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 Finding her way...

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PostSubject: Finding her way...   Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:26 pm

Miki walk away from her camp early dawn to search for a way towards a village that she needed to reach. She was just a young age, but still needed someone to help her teach the ways of shinobi towards her. It was hard these day's as she didn't run into many people at all, most ignoring her as she was just a orphan with no parents. She began to walk underneath the leaves that were softly waving at her she imagine as the wind blows. She was thinking about where exactly she was going go, having no idea of exactly what type of village she would end up at next.

'Maybe this next village will end being...
a more permanently one with more people accepting my water skills.
Because the last one didn't exactly like that I didn't fight for the cause.
La...sigh... it's sure tough in this world.'

She thought in her mind as she continue to walk along the forest still having no idea what or where she was exactly going for. Maybe she'll one day finally run into someone who had the same last name as herself. "Xzeno... I have a element of water skills. I know there has to be someone out there with my last name." She mutter out loud as she look up towards the tree's. It was time to get searching and moving as Miki goes to jumping in the tree's as she begins to hop from branch to branch searching for signs of which directions to take towards a village she still had no idea what it was like.
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Posts : 13

PostSubject: Re: Finding her way...   Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:28 pm

[2 hours past by of traveling]

Miki continue pressing forth as she hop from branch to branch for the past hour only stopping once to get a drink of water from her rations she had with her in her book bag. She was enjoying the trip, but was getting a bit tired as well. XzenMiki heard that there was a small resting area that she could take a nap at along the way there so after a quick minute of looking around to recognize her surroundings, even if it is all forest - she continue on towards the resting place.

'Quickly quickly, yes moving along fast
We are going towards a new country...
Lala what is going on in my mind these days...
Brusting into random songs, and so much more.
Okay no more distractions. MUST MOVE FORWARD!'
Miki thinks in her mind as she screams silently at her feet to keep moving and moving till they reach the resting place. It was a long journey ahead of her still, about maybe another day of traveling if she stops any more after a rest stop area.

It was getting harder for her to do travels like this she realized as Miki see's the resting place just a few branches ahead of her on the ground. As Miki drops towards the ground from the last branch hop she gathers herself together, checking to see if she has everything still from when she started out. After confirming everything was there, Miki walk towards the rest area and headed inside yawning thinking a nap would definitely be good for this journey.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding her way...   Fri Mar 25, 2011 3:18 pm

[5 hours later]

Miki exited the resting area feeling refresh and ready to continue on her way as it was mid-afternoon now, the heat was in the air but she made sure she had plenty of water to bring herself there. Adjusting and checking her book bag on her back before taking off into the forest again looking forward towards more great journey ahead of herself. The birds was singing in the air as branches went cracking on the ground by a couple of returning ninjas she guess towards another country that was on a mission. She study a lot on shinobi life from books as she waited on her uncles return thorough he never came which was the reason for her leaving the village.

About 15 minutes later Miki pauses on a branch as she hears more cracks than before quieting down wondering what exactly the noise was, she peek thorough the brown branches that was on the tree that she was on glad for a brunch of green leaf's to cover her sighting. Well at least for once she was glad, at least she can practice her spying skills.

'Hm... looks like it is a bear...
No maybe a human.. maybe something else..
It came from the directon western
I heard a village that use to be located in swamps there.
I wonder if it is still there.'
She grinned as she thought these thoughts knowing it was wrong to do so. But she couldn't help it as she suddenly jump up on the branch crashing towards the ground as she hides out of view until she witnesses ll legs and animes, as well villages had disappear towards their safe spot.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding her way...   Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:22 pm

After the bear or whatever type of animal had disappear a while back Miki found herself waking up towards faded light from the dawn. She must have fallen asleep as she glance around having sores from where she slept. Figuring it was safe to continue down the road as it was getting closer towards morning, she say out loud to encourage herself to keep moving. "I'll be call a quitter by my family if I stop now!" Soon she would begin to run along the branches again, thoughts were flowing thorough her head as she could see the ground and formation of the landscape changing around her, she must be entering a new country she figure as Miki continue to walk along.

'I wonder what this country will be like,
oh yes maybe this will be the chances of me finally finding someone to teach me about the clan ways of xzeno's and so much more.
Well no use just running along,
time to jump towards the ground,
otherwise I may miss the entrance into the country.'
She nodded her head as her thoughts vanish from her mind and her feet fall towards the ground with light bounceness - hardly getting a scratch from the land as she landed on her feet. After Miki had landed she look around from the ground area trying to pinpoint the direction of where the village in this new country may exactly located at.

'Hum if I was at a village, I may be located at...
The western side?
or would it be still in the northern direction....
So many directions to go, but the only ways here seem's the north direction,
So I guess I continue that way until I reach the point of the village.
Now let's go!'
She thought in her brain until it hurt as she began to run again but this time it was on the firm ground and not the branches as the greenry of the forest began to disappear and more jagged mountains, as well craters that line the country side began to appear beside her.
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PostSubject: Re: Finding her way...   Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:17 pm

Continuing to run along the mountains that were appearing in the country side miki was appreticing the sense this country had for nature at the time. Not knowing what exactly lay further in this country nor the name of it she was continuing forth looking forward towards reaching her new home, she felt it was going be the sense of where her loyal lay towards. "This will be the area that I will lay my last travel in and will remain if the kage of this village will allow it." She said out loud as she continue forth as the brave soul she was.

Looking towards the northern direction as the firm ground began to have a few boulders appear here and there along the side of the road, Miki still had no idea of what exactly this country was like. She began to approach a more wasteland as the mountains were disappearing almost but appearing at a far more distance in eyesight than she was seeing them before. It appear towards her brain that she was getting deeper in the country as she stop in foot looking about the directions. It was becoming a more wider approach, a more harder search. The village located in this country could be anywhere she was starting to think...

'Great I'm totally lost in a new country,
can't even find a village...'
She thought as she begin to walk in the wasteland again trying to find the direct approach towards the village. Miki wonder how exactly this country came to be again and what exactly the name of this country is. "If anything, it should be call mystery country for it is certainly a mystery to get towards the village." She say out loud not knowing how right she was about the name of the country right there.

'Well better continue going forth...
maybe sometime I will end up wandering into the village gates myself..
Yeah it would really be funny if I walk straight into the village gates... I would be laugh at for sure.'
She sigh as she continue walking forward until looking upwards the village gates of the village fall right in front of her eyes. Well that was easier than she thought, this country sure could trick you in getting lost for hours. Luckily she had sense of knowledge and didn't fall towards the country tricks as she approach the gates slowly and carefully.

[Exit towards village gates Smile]
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PostSubject: Re: Finding her way...   

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Finding her way...
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