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 So close yet so far...

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Saku Natia ~God of Sand~

Saku Natia ~God of Sand~

Posts : 77
Type : Sunagakure
Rank : Ex Kazekage- Jounin
Elements : Sand-Wind-Magnetism-Iron Sand

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PostSubject: So close yet so far...   So close yet so far... Icon_minitime1Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:19 pm

After saying goodbye to captain stern, Saku was headed too one place known as Swamp village. The air felt wierd in this swamp, and was foggy as well. The boat that Saku was on only had 1 person on board. This person did not say a word, and spend most of the time laughing. Saku did not want to ask any question, mostly becuase this man was wierd. Saku took a peek into the swamp, Saku saw his reflection and he smiled. Three seconds passed and the waves began to get stronger. ''I think you should stop this boat, for your safety.'' This person did not answer, insted he made the boat faster and started luaghing. A group of alligators were now sarrounding the boat, they looked vicous. They all attacked the boat, and began eating the man. Saku escaped by jumpingon to a tree, '' Shit the boat!''. At the moment Saku was traped with no boat to be seen, but the allagators were hungy and wanted food. Saku smiled, he then did a few handseals. The pot behind his back held both sand and iron sand, but sand was not going to work againts the water, So Saku dicided iron sand. The pot realesed a portion of iron sand, then the pot closed. The iron sand started forming into iron spears, the size of 4 feet hieght. The spears dived into the swamp, pearcing the alligators. The spears were strong enough to kill them but now how was Saku going to get too swamp village. He dicided totake the long way and jump from tree too tree. So close yet so far...
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Posts : 23

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PostSubject: Re: So close yet so far...   So close yet so far... Icon_minitime1Sun May 01, 2011 5:48 pm

Success! Gosuto had got into the Marsh country without getting detected; you wouldn’t expect anything less from the best spy of the Wind country. He navigated through the waters of the Swamps well aware of the numerous monster gators that inhabited this environment. If he wanted to keep his life, he was going to have to exit the water fast and take a land route. I can sense Saku Natia’s chakra….Could it be that he has come to attack Suwanpugakure? Gosuto surfaced and inhaled, taking in as much air as he could get. The Swamp was awfully quiet. Something didn’t feel right. Lurking beneath the murky waters was a large serpent. It’s prey, Gosuto!

Damn, there’s a boa right behind me. I have to exit this water fast! He swam faster through the underwater plants hoping to throw the serpent off. But that was useless against the creature’s way of hunting. Gosuto’s heat signature was already detected by the snake, and like a hunting dog to a rabbits scent, this monster was going to find its way to him using that signature. Luckily for Gosuto, he was an equipped shinobi. The Sand shinobi ambushed the creature, stabbing it several times in the head. Before it can even fight back the snake had died. Air, I need air! Gosuto surfaced again and tread towards the land, exiting the water afterwards. Once he was out of the dangerous water he found Saku’s chakra signatures and sped off in his direction, increasing his chakra presence temporarily for Saku to notice. ”I must hurry before they find me…”
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Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 1347
Type : The best ones
Rank : Kage ish
Elements : Depends

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PostSubject: Re: So close yet so far...   So close yet so far... Icon_minitime1Mon May 02, 2011 9:51 am

For a moment, Yakate dearly regretted the manner with which he entered the country; the sudden increase of chakra in the area was bound to alert some people. Thankfully, no one who cared was around. Still careful, he suppressed his chakra, using as little effort as he could to pull all of his sand grains together.

He couldn't let the sand drag itself behind his feet this time. He had to carry it. The task seemed a tiresome one, especially since he was in foreign territory. But the sheer amount of sand he had dropped into the sea was a blessing in disguise; the mass of sand wasn't nearly as heavy as it was in the desert. It took about a minute to gather all of the sand in a rough, large sphere, of an estimated radius of 2 meters.

Studying documents told him that the lands of Marsh were infested with wild animals, especially alligators. Animals were dastardly though; a little firework would send them scuttling. Or so he thought. But even if they didn't run away like mice, he could still manage to defeat animals. Hell, he had come to defeat the entire Swamp village; animals were nothing.

Almost as if it was reading his mind, a remarkably large alligator leaped out of the swamp to his left, its mouth gaping wide, strings of saliva drawn all over its teeth. Instinctively, he sent a continuous stream of sand into its mouth. The alligator was sent backwards, but Yakate wasn't done just yet; he hadn't used the technique in so long...

The volume and pressure of sand he sent forced the alligator to keep its mouth open, and he just kept sending in more. The massive sphere of sand in front of him grew smaller and smaller, as the particles began eating their way inside the alligator. And even as the alligator seemed to expand like a balloon, he didn't stop.

The sand inflamed the insides of the alligator. It ruptured through its entire digestive system, and began attacking the rest of the organs inside the animal. But the technique wasn't of internal destruction; no...

After a volume of sand twice that of the volume of the alligator entered the beast, it had died. But how was Yakate to know? He had to make sure. Thus, he forced even more sand into its mouth; more and more until it exceeded its vital capacity...

It exploded. But no blood flew anywhere. They had all been absorbed by his sand, staining them a dark, dirty brown.

The feeling of a kill... it had escaped him all these years. He laughed out loud once he regained it.

'... Gotta get going.'

Remaking the sand-sphere, he began trotting at a relatively fast pace towards the village, not forgetting to repress his rather prominent chakra signature.

... And then he turned around. He wasn't supposed to go away from the village...
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PostSubject: Re: So close yet so far...   So close yet so far... Icon_minitime1

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So close yet so far...
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