learn how to control crystal but also that she could learn many other elements if she wished.

Jounin- Now accomplishing her goal of becoming a Jounin,
Qutio finds herself once again alone with only her sister for guidance. Soon Qutio finds out that her sister Icisia has gone missing during a mission and is no where to be found. Once again being alone she turns to the one thing that has always helped her out during times of denial, training. She trains until her fingers bleed and she has cuts all over her and she trains until she can no longer stand. She keeps training like this to become better and to show everyone that she was no sissy kunoichi to be messed with. Even with all of the training she can’t stop thinking to herself, will I be alone forever or will someone come to my aid and help me to learn how to really live and how to truly stop being so boyish? Or is that my problem? Am I too overly tom-boyish and confident that no one can stick around me that long? So this is Qutio’s new mission, to find out what her destiny is and to fulfill it.

As a Jounin in Blood, Qutio learns that her sister is still actually alive and sets out to find her. Searching the entire globe and not finding her causes Qutio to go in to a state of deep desperation. She drives herself to the point of insanity and then sets out to discover her destiny. It turns up nothing, she spends time in meditation, searching for peace, finding none.

Now, Qutio sets up her own tavern and just listens to people talk, still trying to find a place in this world that is now so different from when she used to be a fighter. She still knows her jutsu but refuses to use them unless necessary. She still has her Golden Chains and her katana, along with all her equipment. The only reason she carries them is for protection due to her reputation as an infamous fighter in her younger years. She will only fight if she is attacked first, but honestly, she would rather die and not worry about fighting. She has issues with alcoholism now and on occasions she smokes.

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PostSubject: Re: XzenQutio   Fri May 20, 2011 11:53 am

I had some issues with the template so I kept the general theme of it but I got rid of some of the colors and huge lettering sizes and fonts..I saw them as unnecessary..Hope that's alright..
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PostSubject: Re: XzenQutio   Fri May 20, 2011 5:23 pm

Its fine, welcome back to DoS Qu.

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