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 Le'car and Le'nad Sedo (NPCs)

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Le'car and Le'nad (NPCs)


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PostSubject: Le'car and Le'nad Sedo (NPCs)    Mon Sep 13, 2010 9:04 am

General Information
Name: Le'car Sedo (Left) and Le'nad Sedo (Right)
Age: Seemingly around 17 to 20 however actual age is 60 or so
Height: Le'car is 5'6" and Le'nad is 5'4''
Weight: Le'car is 150lbs and Le'nad is 140lbs
DOB: O9.12 Le'nad was born 2 minutes after Le'car
Appearance: Le'car and Le'nad are obviously twins. This is clear due to there child-like boyish faces being practically the same. Both boys change there hair color. They wear matching outfits sometimes, just as twins should do. They both seem fairly young in age however they are both really 60 years old. There age can be seen through there eyes at times as they are dull at moments, similar to that of an elder man.
Le'car Sedo and Le'nad Sedo where born in and unknown village far from the villages known here. There birth was almost 60 years ago. There mother was named Kaila and there father was Ichiko. They where raised by Sedo's, as they where aswell, and taught the ways of the Sedo Clan. Sedo are a clan that discovered the abilities of many unknown blood line elements. Both boys went in opposite dirrections with there training. While Le'car focused on seals Le'nad excelled in jutsus. Both boys however are good at both due to training.
When they where both seventeen they has a cursed seal placed upon them. This seal was call Chronos Pause. This said seal was comonly used in there clan. The seal stop any outward aging effects on them. This was just a physical tradition that the Sedo clan had.
As they both became Jonin at the age of 17 they where teaching younger Sedo shinobi the way. There villiage loved them and all villages agreed that they together should have the rights as Kage. For not one was better than the other and they worked well together.
When they where about 50 they allowed a resesor to take there place. Tired of the area they resided they chose to take a life long journy. So they came from that unknown distant village on the opposite side of the earth, and together they travled far. During there travles they both became medical nin as well. Each boy was taught by a woman they had met while buying food in a small village Ramen shop. Once they became the great med nin they are now they came to living where they are now. Le'car and Le'nad had met a 12 year old girl named Xiao five years later when they where travaling through a villiage looking for a housing room to rent. Xiao was working there for her father and she inquired about there odd eyes that where just like hers and her families plus other people she had seen. Le'car and Le'nad explained there history and about there clan every day as they stayed there. Though they didn't know why she and her blood family, even her mother who was only married in had the same type of bright shaded eyes.
They both grew fond of Xiao in a sibling like way and they felt conected to her for some reason. One night while Le'car was reading one of the many scrolls he had taken with him, carrying all the secrets of the Sedo he stumbled upon something. He was reading the history of the clan and found that Sedo's are located all over the earth and there abilities can be given threw marriage to other shinobi who lack a bloodline as well as being choosen by Sedo teachers as the Choosen Ones. Neither boy knew this before and they where astonished.
The next morning Le'car and Le'nad informed the family and a message was sent to the Kage of the villiage where Xiao resided. The Kage then informed all other Kage's of this information for he was finding it vitale.
They began there journy to start teching the sedo ways through out the area and only found Xiao and her family to be interested in there abilities. Xiao became a jonin at the age of 16 also around the same time she met another 17 year old chunin named kaizeek. Xiao fell for him and Kaizeek for her. She asked if Le'car and Le'nad would alow him to be a Sedo and they agreed. For he was strong willed and had the qualities of a potential leader. Xiao and Kaizeek where married and just as they presumed his eyes slowly acquired a uncommon brightness to them. Just as he stated his training Kaizeek aquired all the abilities that Xiao had once he was a 18 year old Jonin.
The four of them, Le'car, Le'nad, Xiao-Xiao and Kaizeek started a clan in the blood village. They had many ideas for this aswell. Xiao searced for new members as Kaizeek formed places for the Sedo Clan to gather and train. Le'car and Le'nad agreed to teach the ways of the new Sedo and now the reside in the Sedo Dojo in blood villiage.
Personality: Le'nad is one who is into the brawn of a shinobi while Le'car is into the brain. Both boys are wise as there age allows. They are both studious and kind to other shinobi.
Likes: Teaching other shinobi the ways of Sedo
Dislikes: War

Ninja Information
Rank: Ex-Kages
Village: Blood
Combat Weaknesses/Strengths: They do not fight.
Mental Strengths: Teaching and Kage experience
Mental Weaknesses: They don't know the area to well as of yet
Equipment: All that is needed to train a Sedo; the Dojo equipment as well as Sedo secret scrolls used to teach all sedo elements that are known to exsist.
Jutsu: All Sedo Jutsu(s) and Seals from AS - Kage
Clan/Bloodline: Sedo Clan
Element(s): They have taught Fire, water, lightning, earth, wind, storm and solar. They have scrolls upon ice, wood, lava, crystal, blaze, storm, boil, dust, dark, shadow, mist, clay, sand, plasma, light, and others.

Other Information
Relationships: They are allies with all Sedo memebers
Family: They consider all Sedos family
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Council of Four

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PostSubject: Re: Le'car and Le'nad Sedo (NPCs)    Mon Sep 13, 2010 12:38 pm

NPC's are allowed to God-mod, and your NPC is far from it. Accepted. <3
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Le'car and Le'nad Sedo (NPCs)
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