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 Shikimori Kazuki ~Sage of Fist~

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Kazuki Hatoba


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PostSubject: Shikimori Kazuki ~Sage of Fist~   Sun Sep 05, 2010 6:09 pm


General Information
Name:Shikimori, Kazuki



Body Type:Athletic

General Appearance. When first looking at Kazuki you would not be able to see any thing that would make him seem extraordinary. He usually is found wearing common day clothing as he continuously shows off his optimistic attitude. Kazuki always has his hair fastned upward in a spiky fashion.
Out of the many outfits Kazuki has worn two are very distinctive since you see him wearing these two most of the time. In one he wears a traditional white Gi with his stomach tied up with bandages. His shinobi headband is actually not worn but is kept in his weapons pouch while he wears a different headband in it's place. This is his homeage to his clan.

Personality:Kazuki being raised by his adopted father was brought to learn respect and common manners. He respects all and tries to see the good in everyone. Over the years kazuki has lost a lot of his naivety and has become a little more tame. He no longer rushes blindly into battle and has become a well seasoned warrior.



Weight:200 lbs

Likes:Tea, Spending time with his friends, Training, Peace, and Ramen

Dislikes:Death, Destruction,Evil,His past, and his friends in pain.
~Before Shinobi Arc~
Kazuki Shikimori once named Seike Gensho was born in a simple farming village. However one night his parents were murdered sending him into a crazed rage. The next day his entire village was wiped out by the friends of the murderers who killed his parents. He was then kidnapped and forced to become a slave to fighting underground till he became 13 years old where he was freed by his adopted father Issac Shikimori.

~Genin Arc~
Kazuki training under Issac Shikimori easilly passed the Academy with flying colors. He was put on a team with Nenshou Asahi, Akane Hana, and jounin sensei Emanyeru Kouseitan'i. Training under him he quickly got his massive amounts of chakra under control as well as increased his speed and strength dramatically. However the first time he attempted to take the chuunin exams all three members of his team were disqualified for reasons unknown. Being angered by this Emanyeru upgraded both nenshou and Akane to chunnin status however was incapable of promoting Kazuki since he went missing. A year later he returned stronger and faster then before and strong enough to be promoted to Chuunin.

~Chuunin Arc~
Kazuki didn't spend a lot of time being a shinobi as a chuunin. Instead after his first successful B ranked mission kazuki requested he left the village to train. So he packed up his things and left the village to seek training under a new teacher. The legend known as Surpentheon Fanglord. He trained under him for a large amount of time learning to perfect his chakra control and to strengthen his already impressive taijutsu. After three years of training Kazuki returned to his village stronger then ever and was promoted to Jounin.

~Jounin Arc~
As a Jounin Kazuki took leadership over his team and went on many missions for the village. Kazuki successfully defeated several S ranked criminals and had developed quite a name for himself. He had shown his immense strength and the amazing techniques he developed to the world and was quickly becoming a legend in his own right.

~Kage/Special Jounin Arc~
Kazuki showing his incredible abilities and experience was handed kageship over the village he was trained in. However five seconds into his reign an extremely powerful shinobi came and killed kazuki claiming his village as his own. During this time Kazuki's friends attempted to take down this menace as emanyeru kouseitan'i the previous kage of his village and former sensei of kazuki grew angry of his student's demise and killed the shinobi. Afterward they located a shinobi with a strange ability to resurrect the dead and Kazuki was brought back to life. When they offered him the job of Kage again he refused and settled on becoming a special jounin.

~Traveling Arc~
Kazuki after his promotion decided to see the world as he went around and met many people. He met a young Seirei Sora and became interested in her abilities. He finally decided to take her under his wing and train her to become a great shinobi. They spent countless years together and developed a bond similar to that of a father and daughter.

~Sannin/Sage of Fist arc~
Upon hearing of a tournament to decide the three strongest in the land Kazuki was forced to enter by the encouraging of his over caring student. He climbed up through the matches and faced none other then his previous teacher Surpentheon Fanglord in the final match. The match was fought long and hard yet the win went to Surp however Kazuki was awarded the second Sannin spot for his amazing ability to keep up with such a powerful opponent.

~Retirement Arc~
Kazuki after many years and acquiring the bijuu enkouhashira decided that he no longer seeked to become a legend. He wanted to finally settle down and enjoy life as he happily relinquished his title to his student Seirei Sora. However several months into this Kazuki heard of Sora's death and came to an impass. Pained by hearing this Kazuki vowed to never fight again and simply vanished from the world of shinobi. Upon this time several of the legends of the past came into their world in which Kazuki fell in love with a Miss Hyuuga Hinata and married her. They had a child named Kenza and decided to retire from the shinobi world. Kenza never knowing of his father's legend grew up to be a normal arrogant child but was quickly changed when he learned of Kazuki's past.

~Out of retirement arc/Current arc~
Kazuki learning of the opportunity that his student Seirei Sora was to be revived decided to come and see what would happen. Happily seeing his student's revival Kazuki took her word for it and came out of retirement. Now he is fighting for the sake of the world in which he wanted to protect before.

Ninja Information
Village:Forbidden heavens

Rank:Ex Sannin/Sage of Fist



Bloodline:Shikimori (please Q.Q)


Personal Information
Habits:Nervously scratches the back of his head, Obsession with headbands, Friendly attitudes, Smiling to gain people's trust, and eyes changing to red when angered.

Weaknesses:Genjutsu, Long range combat, S ranked Ninjutsu, S ranked Kenjutsu, and hatred of killing.

Strengths: Taijutsu, incredible strength, incredible speed, chakra reserves, and chakra control.

Fears:His friend's deaths, His past, Not being strong enough to protect his loved ones.

Last edited by Kazuki ~The Fallen Hero~ on Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:20 pm; edited 8 times in total (Reason for editing : Village change)
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Madam Red - Bookwoman
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Profile Killer

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PostSubject: Re: Shikimori Kazuki ~Sage of Fist~   Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:33 pm

Asa/Bookwoman speaking as a mod on here~

o_o I need jutsus. Lots of jutsus for an ex-sannin person. Your profile without jutsus is blasphemy.
Put a link to your clan/bloodline in your profile.
And...keep on rping like a pro~

Approved after I see some jutsus and the link~
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Kazuki Hatoba


Posts : 1232
Type : none
Rank : Genin
Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Shikimori Kazuki ~Sage of Fist~   Fri Mar 04, 2011 5:31 pm

Jutsu:Jutsu:Name:Shikimori Style Evasive Dance
Description:The user changes their movements to be wobbly and unpredictable as he sways around. Though it may seem as though they are random movements the highly skilled steps and sways are actually a means to dodge or put in a position to block a technique with minimal damage being done to the user.

Name:Shikimori style Chakra burst
Description: The user focuses chakra into their fist then executes a punch. At the moment of impact the user releases the chakra into the opponent increasing the damage of the punch.

Description:The user moves at increcibly high speeds in order to leave an illusion of their self behind.

Name: Elemental Sphere
Rank: C
Description: A jutsu used by the Shikimori where the user focuses pure chakra into a ball shape before hurling it at there opponent. The pure chakra has the properties to absorb attacks and redirect it towards the opponent

Name:Elemental Dragon Fist
Rank: C
Description: The user focuses their chakra into their fist storing it so that it is unstable. Then the user executes a punch releaseing the chakra in the form of a giant dragon of pure chakra

Name:Napalm Dragon Fist
Rank: B
Description: With the training of emanyeru, Kazuki was able to fuse together the exploding palms and the dragon fist to obtain an incredibly destructive attack. The user store unstable chakra into his fist then releases it in a punch. At the point of release the user then quickly detonates the chakra as it comes into dangerous range of the opponent.

Name: Element sphere barage
Rank: B
Type:Nin-tai jutsu
Description: The user releases chakra so that they form small spheres. Then the user moves at fast speeds kicking the opponent into the air in which the spheres then follow the enemy and explode on impact.

Name:Shikimori Weapon Summoning
Description:The user pulls out a scroll in which he/she then executes handsigns in order to summon one of the many Legendary Shikimori Weapons.

Name:Shikimori Weapon Summoning:Element's Redemption
Description:This jutsu can only be executed when the user is in possesion of the other four shikimori weapons. Like the Shikimori Weapon Summoning the user pulls out a scroll in order to summon this blade. Element's Redemption is the fusion of all four of the Legendary Shikimori Weapons.

Name:Meteor Dragon Assult
Description:The user focuses chakra into their fist as they punch the ground. This causes several stones or rocks to bounce upward. The rocks then burn up into flaming dragon heads as they fly at the opponent at high speeds. With proper training the user can freely manipulate the dragon heads at will creating a defensive technique as well.

Name: Neo dragon fist
Description: The most powerful version of the elemental dragon fist. The user swirls the chakra around his fist focusing it to it's fullest extent.

Name:Shikimori Kenjutsu Art Autumn Wind Slicer
Description:This technique can only be executed when weilding the razor sharp katana ninjato Autumn's Edge. The User focuses their chakra into their blade and slices towards their opponent. The chakra then forms a large wind blowing several things away in the high gale force winds.

Name:Shikimori Kenjutsu Art Grand Blizzard
Description:This technique can only be executed when weilding the double bladed Winter's Fury. The user focuses their chakra into their blade and slices at their opponent. The latent chakra then creates chilling winds that replicate that of a blizzard numbing the opponents body with every slice.

Name:Shikimori Kenjutsu Art Volcanic Destruction
Description:This technique can only be executed when weilding the large cleaver Summer's Rage. The user focuses their chakra into their blade. The user then slices at their opponent several times creating the feeling of hot lava consuming the opponent.

Name:Shikimori Kenjutsu Art Yin Yang Spiral Strike
Description:This technique can only be exectued when weilding the double edged spear Spring's Balance. The user focuses chakra into the weapon seperating the negative and positive chakras to both sides of the spear. The user then hits multiple strikes on their opponent bombarding them with negative and positive chakra strikes till the two chakras finally combine creating a large mass of unstable chakra that imploads on command.

Name:Shikimori Kenjutsu Art Elemental Ensnarement
Description:This technique can only be executed when weilding the large broad sword Element's redemption. The user focuses almost all of their chakra into the blade causing the blade to absorb the elements near by creating a massive cage made from any elements near your opponent. Once the cage is made the opponent within is bombarded with countless strikes from each element as the cage becomes smaller and smaller. Unless the opponent can break out the cage will instantly incinerate them as soon as they touch the walls.

Finishers: Neo Fusion dragon fist
Description: This technique is the mastery of the dragon fist. It combines the origional dragon fist with the napalm dragon fist and the neo dragon fist. The user builds up a large some of chakra in both fists then punches outward releasing 3 dragons then they swirl into one creating an incredibly large blast.

Name:Raging dragon barage
Description: the user appears under the opponent kicking them up ward within the air the user does several blows to weaker points of the body before smashing the oponent to the ground.

Name:Neo dragon barage
Description: The user kicks the opponent upward before jumping up after them. At this moment the user moves so fast that the strikes are unseen as the opponent literaly starts being ripped up. The attack is finished with two devistating blows to the collar bone.

Name: Shikimori arts
description: The basic understanding of the shikimori style of fighting. The style utilizes high levels of speed and agility to out manuver your opponent.

Name:Neo dragon fist
Description: The user is at maximum chakra at all times during fighting and is capable of extrodinary feets of physical ability and endurance

Name:Light and darkness fist
Description: This can only be mastered when the user balances out both their negative and positive chakra to equal amounts.

Name:Curropted fist
Description: The user completly let's the evil intentions locked inside slip out creating a massively brutal style showing no mercy.

Name:Kouseitan'i Taijutsu Style Exploding Palms
Description:The user focuses unstable chakra into the point of exit for example an arm or a leg. Once making contact with an object or opponent the user will disperse the chakra within the opponent before detonating it from a safe distance with a simple snap of the fingers. This style utilizes complete and utter chakra control to the highest degree.

Name:Shikimori Taijutsu Art Air Burst
Description:The user punches the air with such speed and intensity that it creates a vortex like affect that causes a solid mass of air to hit a far off target.

Name:Shikimori Ninjutsu Art Dragon Scale Wall
Description: The user focuses their chakra all around the area around them. The user then smacks their hand on the ground triggering the creation of large walls shooting up from the ground made from rock hard dragon scales.

Name:Heavenly Arts Heaven fist class 1

Rank:Jounin (only can be taught in the afterlife or by someone who has visited the afterlife)

Type:Ninjutsu/taijutsu style

Description: When one has mastered movement and fighting in 20x natural gravity this technique reveals itself to the user. The buids up chakra in the center of their body before releasing it outward causing the chakra to envelop their body. The chakra becomes visible shining a bright orange color as it infuses with the muscles causing the user to move faster or punch harder. Upon training this art you can achive higher forms of this technique.
Name:Heavenly Arts Heaven Fist Class 2

Rank:Jounin (can only be taught in the afterlife or by someone who has visited the afterlife)

Type:Ninjutsu/Taijutsu style

Description: Like the origional technique this technique is discovered upon the mastery of movement and fighting in 50x natural gravity. This technique is similar to the origional heaven fist except it further increases speed and power. This technique will also cause the user to emit glowin orange chakra that quickly changes to red.
Name:Heavenly Arts Heaven Fist Class 3



Description: The ultimate version of the Heaven Fist ability. This technique can only be discovered among training under 100x natural gravity. The user will coat themselves in their chakra that will glow a multitude of various colors as the chakra around their body brings out the latent potential trapped within the muscles of the user's body. The down side to this technique is that if this state is dragged out to long considerable damage is done to the muscles such as ripping and tearing.
Name:Heavenly Arts Heavenly Chakra Armour



Description: The user focuses their chakra into a specific point in front of them. The chakra will then take the form of a transparent disk varying in size. The user can then move any body part through the disk to be coated in a thin yet very durable layer of chakra. The user can use such layer as to help reduce damage from elemental attacks or even to reduce the force of taijutsu abilities. However the down side is the jutsu dispells itself at the moment that the user looses focus.

Name:Heavenly Arts Heavenly Wind Cyclone



Description:Similar to the properties of the Shikimori air burst technique the heavenly wind cyclone technique utilizes the use of both arms in the process. The sheer training under 50 x natural gravity increased the potential strength and speed of the users punch. The user would bring back both arms and then punch forward with all their might. The sheer speed and intensity of the punch creates a huge shockwave that can push large masses of enemies back. Or in some cases even deflect attacks.

Name:Heavenly Arts Taijutsu Technique Pulsing Palm



Description:The user would place their opened palm or closed fist against the object. Then the user would go into a quick state of meditation focusing all of his strength into his strike. With a quick movement the user will then exhale as they are to fully extend their arm as though they were going to punch through the said object releasing the massive force behind the push to all areas within the object. The amount of force would be so powerful that it would cause significant damage to the inside of either a being or object. In the object's cause it would mearly explode while if this technique were to be used on an opponent this would cause significant damage to the internal organs.
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PostSubject: Re: Shikimori Kazuki ~Sage of Fist~   

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Shikimori Kazuki ~Sage of Fist~
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