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 -Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East

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Satoshi Takeo


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PostSubject: -Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East    Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:06 pm


General Information

Name:Satoshi Takeo
DOB:November 13th

Appearance:Satoshi is usually seen wearing dark pants along with a blue coat with fur for the collar. Coming from the harsh cold of snowy areas Satoshi usually is always wearing a bulky coat even when it isn't necessary. On his back is a large katana that is about the same height he is. As well as a large scroll with the character for "Shikimori" Upon it to recognize his graduation of the Shikimori style of kenjutsu. However sometimes he also dawns a similar garb as his teacher and idol Shikimori Kazuki. He can be seen wearing the formal wear of the shikimori clan which consists of a cotton black Gi blouse with matching black pants tucked into his weights he wears. The chakra seals on his wrists are more apparent in this garb as the symbol stands out. His hair is jet black and his eyes are of an electric blue. His face though clearly that of a teenager has shown many years of experience and combat past his own most likely from his constant training under dangerous circumstances. Overall his most interesting feature would be that like his teacher he does not wear his Shinobi forehead protector on his head more so he keeps it sewed onto the sleeve of his right shoulder.

Personality:Satoshi has developed many of the more common traits of his idol Kazuki. He has obtained his charming politeness as well as his kind mannerisms. He enjoys the times of peace and gives everyone a second chance. All around he is a kind hearted man with the ambition to become strong to protect what he cares for. Though being so kindhearted and raised by Kazuki like a son he has adapted his negative traits as well. Satoshi usually is incredibly naive not in the context that he dosn't understand the situation but more so that he strives to hard to accomplish the impossible only because it is what "Is fair". He also has a tendency to be quite a weakling out of combat. In his later years he learns to remove that weakness but his lack of focus is a clear example as to the difference in ability between him and his legendary counterpart. In diplomatic affairs young Satoshi is quite reserved and can make stern and just judgments however he always attempts to lean more on the fair side giving everyone equal opportunity for redemption. Finally with people that he meets especially adults he is a little withdrawn from his fear of people who he dosn't know. This fear stems from his birth parents abusing him constantly as a child. Satoshi is a young man with endless devotion towards getting stronger and protecting this world.

Likes:Swordsmanship, Tea, peace, nature, and harmony
Dislikes:The disruption of balance, Death, Destruction, Murder, and the word evil.

Character Information

Country:Forbidden Heavens
Combat Strengths:Speed, Strength, Amazing skill with swordsmanship, above average taijutsu ability and has an undying will.
Combat Weaknesses:High level Ninjutsu, Medium level Genjutsu, inability to bring himself to kill, Over thinks situations too much, Is to tense in a situation.

Equipment:20x kunai, 20x shuriken, 20x bomb tags and training weights as well as chakra seals that are used to make it more difficult for him to access his chakra. The projectile weapons are usually found in their respective pouches on his legs where as the chakra seals are placed on his chest and the weights on his limbs.
Weapon:Winter's Fury (dual Kodachi) Shikimori weapon summoning scroll.
Element(s):Wind, Water

Name: Clone Technique
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Range: N/A
Description: The user crates several intangible copies of him/her that disappear when damage is sustained.

Name: Replacement Technique
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Range: N/A
Description: The user replaces his/her body with a nearby object or another person just before getting hit or found.

Name: Transformation Technique
Rank: E
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: None
Range: N/A
Description: The user transforms into another person, animal, or object.

Description:The user moves at incredibly high speeds in order to leave an illusion of their self behind.

Name:Shikimori Weapon Summoning
Description:The user pulls out a scroll in which he/she then executes handsigns in order to summon one of the many Legendary Shikimori Weapons.

Name:Rising Dragon Fang


Type: Taijutsu

Range:5-10 meters

Description: The user would use their advanced speed in order to appear in front of their opponent. Then once they catch their opponent off guard they quickly deliver a powerful upward palm that smashes into the opponents jaw strong enough to send them upward replicating that of a huge dragon fang striking upward into an opponent. This technique takes years to master for it's need for the user to be blindingly fast.

Name:Descending Dragon Fang


Type: Taijutsu

Range:5-10 meters away

Description: Usually used in conjunction with the Rising Dragon Fang technique the user jumps up high into the air as he starts to continuously flips in order to build up a large amount of momentum. As he descends he would smash his heel into the base of the opponent's skull delivering significant damage at the most. At the least it will cause opponents to fly downward towards the ground. This technique takes years to master it perfectly and simulates a dragon fang stabbing downward into an opponent. Satoshi however is still in the final stages of properly learning the technique.

Name:No-Shadow Kick (or Bicycle Kick)

Rank: B

Type: Taijutsu

Range:20-30 meters

Description: The user focuses their chakra into their legs before leaping causing a large amount of momentum that instead of falling downward causes the opponent to move forward. Using this to the advatage the user will deliver a large barage of kicks as they litterally fly through the air towards their opponent. From an outside perspective it almost seems as though the user is flying towards his opponent as he kicks him several times in mid air.

Name:Shikimori Taijutsu Art Air Burst
Range:20-50 meters
Description:The user punches the air with such speed and intensity that it creates a vortex like affect that causes a solid mass of air to hit a far off target. This jutsu is similar to that of the Hyuuga mountain crushing technique.

Name:Shikimori Kenjutsu Art Grand Blizzard
Range:directly in front 0-5 meters
Description:This technique can only be executed when wielding a dual bladed weapon.(Ex: Winter's Fury Dual Kodachi) The user focuses their chakra into their blade and slices at their opponent. The latent chakra then creates chilling winds that replicate that of a blizzard numbing the opponents body with every slice. The numbing effects can last for up to 20 minutes for the attack leaves a chilling cold sensation that numbs the body.

Other Information

Kazuki Shikimori (Father figure and rumored adopted father)
Kenza Shikimori (God son)
Akane Hana (Rumored adopted Mother)

Kasumi Takeo (Sister)
Parents (Deceased)


Before Shinobi Arc
Satoshi as a child lived with his sister and parents in a well set home. His father was a well known governor and his mother was his trophy wife. Being from such a well respected family Satoshi and his sister Kasumi were expected to be the best at whatever they started doing so it was hell to pay whenever Satoshi failed at something. Early on in life Satoshi was already set to take his father's place as the governor or some foreign diplomat however this wasn't the life that he wanted. So in secrecy he trained himself in the fighting arts from copying off many of the local shinobi's styles. Though bastardized and inefficient in combat against a trained fighter Satoshi developed quite a name for himself amongst the children of his town as the strongest non-shinobi child there. One day an arrogant Genin was traveling through with his father a Chuunin to buy some vegetables for dinner when the genin had overheard the children speaking of a skilled swordsman who had taught himself to fight. The naive children clearly stated that with a year or two of more training that Satoshi would be able to even beat Genin with ease which sent the Genin boy into an outrage. When the genin hunted down Satoshi he challenged him to a match. The genin being only average at kenjutsu left only a small gap in the difference between the two as the went at it. Satoshi held his own but it was only because of dumb luck that he was capable of defeating the genin. When the genin's father heard of this he was outraged and demanded satoshi to take him to his father to scold him. This was when Sato's father had first learned of his son's fighting. This sent his father into an outrage as he beat Satoshi senseless that day and disowned him from his very family. Satoshi having no where to go convinced his sister to travel with him. As the two traveled along the dirt roads trying to find a new home they were attack by bandits who easilly killed Kasumi who tried to protect her younger brother. Satoshi freezing up before the bandits was helpless as they were about to strike the final blow. Then a flash all the men were downed as Satoshi looked up. He saw a man standing there with his headband floating in the wind. He had no idea who the man was however he would never forget what he looked like. Little did he know this man was Kazuki Shikimori his future teacher. With that Satoshi traveled alone to the local shinobi village the village of currents where he was accepted into the academy.

Academy Student Arc
Satoshi was an average shinobi not really showing any amazing prowess besides taijutsu and kenjutsu. However the boy himself always preferred the latter. He would be seen keeping excellent care of his kunai and shuriken as well as many other shinobi tools. In the ninjutsu and genjutsu department he was never seen really as a threat for he maintained average grades to ensure his graduation from the academy, though the two styles in the ninja arts didn't peak his interest for they in quote "Had to many limits with way to much work to adapt them" His teachers seeing his advancements in taijutsu and Kenjutsu decided to focus more on those aspects and got hima a private tutor with one of the local Samurai. With the Samurai he learned how to wield his sword as well as some interesting kenjutsu techniques.

Genin Arc
When he finally graduated he was placed on a normal 3 man squad with a sensei who barely cared about them. On their first mission when it turned out bad quickly going from a D ranked mission to a B ranked mission when some renegade mercenaries attacked them on their way back to their village. Satoshi's team was easily defeated and when a battle scared genin standing over his half dead team was about to collapse a figure jumped out of the shadows and saved them. This man was none other then Kazuki Shikimori the man who had saved him before. After being saved Satoshi begged Kazuki to take him in as his student. Kazuki being a kind man stated he would take him in only if he would pass the Chuunin Exams. Coming back to the village Satoshi hunted down the best Samurai in the local area and trained with him for some time in order to increase his skills with the sword. The kind Samurai lended him a sword that he had once used when he was Satoshi's age but was discarded for a better one. Satoshi eventually became strong enough to participate in the Chuunin exams in which he fufilled his promise and obtained the rank of Chuunin.

Chuunin/Kazuki's student Arc/
Training under kazuki was difficult to say the least. Seeing a lot of himself in the young man Kazuki continuously threw him into dangerous situations in which it was survive or die. However through this training Satoshi became a strong and equally competitive shinobi. Gaining the right to summon the legendary shikimori weapons as well as becoming the official wielder of the blades "Winters Fury" The dual kodachi that Kazuki gave to him on his 15th birthday. Kazuki seeing how much his new student progressed had foresaw memories of himself in the boy and sent him off on a journey in order to become stronger. When Satoshi proved his strength then he would be able to come and visit his teacher again...... in the Forsaken Heavens.

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Haku Shasa
Council of Four
Council of Four

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PostSubject: Re: -Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East    Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:50 pm

O-O Just checking to see if your still interest in this character, If not then this will be move towards inactive members by the end of this Friday.

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Satoshi Takeo


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PostSubject: Re: -Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East    Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:00 pm

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Council of Four
Council of Four

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PostSubject: Re: -Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East    Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:40 pm

we need a discription of your winter's fury and the weapons in the scroll ~ these must be posted in the weapon registration forum
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Satoshi Takeo


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PostSubject: Re: -Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East    Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:39 pm

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Madam Red - Bookwoman
Profile Killer
Profile Killer

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PostSubject: Re: -Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East    Sat Apr 23, 2011 7:10 am

APPROVED<3 Now go make Kenza, Booky's student. /shot

- Bookwoman
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PostSubject: Re: -Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East    

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-Satoshi Takeo- Swordsman of the East
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