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 Akane Hana Kouseitan'i

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Kaia Natsuko


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PostSubject: Akane Hana Kouseitan'i   Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:10 pm

Kouseitan'i, Akane

General Information

Name: Akane Hana Kouseitan’i
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Height: 5”6 in.
Weight: 125 lb
DOB: September 20th
Akane is a 22 year old jounin, she has long jet black hair that is ¾ of the time pulled up, and the bang style of this hair is a face form fitting jagged cut that falls into a downward stair stepping type of cut. Her face though to most eyes may seem like the perfect porcelain, has many flaws that are physical and more then skin deep. Emerald eyes lay open yet over top her right eye lays a deep jagged scar which looks to be many, many years old. Her small type face fits almost perfectly with the rest of her small fame body. This small fame is covered by black loose fitting v-neck t-shirt and under it lays a tight fitting mesh tank top. A large jacket, type trench coat hangs off of Akane. The bottom of the jacket looks frayed and ripped as if it is an older almost ancient piece of cloth. On the back of the jacket a clan symbol is seen but not fairly recognized. Faded black, but almost grey, pants lay loosely on Akane’s lower figure. An emerald cloth belt, which seems to almost make the color of her eyes, lay wrapped around her waist, making it seem as though it is the one thing holding her pants from falling. Bandages are wrapped up her leg from her ankle almost to the top of her knee. Normal, black, ninja shoes lay on her feet.
With a small string her 2 katanas are held to her back. On the left side of her upper calf lays her kunai and poison needle pouch. Her village headband is tied onto her upper arm, and about 5 in’ below lays bandage wrapping that fall from her elbow to her wrist, which almost look as though they connect into the black fingerless gloves she wears.

Even though saying “I, Akane Hana, am a smart ass sarcastic girl” that would be too easy. But there is truth within that saying. I am a smart ass, I don’t know when to close my mouth and I get myself in trouble when I do make a comment that is either inappropriate for the time, or is just plain horrible. I am very sarcastic and hate to have to explain my reasoning behind my actions. I normally assume that if you don’t understand why I did something then you’re just unintelligent, but that isn’t always the case. I do have my hyperactive moments, most people do. I try my hardest to hide the over the top moments, because I don’t want my mood swings to ruin my mission. I do though love a good fight, but I won’t fight unless there is a need or reason behind it. I am what you might call a softy when it comes to tears, animals, and wounded friends. I do stick up for them no matter the time, place, or reason. I care a lot about my friends because they really are all I have left.

Baby kitsunes, apples, and being on time.

Being late, yelling, and repeating herself.

Character Information

Rank: Jounin

Country: Forsaken Heavens
Combat Strengths: Fighter, flexible, and Smart on her feet.
Combat Weaknesses:Angered easily, Impatient, and easily distracted.

10X Kunai
10X poison needles
5X Smoke bombs
10X explosive tags.

Weapon: Twin katanas, they are old Kouseitan’i family weapons. No special power.

Element(s): Earth, Fire, Crystal


Name: Shougai no Butai
Rank: C
Range: Short
Style: Genjutsu, Earth/Fire combo
Description: The user focuses a small amount of chakra into their eyes and looks at the opponent. If the opponent is looking in their eyes at the same time the seeds for the genjutsu is automatically planted. The user can then choose when to activate the jutsu by forming the last handseal. This genjutsu will then activate and warp the opponents view of reality until they are standing on what looks like a blank slate. Then without warning flames, torrents of water, lightning bolts, horrendous gusts of winds, and earthquakes will begin to rock them until they collapse from mental strain.

Name: o Fiery Damnation
Rank: A
Range: Close combat
Style: Taijutsu, Fire
Description: Fiery Damnation, is a simple yet efficient taijutsu style of the Kouseitan’I clan. Unlike the Electric Static Style, there is no definite stance that the user settles into, though the most common and used stance is the Kick Boxing stance. This stance allows the user to quickly block and counter in case of an attack. After settling into the stance the user summons their fire elemental chakra into their hands and feet, (they will eventually learn how to over come burning off their shoes.) From there the user then adds their own flavor to the taijutsu style. This Jutsu at a minimum of 20 minutes, but if trained can last for 40 to 50 minutes.

Name: Flame Thrower
Rank: S
Range: Long/Medium
Style: Ninjutsu, Fire
Description: The user focuses a great deal of fire chakra into their chest and proceeds to exhale a great deal of fire from their mouth. These flames have the capability of melting through high grade steel which makes it a not so good combination idea when using weapons. Through intense concentration, which in turn leaves them open to attack if there is more than one opponent, they can direct the flames towards their opponent.

Name: Fire Dragon Naplam
Rank: B
Range: Long
Style: Ninjutsu, Fire
Description: A skill in which has been considered one of the most powerful streaming fire jutsu. The user gathering up a great deal of chakra within their chest, condensing it and focusing it at the same time. Letting it flow out into the world, bursting forth into a grand stream of flame. This powerful stream having such a flying force that it can repel projectiles that get in its way.(if trained right up to 100 to 200 meters) This attack flies very fast, and is considered hard to dodge without the use of supplementary jutsu.

Name: Crystal Strike
Rank: S
Range: Short
Style: Taijutsu, Crystal
Description: Crystal Strike, is a fast paced, destructive taijutsu style used by the Kouseitan'i clan. Only used by the minority crystal users of the clan, Naiya Dageki, is considered the most dangerous attack because of the speed and trained accuracy it has. To begin this jutsu, the user will cover the hands in a spike of crystal shaped almost like a stinger. They will then focus chakra into their legs or, if they have used weights for a long time, remove them increasing their speed. The user will then rush the opponent lashing out at them with accurate pinpoint devastating blows meant to disable or kill. Not many people have survive this taijutsu style unscathed and many have fallen victim to in a deadly sense.

Name: Fox Sword Dance: Orchard of Death
Rank: B
Range: Short/Medium
Style: Genjutsu, Kouseitan’I bloodline
Description: The user begins this genjutsu by focusing a large amount of chakra into their eyes. They then look the opponent in the eyes and implant the chakra there. The user then chooses when to activate the genjutsu trapping them in an fake world, which normally looks like a flowering orchad though settings may vary with user. The user then attacks the opponent in the genjutsu, but the attacks dont appear physically as most attacks to the body would. Instead they target the bodies circulatory, nerve, and chakra systems. If the damage is enough the user wont be allowed to move let alone heal and if the damage is too severe it may even result in death.

Name: Crystal Dragon jutsu
Rank: B
Range: Any but mainly Long
Style: Ninjutsu, Crystal
Description: A crystal dragon the size of a skyscraper comes up from the ground and is controlled by the user that brought it forth. The time length of this jutsu is only a short one unless the user has a larger chakra level.

Name:Fire Cannon
Rank: B
Range: Medium
Style: Ninjutsu, Fire
Description: Fire Cannon is a move in which the user holds a ball of energy in which inside is a blaze of red, yellow, and orange, flickering around wildly in fire. Once the user thrusts the energy out at the opponent, a blast of fire energy in a circular motion blasts through the opponent.

Name: Earthen Domination
Rank: B
Range: Short
Style: Taijutsu, Earth
Description: Earthen Domination, or Earthen Resolve, is the easiest and most efficient of the Kouseitan’i taijutsu styles. The user makes the earth wrap around and fit to their legs, arms, and body. This creates a harder surface for the body and causes the most external damage of all of the Kouseitan’i taijutsu styles. This taijutsu style is most often used alongside the Karate fighting style. The resistance is based on the power of the attack. If the attack is taijutsu then it will protect the user unless the taijutsu is an S rank or higher. Other attacks depend on the rank and skill of the attacker. The time length of this jutsu is about 20 minutes unless the user has a larger chakra level.

(more Jutsu will be added in time)
Other Information

Marriage: Kazuki Shikimori (Exboyfriend)
Father: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i
Mother: Unknown
Siblings: Obito (older brother)


Akane Hana Kouseitan’i, a 25 year old Jounin, her story begins in a small, small village outside of Funkagakure, the village hidden in Eruption. The beginning of her life started when she hit the age of four. Most Kouseitan’i at that age begins to develop the fire style jutsus of the clan. Akane was no different. She began showing signs of the fire, by the fact one of her brothers came running into the family home one afternoon, screaming because his pants had been set aflame. Her father took much pride in his daughter seeing she had the same crystal element sense to her as he did. Many years of cruel and vigorous training lay ahead of her and she took it full force. During this time, she was put onto a gennin team with Kazuki Shikimori, and her father as her Sensei. The training consistent of the mastery of the earth and fire elements, along with the beginning and strenuous road to master the combination element, Crystal.

After the recognition of her fire style, her father took the time to see what other element chakra she might have possessed, which in his favor turned out to be what he wanted her elements to be. At the age of 9 Akane started to fight/train with her older brother Obito. She never once won a battle till 3 weeks after she turned 10. That battle was the first of many that Obito lost too. During those years of training before her first team Akane grew stronger, but her physical appearance stayed small and innocent. Till about the age of 12, when she was put on a Gennin team, Akane had only trained with her father, and brother. She knew of their power and strength, but was never put to a test where she didn’t know a thing about her opponent till the first time she fought Kazuki Shikimori. One year prior to the Sound team 1’s first appearance, their sensei thought that it would be alright for them to try their luck in the Chunnin exams. On try 3, Akane finally was given the rank of Chunnin at the age of 15.

Akane when given the rank of Chunnin, left her village in seek of a newer colder one. She entered the village of Aurora as a run away, but was accepted only because Keretsu seemed to see something in her that suited him. Akane was given her Jounin rank at 19, only because the kage of Aurora was in need of Jounin to train new gennin. So she was only given the rank because of the need for a Sensei. After training these new members for Keretsu Akane moved on her way and traveled the nations, but kept the rank of Jounin only because it seem to keep the rank her former kage gave to her.

Akane traveled the nations for almost a full 3 years before deciding that a high rank village might be a nice place to live for the remainder of her life. She came across The Village Hidden in the Forsaken Heavens.
Bio continued when story is made…

Last edited by Akane on Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:34 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : told too)
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Madam Red - Bookwoman
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Profile Killer

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PostSubject: Re: Akane Hana Kouseitan'i   Thu Mar 24, 2011 9:17 pm

Bookwoman speaking here~ Prepare for the worst.

First, is she 22 or 25? o-o

Quote :
Her face though to most eyes may seem like the perfect porcelain, has many flaws. Emerald eyes lay open yet over top her right eye lays a deep jagged scar which looks to be many, many years old.
...I read only one flaw.

Quote :
5X gas bombs
What do those gas bombs? Just give some smoke or do they poison or make people laugh or...?


I'll make a list right here of what's not good and give each jutsu a number:
1. It is hardly a C or B rank at most.
2. This jutsu...for how long can you use it? Can you use it while using other jutsus? And shouldn't it be Fire element and not Earth?
3. Too powerful for an A rank. Or reduce the power or it becomes an S rank.
4. Does it do any other damage to the surroundings? And for how far does it go? 50 meters? 75 meters? Less?
5. It's only a B rank for a most powerful jutsu? Or it gets a higher rank and the strength of the moves becomes more powerful too or it's just a regular crystal jutsu.
6. For how long does this dragon exist? Just an attack like with water dragons?
7. This sounds suspiciously like some canon fire jutsus, like Fire ball. Or use the canon on or change it.
8. Demons...? What are those doing in this? And this sounds like the transformation jutsu that is an E rank.
9. It's only a D rank? And for how long does it work? And how much can it resist? A ranks too? Or only other D ranks?

That'll be all for now~
Please 'fix' what needs to be fixed please.

- Bookwoman
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Madam Red - Bookwoman
Profile Killer
Profile Killer

Posts : 609
Type : Some.
Rank : A lot.
Elements : A few.

PostSubject: Re: Akane Hana Kouseitan'i   Fri Mar 25, 2011 5:47 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Akane Hana Kouseitan'i   

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Akane Hana Kouseitan'i
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