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 Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees

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Mitsuki Senju


Posts : 6
Type : Forsaken Havens
Rank : Chunnin

PostSubject: Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees   Thu May 12, 2011 11:37 am


General Information

Name: Misuki Senju
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5’2
Weight: 112 lbs
DOB: 7/4
A small girl she appears to be very tiny and weak, using a walking stick with a few green leaves at the top. She may be small, and while she may not be rock hard and muscular under her robes she is no fatty. An athletic like build, of one who may have ran track throughout school and done gymnastics, Misuki is a young girl who is already maturing. Her fair, lightly sun kissed skin is not to damaged by the sun, and her skin is not to roughed by training and still very smooth and
feminine. She is still young and through fore her chest may not be on par (not to say it is not supple and perky) with older women she has a round bottom that attracts plenty of male attention, that is unwanted. That and her blonde hair that reaches just below her shoulders, and her dazzling deep green eyes make her very pleasing to look at.
She wears a light brown robe over her, it’s shoulders ripped revealing her upper arms. White bandage keeps the robe closed in the waist of her robe. Underneaths she has dark brown pants, that are somewhat form fitting and reach to her sandals . Above she has a sleeveless fish net top. A kuni holster is strapped around her right and left thigh, one housing Kunai and the other tags of different kinds. On the back, attached by the bandages, is a pouch for random items. Up her big sleeves she also hides scroll and other loose items. He village head band is tied around her left upper arm and usually visible and a tanto is strapped to her lower back, just under the pouch, handle facing the left.

She is a random soul, very loving and kind. She is timid of strangers at first and usually a good judge of character. If she doesn’t know someone she will be quite and skeptical and ask questions until she feels better. Having a great love of nature, especially forests and trees, she is found of the out doors and appreciates those with a soft spot for nature. She is easy to talk to and will go out of her way to help people but hates having to hurt people. The only time she will do it willingly if people close to her are in danger or have been hurt. Even if ordered to she tries to find and alternative to violence. This means if she sees others in combat she will try to quell the fighting and bring peace.
She is so kind, animals seem respond to her and enjoy being around her. He superiors try to break her form her peaceful ways but she holds strong and has developed a string will power from it, and believes that she and all others have these amazing abilities not for violence, but to change the world for the better.
-Creating Things(Trees/plants, new relationships)
-The Quite
-Sun sets
-loud and annoying things
-The dark
-evil, people
-War and Violance

Character Information

Rank: Chunnin
Country: Forsaken Heavens
Combat Strengths:
::Defense (Defensive Jutsu and skills)
::Above normal Chakra Pool
::Clear Headed/Strong Willed (Genjutsu isn’t very effective)
::Mokuton Release
::Agility (She is acrobatic and flexibly and quick to react)
Combat Weaknesses:
:: Doesn’t like to hurt people
::Not very fast (Running wise)
::Not physically Strong (She can't pick up a car or anything)
::Doesn’t Cast good Genjutsu
::Tries to reason with people instead of ending the battles
x20 Exploding tags
x5 Sealing Tags (Fire Sealing Tags)
x 10 Kunai
x5 Blank Tags
x in pouch are few medical supplies ( Gauze wrap/bandages, cleaning alcohol, pain relievers,)
x10 Shuriken
x2 spools of wire (30 feet each)

Description: Normal ninja weapon. Short blade, usually worn on the back or over a shoulder. Used by ninja whom don’t use full swords or big weapons but leaves them with the option to defend themselves. Nothing is special about this weapon in any way.

-Wooden Staff
Description: A wooden staff made using her Mokuton release. Noting special except she makes it our of rosewood, a very strong wood, which is normally heavy, however slightly altering it’s structure, she wields it as if it weighs nothing.

Mokuton Release (Wood Release)


Water Release

Earth Release

Motukon Release


Other Information

Friend- Gokudera Hayato



Early Life
Mitsuki was born to to very proud parents whom happened to be dependents of the original Hashirama Senju. They were unaware of this linage of course for the great man lived many many many years ago and stories of him were thought to be completely myth and legend. Non the less, her was a young girl who would grow a small tree to make herself happy as a baby. Her kage was impressed and had her parents put her into the academy as a young child, not wanting such talent to go to waste. She wasn’t a prodigy, nor was she the best pupil. In fact she seemed to hate the fighting involved with being a ninja. She was extraordinary at using her Mokuton and any teacher of the art would say it was they only thing she was a prodigy at, or even great at. Not to say she wasn’t good at it. Even in the academy, as they learned basic jutsu, she was able to use brief amounts of her mokuton release, putting her far beyond the skills of her comrades.

Genin and the Start of a Dream
After becoming a Genin and passing the academy, Mitsuki became more and more resilient, fighting her teachers and everyone around her, becoming every defiant in her view on fighting and violence. Meaning verbally she would argue but refused to raise a hand with no good reason. Not to say, she found that she could be persuaded to fight when her life was in danger, or more importantly, the lives of her friends and those close to her. She could use almost deadly force, but that was still iffy, but force none the less. Her own life she would put at risk trying to talk others down, but could still get dirty when needed. She decided here to train hard and protect those around her. So while others practiced powerful offensive attacks and ninjutsu designed to hurt and kill, she focused on healing people, and jutsu that would protect and save others. On all of her missions, her captain would always have to report back that she was the one to save everyone form harm and in some cases death. The team wanted to participate in the chunin exams and Mitsuki was the only one against it. But she conceded and did it, only wanting to keep her friends safe. IN the exams her teammates ran ahead like fools and it was up to Mitsuki to protect them at every turn. It was exaughsting but thanks to her Motukon it was manageable. In her one on one combat, her opponents had a hard time getting to her, because she kept creating forests before them and pinning them down with trees. She laughed and said it was juts impossible to fight against mother nature. She advanced and passed her exams being the first to do so without actually hurting her opponents, besides their pride and completely winning her matches.

It was after she was promoted to Chunin that she met Gokudera. She had known the name and also known that many hated and feared him. She was neither. She was always a loving person and was bale to break through his barriers of suspicion and general disregard for people. She had a way of soothing him when he began to get angry ad was always there for him when he thought he was going to lose it and either get mad or angry with people or the Kyuubi. He too became a center of stability, although sometimes he wasn't very stable, for her. She relied on his friendship and even his protectiveness of her for her own comfort. He became most of what she cared about, after her family decided they had nothing to do with her. Juts because she was taken for her Motukon means they dis own her...well fine. IN her book all she had was Gokudera anyway.
Her life now is about enjoying the little things and trying to make the world a better place. She is trying to master her Motukon abilities while dealing with this new ability, to seal and control animals. It seems she has a knack for sealing and control over life and nature thanks to her bloodline and she hopes to explore this now, while using her abilities for the good of those around her.

Last edited by Mitsuki Senju on Sat May 14, 2011 2:20 pm; edited 3 times in total
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Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 1347
Type : The best ones
Rank : Kage ish
Elements : Depends

PostSubject: Re: Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees   Fri May 13, 2011 10:23 am

You list Agility as a strength, and then 'not very fast' as a weakness? CONTRADICTION.

ANOTHER CONTRADICTION, albeit a weaker one. How is it that you are physically weak, but defense is one of your strong sides? Either kill one of them, or clarify what you mean by 'defense'.

Quote :
Name: Doryuu Taiga - Earth Flow River
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Element: Earth
Range: 50 yards
Description: Doton • Doryuu Taiga is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Earth Element. The ninja will do the necessary hand seals and transform the ground upon which the enemy stands into a river of mud.

The mud-release techniques were unique to the Third Hokage - to use them, you must master the muddy manipulation of the Earth Element first. ~.~

Quote :
Name: Kage-shiki Jijun Jutsu - Kakuan Nitten Suishu
Sixty-year-old Technique - Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-bringing Hands
Rank: A
Element: Mokuton
Range: 10-20 yards
Description: This technique utilizes the power of the Wood Release to forcibly suppress a tailed beast's chakra. After a set of hand signs, their hands will appear to hand a green fire aroudn them, and the user would produce the seal "seat" (座) on their palm, and touch the tailed beast. This will push the beats chakra back within it’s host, or container, or when used on an actual beast can hold them in place and effectively “put a leash on it”. However it cannot be maintained for long and risk is presented to the user. Much chakra is used in this technique and since the chakra is extended from the hand in the form of a green cord/leash the hands can be burned by this chakra if it is used for to long. The hands are usually seen smoking after the technique is used. This can be used on other creatures with great chakra. On large animals it is very easy to use. The jutsu can be broken by over powering the users will power.

A chuunin ranked ninja shouldn't be able to use this technique.

Quote :
Name: Evil Sealing Method
Rank: A
Description: This can be used to suppress chakra. Usually that of a dark presence or mark. It can also be used to suppress kekkei genkai, and usually creates a circular mark around the mark it is suppressing, the puncture mark, or point of entry used by the dark presence, or it will create a circular mark on the center of the persons back.This seal requires a number of hand seals and a large amount of chakra to be performed. Preparation for this jutsu requires two concentric circles with kunai placed in intervals along the circumference, in addition to a number of characters written in blood that radiate out from the center of the curse seal. It is very painful but quick, and can be removed at anytime by the caster.

Neither should she have this. o-o

Otherwise, I like your custom descriptions, and your bio is fine. However, do note that to gain a rank higher than genin, you'll have to include an RP sample at the bottom of your profile. Thanks for your time~<3
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Mitsuki Senju


Posts : 6
Type : Forsaken Havens
Rank : Chunnin

PostSubject: Re: Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees   Fri May 13, 2011 2:20 pm

I have corrected you the CONTRADICTIONS, and removed the three jutsu.
The assessment of their strength and the skill I claim are fair and I can work for them in rp ^^

I'll be posting the rp sample very shortly.

Feel free to finish any other modding until it is done Thanks!!
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Madam Red - Bookwoman
Profile Killer
Profile Killer

Posts : 609
Type : Some.
Rank : A lot.
Elements : A few.

PostSubject: Re: Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees   Fri May 13, 2011 4:00 pm

Yaka said everything I had in mind~

You need to make your paragraphs in appearances more correctly xD they stop in mid sentence.

I'll be awaiting your rp sample, even though I think it's unnecessary since you are Ryo.

In fact, forget about it except if you want to.

- Bookwoman

PS: Include Gokudera in your bio.
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Mitsuki Senju


Posts : 6
Type : Forsaken Havens
Rank : Chunnin

PostSubject: Re: Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees   Sat May 14, 2011 1:43 am

Done and Done ^^
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Madam Red - Bookwoman
Profile Killer
Profile Killer

Posts : 609
Type : Some.
Rank : A lot.
Elements : A few.

PostSubject: Re: Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees   Sat May 14, 2011 4:48 am


Go make a thread now =o
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PostSubject: Re: Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees   

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Mitsuki Senju Mover of Trees
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