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 Sairento Elite Kouseitan'i

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Sairento E. Kouseitan'i

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PostSubject: Sairento Elite Kouseitan'i   Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:04 am


General Information
Name: Sairento E. Kouseitan'i

Nickname: berserker

Gender: Male

Body Type: fit

General Appearance.
Upper Body:
Sairento Elite Kouseitan'i is not a light dresser, as he grew up he realize that heavy clothing hender the movement. Due to that he knows better not to wear something like a heavy armor on him, he much rather prefer wearing light weight. Sairento Upper body is a very Interesting one. From his head on down, he have long white hair that go's down to his elbows, he use that hair to preform ninjutsu, most of the time he just lets it hang down. He does not wear his forhead protecter at all, and if he do its a old Darkness village headband. shows how much he loves his village. He have light bright blue eyes. His shirt is a thin long sleve kind that is used for a unknown use. The sleve are longer then his arms so he would most likely roll up his sleves when want to use his hands, the color of the shirt is white.

Lower Body:
As said before in the Upper body section, Sairento is not a heavy weight dresser. Its known that if anyone meets him he is wearing the lightest thing he have all the time. Him being a Taijutsu specialist he have to be able to move fast in all problems, he also understand that heavy pants with alot of gear will slow him down greatly. So from top to bottom in this area. He wears a certain flap on his waste. He wears a special pair of pants, one short pants leg, and the other long. Normal sandles.

Sairento Elite Kouseitan't hates 3 things, the first thing is no mercy for the weak. The second one is a amazingly power hungry person. The last one is one who disrespect his clan. Sairento is a proud member of the Kouseitan'i clan, and if anyone take anything away from him the one thing no one can take away from him is his clan. He would easily die for his clan with out thought. Normaly he would show a emotionless state around anyone, he is a very smart person to be a Kaguya breed. He is also often seen sighing all the time. Just like his name says he is the ut most silent. He was mostly raised by his Uncle so he have many talents. In battle he would much rather prefer tiring his opponents down and striking them down with the quickness. Sairento have no goal in life but to become a true Elite warrior. He is a very large fan of his grandfather the great Timoshii Kouseitan'i and his Uncle Emanyeru Attacks Kouseitan'i. Those are his roll models. Besides his closest friends Kisala Hyuuga,Kai,Obito, and Kizimaru(Aloide) Kouseitan'i he hangs out with. He is just a silent little Kouseitan'i.


Age: 13

Height: 6'0
Weight: 112 lb

Likes: Raiton,Taijutsu,ninjutsu,chakra,food cooked his way

Bugs, loudness,cockyness,nasty food,whores, and Senju's

Sairento was born into the Kouseitan'i clan.His great father was none other then the great ------- Kouseitan'i,His mother Takimeshi Kaguya.Like alot of his cousins and siblings,he was born during the great ninja war.He remember him and his family always traveling.So Sairento never had a chance to make actually friends.He remembers also them hiding him.And he watched them fight ninja's,and afterwards them taking him and them all running and getting away from ninjas.After Sairento turned 6 they were able to find a hidden temple under the sand village.There they stole books and scrolls,and brought them down to the temple.No one knew that they were there.Sairento did not understand why were they stacking stuff.He thought it was all useless junk.

When he turned 7,they began teaching him the way of the ninja,the world and everything else that was needed to know about surviving in the world.He learned all his little Academy jutsu quickly,they taught him things when he wanted to.And he choose to work almost all day everyday.And he mastered the academy jutsu in one month.And after realizing that the boy was not at a academy level they desided to push it up the training alittle bit.He keep training in everything but hand-to-hand combat.For some strange reason his mother told him not to train in that.And he just agreed and keep training and praticing his running skills around the underground area.But at the age of 10,the parents noticed something different about him,He had a much larger chakra level then others.

Sairento was rapidly getting stronger.He and his family soon enough was found underground and realizing that there son was training and they would not tolerate theif.But when Sairento's parents introdoce themself they reconsidered and made a deal.That they would be able to live inside the sand village,as Suna Ninja,and Sairento could be able to go to ninja academy.They accepted,and shortly after they were given a house.A pretty big house.And life for Sairento was great.But then again being actually inside of the village and not underground was something that he was not use to but he somehow got through it.

At the academy he stayed away from windows,he would always do his work and he would tell what the students what they would be doing and it seems to once in a while piss of the academy instructer.One day he was walking home one night after spending his allowance on dumplings.And one of his teachers made a attempt to attack him.He ran not understanding what was happening.But his speed was incredible,he could bearly keep up with him.But when he got him in a tight spot Sairento jumped off the wall and kicked his teacher in the chest knocking him out.Apperently a ANBU black ops saw the whole thing,and told his parents before he got home.And when he made it home.His parents were proud but very glad he made it home.And from that point on they desided to teach him all the ways of combat.But the next day he arrived at school and they were throwing a party for him.He did not understand but he knew when his kage and parents were there holding a sand village head band.He greatuated from academy that day.

Ninja Information





Personal Information
-Being a mute
-being destructive
-hard headed

-close combat
-Elemental Ninjutsu
-Raw power

-Group full of high class ninjas coming to execute him,
-To grow into something more different,
-To not be a man anymore

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Sairento E. Kouseitan'i

Posts : 5

PostSubject: Re: Sairento Elite Kouseitan'i   Fri May 21, 2010 10:05 am

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PostSubject: Re: Sairento Elite Kouseitan'i   Mon May 24, 2010 9:25 am

Gale i don't even know if people still rp here but....Approved.
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PostSubject: Re: Sairento Elite Kouseitan'i   

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Sairento Elite Kouseitan'i
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