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 The Six Custom Blades of Shimo Hozuki

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PostSubject: The Six Custom Blades of Shimo Hozuki   Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:26 am

Do to the fact that a few people have claimed the Swords used by the Swordsmen before me. I have chosen to make a set of blades to make up for the six i have lost in my collection. I will continue my search for the blades used by the swordsmen, but instead of trying to master then i will find them other users. My collection will include the fallowing blades along with Samehada.

Name: Sen no kiba (thousands fangs)
Description: This is a sword unlike any other. When looking at it it appears to look like any other simple katana. However upon a closer look you see that the metal its made out of is no metal at all, but several thousand small fangs. The handle of the blade is a deep black color and the blade appears to be a shining silver.
Abilities: The blade's main ability is to shred the skin and flesh instead of cutting it. However it has a hidden ability that few know about, it can absorb elemental attacks sent at it. Depending on the element it will gain different abilities, however it can only hold one ability at a time and for a max of three posts per attack it absorbs.
Fire - The blade will also cause burns on contact
Wind - Blade will extend an extra several inches
Lightning - Numb the area of the attack
Earth - Can cause earthquakes by stabbing the ground
Water - Can cause a large wave of water to appear when you slash the blade(once per post)

Name: Ekitai raitoningu (Liquid Lightning)
Description: These appear to be two thin steel blades about 4.9 feet long that look much like the Nubari. However upon being used to fight the two blades unfold into two 9.8 foot long wire whips.
Abilities: These whips main ability is there conductivity, these blades easily chance chakra and regardless of the user's nature affinity turn the chakra into electricity. All jutsu utilized by this weapon are considered C-B rank jutsu if used by a ninja without a natural affinity to lightning, but if used by a person with a natural affinity to lightning the jutsu strengths can vary anywhere from C-S rank.

Name: Kuro hai (Black ash)
Description: A pure black straight hilt-less sword(much like sasuke's kusengai) with a pure black sheath.
Abilities: The sword along with being nearly indestructible, as the name implies creates a black ash that lingers in the air. The ash can be manipulated like gaara's sand and used for different jutsu.

Name: En de hikari (Wielders light)
Description: A golden katana
Abilities: The blade was specially made to have the special ability to absorb its user's chakra and attune itself with it, thus allowing the blade to respond only to them. Any other individual who attempts to wield the blade would be unable to lift the blade up, as if gravity were suppressing it. Hence, each new wielder must imbue the blade with their chakra over a period of time, typically several days, before it will acknowledge them. After this process is completed, the blade intensifies the chakra channeled into it. This allows powerful chakra constructs to be formed around it, external chakra manipulation, chakra's nature affinities to be channeled through it, and manipulation of the sword's movement through the wielder's chakra alone.

Name: Hikari(light) and Kurai(dark)
Description: Two Chokuto blades; Hikari is made of a light metal and infused with Yang chakra while Kurai is made up of a pure blade metal infused with Yin. While the handle of Hikari is a deap black color and the handle of Kurai is a pure white.
Abilities: Both blades are used for genjutsu attacks. There are only three ways to beat the genjutsu powers of the blades; 1 Have a high skill in genjutsu, 2 be attacked by the other blade, or 3 don't get hit with the blade.
- Hikari has the ability to manipulate the minds of others by pulling on there sense of "good." When the blade cuts into its opponent it will force them into a genjutsu that will cloud there judgment forcing them to protect people they normally wouldn't(ie; there opponents)
- Kurai has the ability to manipulate the minds of others by pulling on there sense of evil." When the blade cuts its opponent it will force them into a genjutsu that will cloud there judgment and force them to attack there allies.

Name: Jikkō burēdo(Execution blade)
Description: A large silver tsurugi(broad sword), with a straight poll like handle. The blade looks much like the Kubikiribōchō but without the hole or semi-circle cut outs.
Abilities: The Jikkō burēdo is a large blade that takes much strength to use. It only has one true ability, it is almost indestructible, the only way the blade could be destroyed is by heating it to a temperature of above 225 degrees then instantly bringing it down to a temperature below -225 degrees causing the blade to shatter. However if the blade where to shatter it has an added ability, by stabbing the hilt into the ground it will absorb needed materials from the soil and re-create the blade.

Name: Weapon summoning scroll
This scroll contains the swords used by Shimo Hozuki. It is made so only the chakra of Shimo herself can summon them. However there is also a fail safe, if shimo where to die she could give the scroll a simple order and it will reverse summon itself to any ninja shimo chooses. Its second fail safe falls into place if Shimo is to be knocked out all of her blades(including Samehada) will be sealed within the scroll.[b]
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Council of Four
Council of Four

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PostSubject: Re: The Six Custom Blades of Shimo Hozuki   Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:23 am

Shouldn't you RP out how you got all of these alternative swords? o-x Cuz they're powerful as hell.
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Council of Four
Council of Four

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PostSubject: Re: The Six Custom Blades of Shimo Hozuki   Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:00 pm

Yes, these weapons will be created and Trained in RP

The only ones who(hopefully) will not have to be created in RP are the Black ash and Liquid lightning, however training for them will continue in RP.

((These weapons along with character will transfer over to this account because i don't like having to flip flop accounts.))
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PostSubject: Re: The Six Custom Blades of Shimo Hozuki   

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The Six Custom Blades of Shimo Hozuki
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