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 Setting sail for Swamp!

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PostSubject: Setting sail for Swamp!   Sat Apr 30, 2011 9:24 pm

Of all things that bothered Gosuto, the seas and oceans had bothered him the most! Since he was a young boy he's always been bothered by large bodies of water with depths of over one hundred meters and above. Unfortunately, crossing the sea between Wind and Marsh was the shortest way. Gosuto arrived at a small docking area that belonged to a friend of his. The Sand shinobi walked over to the small shed and knocked on the door, which was opened moments later. A small man stood there looking up at Gosuto, "Could it be...Gosuto? My boy, how have you been? Come in, come in!" He gestured for him to come in and so Gosuto did. "Temujin, my dear friend, I do not have enough time to chat. I'm in need of a ship." The smile on his face disappeared, this was serious. "The war? You're heading to Swamp aren't you?"

"I'm afraid so. As a Jounin of my village, I must aid my Kage in battle..." Under the bandages and goggles, he frowned, understanding the risk that he was taking by going alone. "Very well, I understand. Take the ship that is already docked, no charge..." The man smirked and walked around the corner, heading into another room. Gosuto quickly exited the shack, jumping onto the docked ship, starting it up and making his way to the Marsh country....
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PostSubject: Re: Setting sail for Swamp!   Sun May 01, 2011 3:41 pm

The ship moved rather quickly! This was most likely one of Temujin’s fastest vessels. Gosuto relaxed on the deck of the ship, watching the engine of the ship work its magic and carry him across the sea. Nothing to do and with the fear of looking over the side of the ship to enjoy the magnificent scenery that was at play here, Gosuto came to one solution, to sleep. Falling asleep was going to be difficult however, as great as the ship was; the deck was a bit incommodious. After tossing and turning he finally found a comfortable position. ”Ah, now I can relax and regain my stamina. “

Time had slowly passed and Gosuto was beginning to transcend into that small place, the astral plane that he visited every single night. Both eyes had begun closing like curtains when the Sun had set. Suddenly, in his line of sight, a small ship was spotted. This ship looked awfully similar to those back at the coastal lines of the Wind country! Was this an ally from Sunagakure? Gosuto’s eyes shot open and he jumped up onto his feet from the wooden deck floor. ”Just who exactly is heading out to Marsh?” Gosuto rushed over to a lever on the engine and pulled it down slightly. The ship accelerated and started gaining on the smaller one in the distance. ”There’s no one on the ship!”

As Gosuto’s larger vessel passed alongside the smaller one, he surveyed the deck. There were small barrels, boxes, and some rope, but no passengers. Gosuto looked further out into the distance and noticed that the shores of the Marsh country were just a few miles away. ”I wonder who was using that boat.” He accelerated the ship again.
A few hours pass….
Two hours had passed since the passing of the small ship. The shoreline was just about one-hundred and four yards or so from the ship. Docking at the beach would be asking for attention so Gosuto was going to have to get off here and swim the rest of the way. He turned the engine off and dove into the cyan water, swimming beneath the surface and holding the air in his lungs. Whoever was using that boat must have done the same thing to avoid being caught by any Swamp shinobi, or folks were swore allegiance to it…. and so Gosuto swam his way to the coastal line of the Marsh, trying to find a way into the country without attracting any unwanted attention.
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Setting sail for Swamp!
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