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 First Round: Storm

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Council of Four
Council of Four

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First Round: Storm Empty
PostSubject: First Round: Storm   First Round: Storm Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 24, 2011 1:03 am

Despite the close presence of the Storm Dragon, it is not he, but a man that is soaring at high speed from the sky onto the crater. As he lands, a boom of dust circulates around the crater; his sheer mass is apparent. The bulk of his body contrasted with the calm, light-blue fibers that covered his skin - he was a noble warrior.

'Upon the Storm Dragon's name, your journey ends here!'

Your objective is to defeat your opponent - not necessarily using violence and power...
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Ryo Altrace

Ryo Altrace

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Type : Forsaken Havens
Rank : Highly Skilled Chunnin
Elements : Suiton & Raiton

First Round: Storm Empty
PostSubject: Re: First Round: Storm   First Round: Storm Icon_minitime1Sun May 15, 2011 5:38 am

The dark blue and black clouds let very little light come from the sky, it seemed like al the light would be extinguished for a moment, save the a dark blow tint in the sky. Then it hit him. First, a wave of power, this wasn’t exactly what he was here for, but the power was similar. It caused the indigo rock ground of the entire crater, emit a blue glow that filled the cavern with continuous blue light. Here it comes. Every muscle in Ryo’s body grew tense, and he flexed his jaw in anticipation and nervousness and he clenched his fist tight. Something was coming, so in anticipation he began to collect some of the static from the surrounding air. It wasn’t hard, the storm was still surrounding them and flashes of white light filling the sky every few seconds. He could feel the power grew in his body as he awaited this unknown presence to show itself to him.

Then, through a break in the clouds, a figure. Ryo squinted up through the rain to try for a better look, as the figure made a sudden turn in direction, flying straight down, colliding with the ground in an eruption of dust and the entire mountain seemed to shake. The dust cleared quickly due to the rain and Ryo got his first glimpse of the one who wielded a fraction of the power he felt. A big man, about his hight, but with more mass, looking to be mostly muscle. This man was big, anything hand to hand would be pointless and end in pain for Ryo. So if this was to be a fight best to keep some distance or use his sword. The man also had a blade...this would be interesting to say the least, he had expected some sort of beast.

The man yelled,
'Upon the Storm Dragon's name, your journey ends here!'

Ryo’s eyes widened a bit at the statement. Storm Dragon? This must be the much much more powerful presence he felt and probably the cause of all this. And this was to be the man to end his journey to find this Storm Dragon. No, this man was not gonna stand between him and finding this ominous presence. Maybe there was some hope to reason with the man before they had to fight. Ryo stood to his full hight, and spoke to him,

“Well that was quite an entrance. Maybe we are getting off on the wrong foot, I just want to see this Storm Dragon you speak of. Find out the cause of all ...this.”
He said motioning with his hands to the surrounding. Lightning flashed again, showing the strong features on the man across from him. He held himself like...a samurai or a knight of some kind.

“Maybe you could point me in a direction to find this great Dragon?”

He thought it was a long shot but maybe he could at least gauge his reaction. The landscape was still glowing providing a lot of light around them. Large rocks were scattered around the area, some as big as 10 feet tall and equally as thick. There was plenty of space between them for open combat though if need be. Behind the man stood a stone staircase leading up to the sky that appeared to go to the did he not see that before?

Ryo= Blue

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Ryo Altrace

Ryo Altrace

Posts : 60
Type : Forsaken Havens
Rank : Highly Skilled Chunnin
Elements : Suiton & Raiton

First Round: Storm Empty
PostSubject: Re: First Round: Storm   First Round: Storm Icon_minitime1Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:59 pm

The look on the big man's face was turned from a calm expression to one of anger. His body seemed to tense as the young man before him tried to negotiate instead of fleeing as he was instructed. He pointed at him and with a booming voice spoke to Ryo.

"You are NOT worthy to be in the presences of the Great Storm Dragon! Your very being here is a disgrace to his name and if you will not remove yourself then I will remove you."

While still pointing Soyokaze began gathering and compressing his charka into his left hand, emitting a whit glow. He would deal with this intruder quickly and please his mighty lord.

Ryo was surprised by how quickly the man got angry. "Okay so he don't like it when I don't listen to him." Tucking that away Ryo raised his hands to show he did not want to fight, but he also began to pull in his own chakra as well as some of the static electricity in the air form the lightning storm. If this was going to be fight he wasn't going to be stopped by some crazy lunatic, no matter how big they were.

"Listen, I can't leave until I see this Dragon. I don't want to fight...but you shouldn't push me pal."

It wasn't a threat, but a mere warning that Ryo wasn't going to roll over and be beat. The man growled in rage and hurled his left hand at Ryo. "Wow that didn't take long" Ryo thought as the white orb traveled towards him. Ryo's wide eyes quickly sharpened as he moved, moving so fast he created an afterimage of himself as he leaped behind a rock and out of sight. The splash of his landing was masked by the sound of impact.

The orb had struck his afterimage and made an indent in the ground he had been standing on, sending up a cascade of water, which was masked by the rain still falling. "That thing packed a punch thats for sure." Peeking around the rock he saw the big man close the gap and was already at the edge of the indent he had made with his glowing orb, katana drawn in his left hand. That was quick, gezz this guy waste no time. Better hit him quick in a way he won't suspect. Gathering his lightning nature in his chest he forced his water nature down his hands and did a set of hand signs then whipped around the rock to face the man again, slamming his hands on the ground causing a splash as Ryo shouted.

"Fine, Lets' do it your way! Rising Water Geyser!"

Aiming just behind the man, water coursed through the ground and erupted behind him, close enough to damage his back. in an attempt to evade the surprise Soyokaze stumbled forward off balance and in the now close space between them Ryo jumped and wrapped his arms around the massive man, binding his arms to his chest.

Having fun yet?!

Ryo howled as he released his electricity. A specialty jutsu of his slowing him to shock the crap out of whatever he touched, utilizing his own lightning nature and the static electricity he had gained from the storm charged air. An eruption of light from their bodies as they were covered in electricity and the sound of releasing power filled the air.


Jutsu used::

Description:The user moves at incredibly high speeds in order to leave an illusion of their self behind.

Name:Water Release: Rising Water Gyser
Rank: C
Range: 30 yrds
Type: Ninjutsu
Style: Water
Description: This jutsu will create a fast jet of water running through the ground to erupt where Ryo has a visuale from the ground. More chakra is required for more distance and height, but is usslally used for a distcance of 30 yards or closer and up to 15 to 18 feet high, that is powerful enough to slice through solid rock

Name:Lightning Release – Static Collection Skill [Raiton - Seiteki Korekuto no Jutsu]
Description: Gathering static electricity in the air it is channelled through the arms and stored within the users limb. Upon physical contact with another individual the static is discharged adding a shocking sensation to a taijutsu based attack.
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First Round: Storm Empty
PostSubject: latest news breaking news   First Round: Storm Icon_minitime1Wed Feb 01, 2012 2:57 am

Latest news breaking news zooms around a valued box. Latest news breaking news draws a mythology underneath the envy. The menu cruises. Latest news breaking news stirs an emotional criterion.
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First Round: Storm Empty
PostSubject: Re: First Round: Storm   First Round: Storm Icon_minitime1

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First Round: Storm
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