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 Ishida Camp

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Han Kotaro

Han Kotaro

Posts : 15
Type : Suwanpugakure
Rank : Kage
Elements : Earth, Water, Fire and Swamp

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PostSubject: Ishida Camp   Ishida Camp Icon_minitime1Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:12 pm

Deep within the devastated lands of the Marsh country that have fallen to War, the Ishida Special Ops took refuge. The site was completely secluded from the rest of society in the jungles of the Marsh country. Underneath the canopy, several men gathered to plan their next attacks on the rebel forces led by Yahiko Senju. Attending this meeting was the Suwakage Han Kotaro, one of the most dangerous and notorious shinobi of the Marsh country.....

Many men gathered together inside the dirty limited spaced tent, surrounding a small table. A small man with an ugly rounded face and a large scar over his left eye stood across from the other men. He was most likely the one who called for the meeting and probably the leader of this camp. On the other side of the table stood four men with dark green flat-jacket vests and Swamp headbands. Each one carried a distinct emblem on their right shoulders. "The rebels are becoming quite a nuisance! They've already attacked the Fumetsu and Roidon camps! And to make it worse, they siezed control of them! This Yahiko must be eliminated at once!" The caller of the meeting slammed his large fist on the table with a look of disappointment. 

"Calm down Toroi...There isn't a need to elevate your volume in such a small tent....." From the shadow of a corner, spoke Han; his figure still hidden in the darkness of the corner. The men before him bowed in respect. None even dared to greet him before bowing, they knew of the consequence. "My lord, I apologize. I didn't know that you'd you show up here." All of the men simultaneously looked up at Han as he stepped out of the shadow. "That isn't of the importance right now. What we need to be discussing are our plans. I've recieved word that Yahiko has hired rogue ninja. I do not know who exactly he hired, but we need to find out soon." Han paused momentarily, only the sound of his respirator being heard. "Min, tell your men to send a messenger hawk to Kurin. I have a special mission for him." One of the four men nodded and exited the tent. "And what of Sunagakure my Lord?" Han inhaled deeply and chuckled as if what he asked were some sort of joke. "We will attack them soon. For now we wait for Kurin to arrive."
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Han Kotaro

Han Kotaro

Posts : 15
Type : Suwanpugakure
Rank : Kage
Elements : Earth, Water, Fire and Swamp

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PostSubject: Re: Ishida Camp   Ishida Camp Icon_minitime1Mon May 02, 2011 8:02 pm

All of the men waited rather impatiently for the information that was to come. Han with folded arms against the cloth of the tent wall. Three men whispered to themselves around the table, plotting points on the map before them. Suddenly, Han detected a disturbance in the area. Something was releasing a powerful chakra, no, more than one thing. The source was moving very quickly. "What's this? Something or someone with unfamiliar chakra is heading to the village." Everyone in the tent immediately ceased from whispering and plotting and looked up at the Kage. A bead of sweat strolled down Toroi's cheek. He too had detected the immense chakra. "My-my Lord, could that be the Kage of Sunagakure?"

Han turned his head in the direction of the tent entrance and walked over to it, opening the curtain-like cloth that served as a door and exiting the tent. "And so it begins. All of my men, head to the village at once. There's a possibility that the enemy is attacking the Swamp village!!" Han pushed off the ground and shot into the tree tops; his men followed behind.
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Ishida Camp
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