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 The Road Less Traveled

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Ryo Altrace

Ryo Altrace

Posts : 60
Type : Forsaken Havens
Rank : Highly Skilled Chunnin
Elements : Suiton & Raiton

PostSubject: The Road Less Traveled   Fri Apr 15, 2011 10:47 pm

Moving through the tops of the forest, far above the ground, Ryo began to ponder what would happen if he were to be asked for his reason for traveling. He wore nothing that signified him being with the Forsaken Heavens village. One reason being he didn’t want to be asked questions he knew he couldn’t answer. He did portray the symbol for the Hidden Mist, a village of the long ago past. He wondered if he’d be able to spare some time and explore it after he had completed his mission. The old villages filled his mind because all he could remember of his father was his fierce dedication and teachings of the old village and it’s ways. It seemed like the past held so many secrets and simply more then the future did...

He was headed to a small village on the bank of a rather large river where he could rent a boat to take him down closer to the swamp village location. Traveling by water would be much faster then doing so by land and he could cut his time by half probably. Maybe if he was lucky he could even pick up a new jutsu on his journey. He was always looking for ways to become more powerful and diverse in his ninjutsu.

Anyway, he shook his head, he had to keep his mind focused. His mission came first and that would be his main priority. Anything else would have to come after that. So he trekked on, moving quickly towards the river village and his fastest means of transportation.
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Ryo Altrace

Ryo Altrace

Posts : 60
Type : Forsaken Havens
Rank : Highly Skilled Chunnin
Elements : Suiton & Raiton

PostSubject: Re: The Road Less Traveled   Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:08 pm

With a thud and a small cloud of dust, Ryo landed from his hight in the trees on the dirt ground. He stood and could feel the moisture in the air. He breathed deeply as he stood up straight. He loved this weather, you could feel it in the air and looking up you could see the clouds forming. A good rain was coming. Right on que the small first drops of rain began to fall. It was noting really, the trees blocked most of it. He pressed on, knowing he was close because he could see the village from above. He walked at a slow pace, recovering himself and enjoying the cool drizzle.

The tree line broke and all at once he was in the village. No one cast a glance his way, strangers apparently weren’t uncommon and no one seemed to care for him. They were busy scurrying around getting things out of the rain. It didn’t take long for him to get to the river side where the boats were kept. He spotted a man putting things in a boat as if he were getting ready to leave. Ryo approached him and standing on the docks near the mans boat spoke to him, “Excuse me sir, are you going out anytime soon?” The older man, clearly a fisherman by the assortment of fishing poles and nets he was loading, stopped and looked up at Ryo.

“Why yes I am, trying to get everything aboard before the heavy rain comes. I’m heading south away from these rain clouds. Why do you want to know?” The man asked him eyeing him suspiciously. Ryo leaned down and picked up a roll of rope and handed it to the man, “Well I was wondering if i could pay you to tag along. I too am headed down river and traveling by boat would get me ahead of the rain. What do ya say? A bot of company and some money and you’d be done with me.” Ryo Smiled at the man, a warm friendly smile. The man scratched his chin after setting the rope in the boat. “Why not! You seem like a nice boy. Lets get going, wouldn’t want to get stuck here and delay us both now would we?”

With that Ryo helped load the rest of the man’s gear and they both pushed off from the dock. Ryo gave the man a small pouch of coins and sat as the man began to row him closer to his destination.
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Ryo Altrace

Ryo Altrace

Posts : 60
Type : Forsaken Havens
Rank : Highly Skilled Chunnin
Elements : Suiton & Raiton

PostSubject: Re: The Road Less Traveled   Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:45 pm

The boat was moving very quickly. The rivers current was stronger with the rain fall at their back meaning more water rushing down. Ryo sat, his brown traveling cloak draped around him. He and the fisherman had very little conversation. Ryo didn’t need to do much speaking anyway, a few nods and small questions kept the fisherman going about all the types of fish in the area and down the river and best places to fish. Ryo enjoyed the man’s ranting. It meant he didn’t have to do much and could rest and focus on his mission.

After about a day of resting and traveling by boat, taking turns at night guiding the boat down river so the other could sleep, Ryo was awoken by the fisherman, around day break. “Well young man, I think this is where I must drop you.” Ryo’s eyes snapped open, he was holding a kunai in his hand beneath his cloak. Couldn’t be to careful and ever seance his days as a servant to Poseidon he always slept armed. He was in a cove, right off the river, much calmer as the boat drifted and the fisherman had his lines in the water. “Where are we?” Ryo asked as he replaced his kunai in it’s holster and stood in the boat, stretching his back.

The sun was out and it was a cool day. Very pretty but the landscape had changed. It was much more marsh like. There were still big trees but the ground, as far as Ryo could tell was really muddy and in some places looked flooded and full of dark green foliage. The fisherman was back at his poles, scanning the water for bites. “We’re in Marsh Country now. I’ll be here for a bit, probably set up camp here for a week or two, some great fishin in these parts. If you decide to head back anytime soon theres a chance i’ll be here if not...well your on your own then son.” Ryo nodded to the man. “Any Idea where the Swamp Village is? I wouldn’t mind getting something to eat after all this traveling.” Ryo had to be careful asking such things, but being a boy and a traveler people would be inclined to help him and wouldn’t find him very suspicious. “I think it’s that way,” he said pointing to the marshy flooded area. “but be careful, lots of gators and swamp bears that way.”

“Thanks sir, you’ve been a great help. Hopefully we meet again!”
Ryo said with a friendly nod as he jumped off the boat onto a tree branch and ran deep into marsh country moving from tree to tree, keeping off the ground.

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PostSubject: Re: The Road Less Traveled   

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The Road Less Traveled
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