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 Travelling for : Crystal

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Travelling for : Crystal Empty
PostSubject: Travelling for : Crystal   Travelling for : Crystal Icon_minitime1Sun Apr 03, 2011 12:50 pm

The night is deep, thick and filled with sounds. The shadows are creeping by, sliding under your feet, next to you, through the rustling leafs of the century old trees. The wind is blowing, creating unnecessary sounds, filling the air with murmurs, cracks, ruffles and cries.

The nightmare is only starting when you place your feet in this dark, somber and dangerous forest. Wild animals, ghosts, demons and other dangerous monsters are lurking in the shadows, ready to rip you apart and eat your heart, making it difficult to reach the final destination: the abandonned hospital.

The hospital is an empty place, dead, filled with traces of spalltered blood on the walls, floor and ceiling. Apparitions of the former patients, murdered by the crazy medical staff are walking around, scaring any normal person who passes by. Rumors are being said that on the last floor, only accessible by a old, almost destroyed staircase, is a demon who has the crystal element, ready to be taken after having beaten the monster.

But, before you meet'll have to find your way through the trees and through the child of the hospital...

The post count for this travelling part would be that of 5 posts with a total of 600 words.
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Travelling for : Crystal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Travelling for : Crystal   Travelling for : Crystal Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:28 pm

[Earlier before Izumi step's in the tree's of the forest ]

Izumi woke up mid-night in his bed at the old lady's house, cold sweats were seen on his face. He been having the nightmare's again, yet they were different and there seem to be two demons in the dream that time, not only him being there. Swinging a leg over the side of the bed onto the floor he sat up slowly swiping the sweat off with his left hand. He learn just a few weeks ago when he return from a long hardship training he done with his sensei, the kage of the village that he was a Jinchuriki, one of those with a demon inside of himself. Sighing he didn't understand why still his parents choose to seal him or even give him away towards the demon as he stood up from the bed walking over towards the window with shades allowing a bit of the moonlight to shine inside the room.

'I have to find out who this other demon was that was somehow in my dreams.
It'll drive me crazy if I don't discover this shadow who gives me nightmares.
Even those crystal's that seem to pop up at me in the fights that occurs in the dream's gives me chills. Worst than the fire torches...'
Natsume thinks in his occupy mind as he walks back over towards his dresser pulling his bookbag towards his side as he packs the needed supplies of what he'll be using during the travel's. His sensei won't enjoy the fact that he is gone from the village without his aware's of the journey, but he had to discover who was calling him out.

"Well that's everything I need to pack." He thought a hour later after he had pack and put his book bag on his back. It was time to head out as he sneak downstairs grabbing some rations to start out with during that night before walking thorough the door of the small apartment he live in. Izumi went thorough the village street's that day till he reach the village gates checking to see if the guards were busy before he ran across to the forest.

When Izumi first reach the forest a thought enter his mind that they look different at first and wasn't really the same forest that he travel thorough in hardship training. The thought didn't last his mind that long as a smile enter his face, might even say that Natsume inherited some idoitness from his sensei as he was brought up on his chakra techniques being sure that he could control what was his own chakra and not using the bijuu's chakra.

'Well it's time to head into the forest,
I must find out what's calling me.'
He thought after standing still for a long time in the entrance of the forest, it seem the moonlight was fading away as the dark begin to surround him. One foot after the other begin to move as Izumi head into the forest having no idea exactly what type of demon was calling out towards him.

[Topic Enter]
Notes: Entering the forest Izumi sets off on his journey
Word Count: 512
Next up: More walking, more walking

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Travelling for : Crystal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Travelling for : Crystal   Travelling for : Crystal Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 04, 2011 2:04 pm

As Izumi walk thorough the forest at a normal pace he was humming a small tune trying to rid of the silence that surround him. It was sort of scary now that he was away from home by himself in the forest unsure of what he will come against on this night. The light was still there Natsume knew even thorough it was dark because there were shadows that stray past him of the leave shape's. He didn't stop walking until a crack of a branch was heard as Izumi's eye's glance left and right [literary] his feet stopping as he crouch down taking out a kunai he hide in his right sleeve.

'Be very still right now Izumi, you don't want to rush into anything.' Was the only thought that flow thorough his brain as he close his eyes before opening them as a lone gray wolf came flying out of a bush that was located 45 degree's from her. As he try to remember what to do in this case of emergency the wolf came running at him as Natsume saw the glare of angry for stepping into the wrong place at the wrong time. That's what he thought he seen at least. "I guess I have angry the wolf for something. Better to do something fast." Natsume say out loud as he jump in the air grinning as his kunai points directly towards where he hope the wolf's heart was thinking it would be good to have some meat for later on if he was to stop.

One moment the wolf was launching at Natsume's right shoulder arm trying to land it's teeth on it, and the next moment it could be seen whelping and crying out as the blood pour from its body where the kunai lay. It wasn't finish yet thorough as it try to stand, Izumi knew he had to finish it before it came much later. Landing back on the ground with his long nails pushing into the ground, he growl sightly as he knew he had to remain calm while rushing into action as he stood up and ran across the ground before digging his hand into the wolf as he kill him quickly.

"Easy killing, easy food for later." Natsume grudge as he pick up the wolf and lay it on his shoulder before beginning to walk off. It'll slow his pace down a bit more but he'll get towards this demon that is driving his presence [and whole attention at.]

Notes: Lazy to note them
Word Count: 420
Next up: More walking and hunting

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Travelling for : Crystal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Travelling for : Crystal   Travelling for : Crystal Icon_minitime1Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:52 am

Izumi continue on thorough the forest lugging the wolf on the ground some by now as he keeps a sharper eye out for things leaping out on him. He will not allow himself to be surprise again as the ground was turning murky on him which slow his pace down even more. Sounds of branches being broken around him was creeping him out as a movement across his neck hairs was felt in a flash as he drop the wolf and twirl around. "Who's there? He cry out in the dark forest before turning around and beginning to run as he left the wolf behind with its eyes rolling around as if it was being haunted by some tale.

Being frighten a bit by now he was running off thorough the forest, past the known terriotys that he recently visit with his sensei towards unknown places. He ran so much that when he finally stop he didn't recognized where he was. All that Izumi saw with his eyes in the far distance of where he was at, was a hospital building. The building look old and ready to fall apart; yet, something inside of the building was drawing his attention to walk towards it and explore the floors. It was like something was there that wanted him there. So his feet begin to move without side knowledge while his bijuu was growing with intense excitement as it seem to sense more of what was in the building than he did.

Izumi kept walking anyways, left foot and right foot move one after the other not giving a care or thought of whether he was walking into a dangerous place. Approaching the building shortly later something flew past him as his attention span came back full force towards what he was doing.

'I know I just felt something,
could this something be after me?
I can't tell exactly what this presence wants yet.'
He thought in his brain as he begin to glance around him trying to tell exactly what type of place like this was doing in the forest again. As he begins to move again towards the door's of the hospital paying close attention towards the features of it the doors swung open immediately as a cat that almost look see thorough suddenly flew out at his face as a large scratch went over his cheek. It was almost like the letter X being permanently put on his face.

Notes: He's able to feel light sense's of the demon calling due to his bijuu. He has now reach the hospital and just been attack by a wild demon that lives near the hospital protecting it.
Word Count: 411
Next up: Entering the hospital and the search begins

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PostSubject: Re: Travelling for : Crystal   Travelling for : Crystal Icon_minitime1Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:53 am

[Entering the hospital...]

After being scratch on the face he touch his face before removing the hand seeing blood on it. That wouldn't stop him from continuing towards the presence calling him out he mentally thought as Izumi begin to walk thorough the doors once again before stopping inside the hospital and turning around towards the slamming doors as he thought was awful strange, but ignore. Well he ignore the thought of weirdness happening until he heard the lock turning, then he got really creep out as his eyes widening.

"I guess I won't be leaving or turning back now." Izumi say out loud as his eyes wander over towards the stairway's of the hospital, then towards the hallway's that seem to lead down the floor of the hospital he was in now. Which was very strange because of how it look so very old and un-use outside, the lounge seem to be fill with a few people inside of it. Except they didn't look real towards Izumi's eyes as he walk carefully over towards one of the people slowly inching his hand out in front of him as it swipe thorough the person's body.

'He's not real...
But what does that mean then.'
Izumi thinks in his head as he begins to make his way thorough the lounge over towards the stairway's wondering if there was anything in importance upstairs. As he reach the top of the stairs noticing that the second floor was more like a care patients clinic area with a laboratory he wonder if there was anything important details towards the presence of whatever was calling him out as he began to look around. As Izumi was looking around he was beginning to notice that more and more of those ghost people were popping up [which was freaking him out] and more wanted to get off this floor in hopes of escaping them. Yes they were bringing a fear to him of ghost's, but that was normal for all young people of his age right?

So Natsume continue's his search in hopes of finding the one who was calling out towards him. 'Yes I will see to it that you are found.' His thoughts was going at a million per mile of thinking about what he was going end up finding.

Notes: Natsume is gaining a fear of ghost's and dislikes them for scaring people
Word Count: 384
Next up: The founding of the demon

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Travelling for : Crystal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Travelling for : Crystal   Travelling for : Crystal Icon_minitime1Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:50 pm

As he discovers more staircase's at the end of the floor he was beginning to wonder how many floor's this hospital has. Climbing them up towards the next floor he was hoping to find the strong presence that's been searching for something someone sooner or later because he couldn't be away from the village much longer. On the third floor Izumi began to discover more of the patient rooms as suddenly one of those ghost like people began to try to spook him out even more than he was.

'Okay, Okay I am not afraid. I am not afraid' he kept thinking as he move thorough the rooms beginning to wonder if he was just imaging and feeling this presence from his own demon. Well Natsume thought that until he came towards the fourth floor and saw a old creepy staircase that seem to have broken step's and cobweb's hanging over it. "That looks like a place where a demon or someone could hide with no one ever going near it." He say out loud as he walk over carefully and begin to look around it as he wonder how to get up there without destroying the staircase.

After observing some points of where Natsume should carefully step and step's that he should avoid for risk of falling thorough he began to climb them. As he climb them he heard creek's and squeaks from the staircase under his feet, it was much more older than he thought to be. "This thing better not give out on me." He say out loud as he reach the middle of the stair ways looking upwards at a door that seem to be pitch black and not wanted. It was a very strange door to him but that's where he needed to go to he felt as Izumi begin to hear whispers coming towards his ear's.

When Izumi finally reach the doorway of the door he reach out with his hand and push it open as he step inside. It was finally the moment he saw her, the demon as he brace himself for what happens in this room.

[Topic ended, travel over]
Notes: Izumi has reach the demon and is ready for battle
Word Count: 355
Next up: The first round~

Over all Total Word Count: 2082
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Travelling for : Crystal Empty
PostSubject: Re: Travelling for : Crystal   Travelling for : Crystal Icon_minitime1

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Travelling for : Crystal
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