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 Takeshi "Hell's Venturer"

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Eight Of Spades


Posts : 59
Elements : Wind and Lightning

PostSubject: Takeshi "Hell's Venturer"   Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:29 am

Since I think we should all start contributing to bringing the site back to life I decided to bring my character from the archives into the new template.


General Information
Name: Takeshi

Nickname: Hell's Venturer

Gender: Male

Body Type: Sturdily built.

General Appearance.
Takeshi has a smooth face with sharp looking eyes and a long white hair. The factor of his white hair is unknown.
His eyes are brown while his eyebrows aren't bushy.

The ninja wears a long white robe with some black color on some places and wears samurai sandals with socks. He also wears a white cloak.
In his long white robe there are many pockets where you can find various scrolls along with his ninja inventory.

Personality: He is a calm and cool person and dislikes rushing. Takeshi is a very patient and methodical man, he is not only famous with his puppet mastery but also his strategies and plans. Takeshi is also very loyal but not a fanatic. He also accepts everything as part of life even the death of his friends.

Other: Theme Song: Metallica - Master of Puppets

Age: 20

Height: 1.78
Weight: 68kg

Likes: Thinking,Concentrating,Meditating, Information, Red Bean Soup.

Dislikes: Unreasonable Treachery, Lies, Disloyality, Show offs and sea food.

Takeshi was born to parents who were brainwashed into a religion and lived in some strange place. His childhood was mysterious but he was kept alone all the time. It seems he had a brother and sister but he doesn’t know what happened to them after that… His mother and father were sick but believed that the leader of their religion would fix everything but the main goal was the leader using the people for his own goods. They died and for his revenge Takeshi slayed the leader of the religion and took him as a human puppet. It is said after that his past stays mysterious. They say he ventured forth into hell and came back with all his puppets he has now…Now he is a notorious jounin from Rei's village...

Ninja Information
Village: Whatever village Reikon Keiri is in.

Rank: S-rank Jounin.

Elements: Wind and Lightning

Jutsu: Next post.

Bloodline: None.

Clan: None

Personal Information
Habits: Tapping his foot on the ground, cracking his fingers, swaying away in his thoughts.

Weaknesses: His weakness will be found in his puppets that I post below + Overconfident in his abilities and plans.

Strengths: Perceptive, Intelligent, All-around Ninja, Puppet Mastery and Anticipation.

Fears: Becoming a traitor, expelled from the village, devastation of his village.
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Eight Of Spades


Posts : 59
Elements : Wind and Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Takeshi "Hell's Venturer"   Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:36 am

Jutsu/ Puppets:

1st PIT LORD (Name: Azgalor):
This puppet one of the most indestructible puppets in Takeshi’s collection…he can be described as an ugly looking being with a big mouth that looks like a huge pit. The creature has demonic purple skin and black horns that can easily bash away taijutsu-type attacks and weapons. He is also the defensive puppet of Takeshi’s collection.
Abilities (includes jutsus):
1. Needle Barage : The Pit Lord opens his pit-looking mouth and shoots out hundred poisoned needle at high speed towards the enemy. Getting hit by the needles will result in temporarily paralyzation (1 post) even hit by one would paralyze your system for a bit.
2. FireStorm : The Pit Lord’s mouth opens and delivers bursts of fire in the air as they reach the needed height the 6 big balls of fire would eventually head with high speed towards the opponent.
3. Pit of Malice : Takeshi hold a handsign with his fingers and the Pit Lord taps the ground conjuring a huge pit with thorn-infested tentacles that come out and attempt to impale and take a hold of the enemy. Somehow the Pitlord stays “on” the pit as flying. The jutsu can be used as a defensive measure using the hard tentacles to block any attacks or creating the pit so a target can fall down and be impaled by the tentacles. The pit disappears after 2 Takeshi posts.
4. Expulsion : This ability can be combined with the Pudge’s Rot ability. If not combined with Pudge’s Rot ability the Pit Lord would open his mouth and shoot out around 10 to 15 human heads and as the heads reach near the opponent they will explode creating each a small explosion but when together the heads can deliver heavy damage upon the enemy. If combined with the Rot ability the Pit Lord would shoot out the heads at the acidic filthy wave and ignite the heads thus creating a massive explosion as the acid would combuste too.
5. Dark Rift : This jutsu is very hard and very mysterious. Takeshi would do a handsign with his hands and the Pit Lord would suck into his endless mouth Takeshi and the other puppets or one friendly target to prevent him from harm and as the friendly targets enter his mouth the Pit Lord would self-swallow and appear at another location (Range maximum 10 meters. But if really dangerous situation may teleport the target and the Pit Lord further away maximum 350 meters). The jutsu is said a trick using the Reverse Summoning and body replacement but is yet unknown. This jutsu also is used in rare cases.

2nd CENTAUR WARCHIEF (Name:BradWarden) :
This puppet is known for it’s extreme and surprising support at needed times. Rarely used at direct combat but mostly to turn the libras at Takeshi’s side. A support yet unique puppet. The puppet looks just like a warchief (wooden ofcourse) while his legs and feet seem as the strongest part of the warchief.
Abilities (includes jutsus):
1. Hoof Stomp : The warchief would suddenly come at the certain position or at his own position and would stomp hard the ground and bring out shockwaves that would attempt to stop the opponent right at his tracks and if the enemy is not careful he might fall into a hole created from the hard stomp.
2. Double Edge : The warchief would take out his double Edge and gather unique strength to slash at the opponent in attempt to disorient him and to deliver mid damage.
3. Warchief’s Call : The Warchief would sound a horn that when heard disorients the enemy and boosts Takeshi and his puppet collection and all friendlies with higher speed and increased damage.
4. Warchief’s Command : The Warchief stomps the ground and his two hands turn into a smaller version of a centaur but with hard and strong horn and the two centaurs would charge the enemy with a real goal of actually distracting the enemy and letting the main puppets deliver heavy damage upon the enemy.

3rd DWARVEN SNIPER (Kardel Sharpeye):
This puppet is an assassination target that surpising deals the murderous hits when the enemy is locked on target by his fellow other puppets. It is a puppet created manually by Takeshi but Takeshi’s love of puppet art and precision made the dwarf puppet look almost like a real dwarf. The dwarf has blue cloack on himself and fake white beard and some clothes to cover his wooden body. The puppets precision is amazing but yet has chances of missing of course.
Abilities (No jutsus has this one):
1. Scatter Shot : The puppet would take out his gun from his back and shoot in the sky a ball full of shrapnel which promptly explodes showering the enemy with explosive pellets. Each ball has 12 pellets. Can fire maximum one ball at a time.
2. Headshot : The puppet would shoot out a from his sniper a big bowling looking ball aiming at the head in attempt to stun the target.
3. Take Aim : The puppet modulates his sniper rifle making it a huger rifle and his shoot aim increases while the Scatter Shot ability each ball now shoots 18 pellets.
4. Assassinate : The puppet can use this attack only when the Crystal Maiden has used her Freezing Field and the puppet would take out from his arsenal a huge canon looking yet sniper and shoot out a murderous big sharp bullet at the target slaying him. - If you want consider it as a finisher.

4th PUDGE (Name: Butcher):
This puppet is a support,defensive and yet mid-to-heavy damage dealer, the multifunctional puppet. It has the ugly looks of many corpses sewn together and has one eye while the other is a hole with no eye. The thing called ugly nightmare can be used here. Butcher has a fat bulky body because of the sewn corpses together and at his stomach places it’s open and you can see intestines which were put there on purpose. This puppet can rival the Pit Lord for mysteriosity and interest. It has a hook that can be launched at long range towards the target.
Abilities (includes jutsus):
1. Meat Hook : The Pudge would launch a bloody hook at the enemy. The hook will snag first the enemy dealing mid damage then dragging the enemy back to the budge. Note : The hook is fast but yet can be dodged with precise speed so it won’t be the next God Mod jutsu of the galaxy..
2. Rot : The Pudge’s instestines start spiralling in his body and suddenly burst out a huge wave of filthy acid that can slow down the enemy and slowly burn his skin but slowly as it is an acid. The damage even touched by it can be considered as a very painful damage that would have its effects even later in the fight.
3. Flesh Heap: Since Pudge is sewed from lots of corpses it gives him the ability to be a very good defensive puppet either. It’s bulky and fat massive “body” can receive damage without bothering much the puppet and by increasing the chakra into the flesh the “body” then can receive heavy damage with part ease. This jutsu can be used every fourth attack the enemy attempts to do at a friendly target.
4. Dismember: The Pudge would suddenly jump with unique speed at the enemy and attempt to chew on the target excruating huge pain on the enemy. Not murderous if the target is careful the target should also note to be careful on the other puppet’s actions.

5th Omniknight (Name: Thunderwrath called also the Purist)
This puppet is said to be once a human in a land beneath the ninja world (not another dimension) and then snatched by Takeshi in a gladiator’s arena. OmniKnight is the “noble” knight and healer of the party. He can easily repair puppets and yet heal human beings making him a very suppotive character. Not only that but the Omniknight has his own ways of defending hisself against harm. The Medic of the party.
1. Purification: a) To a human : Takeshi pumps medical chakra through the strings and lets the Omniknight heal himself and at the same time heal another friendly target by touching him/her of course.
Heals low to mid damage received. B) To a puppet : Takeshi pumps a strange black chakra (chakra oil kind of) and the Omniknight’s hands burst into oil that when he touches a puppet he can heal a puppet from low to mid damage.
2. Repel: One of the defensive jutsus for his own sake and other puppets and humans is the Purist’s unique ability to create medical chakra shield to block incoming attacks. The shield can hold from mid-to-“low”high damage. The jutsu can not be spammed - -
3. Degen Aura: Takeshi pumps medical chakra into the strings attached to Thunderwrath and the Thunderwrath bursts into medical chakra that slows the nearby enemies of range maximum 10 meters. The next post made by Takeshi the jutsu ends and can not be used right after again.
4. Guardian Angel: The Purist detaches into 6 parts (two hands,two legs,torso,head.) Each part would go to a 6 different targets and let out heavy medical chakra onto those targets letting them have damage reduced by 50% and recover hit points very quickly. This jutsu strains a lot so it lasts only for two more Takeshi posts.

6th Clockwerk Goblin (Name: Rattletrap)
This is the mecha puppet of the party. He is created manually by Takeshi and is one of the most powerful puppets of the collection. The special property of Rattletrap is that it is not wooden but steel. The mecha puppet can deliver mid-to heavy damage and confuse enemy easily. The puppet has sun-glasses that let him see even stealthed targets. The goblin is on a big machine looking thing like this


15 meters tall is the Shredder

Abilities (no jutsus) :
1. Battery Assault: The Machine discharges from the end of it’s elbows high-powered kunais that burst out towards the enemy if the enemy is not one the shredder would start turning facing each of the enemies bursting out from itself kunais.
2. Power Crog: The Clockwerk Goblin ejects pieces of inner core to form a circular barrier around himself, trapping nearby units in with him. The barrier is like the one the Sound 4 used to trap the Anbu and the barrier is almost unbreakable except if a very powerful jutsu of huge magnitude hits it (not Rasengan but Wind Release; Rasengan-like jutsus. This jutsu lasts till the next Takeshi post then it disappears.
3. Missile Invasion: Rattletrape fires from his chest a few missiles at the enemy whatever the missiles hit they explode into a big diamete of explosion range of 15-25 meters.
4. Hookshot: Rattletrape fires a grappling, piston-like attachment at a unit or location. It will latch on the first non-neutral enemy target it encounters, pulling you to it. Any enemies whom you collide with while being reeled toward the target will take damage and be stunned since the hook is poisoned with instant poison that immediately paralyzes the enemy for the time he is being dragged by the hook back to Rattletrap.

Like its namesake, it cuts to the bone, with speed and accuracy, sometimes jumping from one thing to another. This puppet which looks just like a steel puppet but yet all of it covered with bursting lightning around it’s body it can be called also the Lightning incarnate in a puppet form. This puppet is probably the main and most powerful puppet of all his abilities all resort to heavy damage and sever pain to the enemy including paralyzing shocks. The Razor has a heart inside his steel body especially for ability of his. The Razor has the ability to shoot out lighting bolts whenver he is commanded too and his body will make it harder for many jutsus to work including taijutsu attempts on him.
Abilities (include jutsus):
1. Frenzy: Razor goes into a murdering frenzy after Takeshi hits his heart TWICE with lighting and Razor now acts triple times much faster and delivers damage 3x more then normal but the strain is big while when frenzied Takeshi takes the risk to get hurted he and his puppets by Razor’s frenzy which is almost uncontrollable.
2. Chain Lightning: Razor hurls a bolt of damaging lightning at a target enemy that jumps to nearby enemies. Each jump deals less damage. If it’s one target all the damage is hit to him which is a massive and heavy damage.  Can not be spamed of course
3. Unholy Fervor: Takeshi hits Razor’s heart once with lighting and Razor gains the ability to repair all his damage done to him in a fast rate and Razor’s movement is increased mediumly.
4. Storm Seeker: Razor summons a storm that permanently follows Razor. Every few seconds, it strikes Razor's enemies with savage lightning bolts.
5. Overloaded Chair of Electricity also known as Ride the Lighting: A killing and brutal method to kill an opponent (FINISHER FINISHER FINISHER). Razor would disappear out of sight and appear behind his enemy and bind him with lighting straps that could not be escaped slowly as the lightning starts shocking the enemy the lighting takes the form of a chair and as the chair reaches it’s full form the currents overload and blast the target burning him into a bloody mess.

8th CRYSTAL MAIDEN (Name: Rylai Crestfall)
Rylai is the very image of elegeance and grace…as a puppet. She is a mid-to-heavy damage dealer and a support character that can be very dangerous if not careful. The Crystal Maiden is very deadly either and every ability of hers is an Area of Effect ability except some.
Abilities (all jutsus)
1. Frost Nova: Rylai blasts enemy units around herself with a wave of damaging frost that slows movement speed and attack rate. Can not be spammed of course.
2. Frost Bite: Takeshi would do a handsign and Rylai would tap the ground and an case of ice would start growing quickly underneath the ground of the enemy in attempting to trap him inside prohibiting him from moving or attacking or doing anything at all. The case of ice lasts for 1 more Takeshi post.
3. Frost Armor: Rylai creates a shield of frost around a target friendly unit. The shield adds armor and slows attacking melee units for one post the armor reduces damage dealt to that target by 5%-15%. Can not be spammed.
4. Freezing Field: Takeshi does a few handsigns for this jutsu which is very powerful. Rylai causes many random icy explosions in an area surrounding Rylai the explosions create an unbreakable cube from everywhere like the Demonic Ice Mirrors but it has an upper wall. The target is trapped inside and the ice quickly spreads making him an ice cube yet still living this is used for the Assassinate move used by Kardel to slay the enemy.
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Eight Of Spades


Posts : 59
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PostSubject: Re: Takeshi "Hell's Venturer"   Sat Jun 19, 2010 6:37 am

Well everything used to be approved by Aloide. But since we starting a new or so I hope I will wait for approval or denial (worst case xD) ._.
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PostSubject: Re: Takeshi "Hell's Venturer"   

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Takeshi "Hell's Venturer"
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