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 Kabuki Asako

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Hyosuke Asako


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PostSubject: Kabuki Asako   Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:37 am

Kabuki, Asako

General Information
Name: Asako

Nickname: Kabuki-chan

Gender: Female

Body Type: Small, tall, slender, thick...No one never really knows, since she never acts totally like herself.

General Appearance. Asako's real features are somewhat secret. Always playing the role of someone else then herself, no one really knows how she really looks like. But she has preferences in her roles and we can see precise details that she uses more then others, like long black hair, pale skins, slender figures and soft toned clothes. Because of her scars of training and hard past, she also wears covering clothes and black gloves. She's ambidextrous, but her left hand is her principal hand.
Her latest appearance, is that of a gender less but very beautiful character with long black hair, soft but dead eyes and soft pink lips. She wears a melancholic face with that character and her hands seems to be long, thin and slender. The age of the character is around 15-16 years old.
The young girl wears a green toned kimono top with under it a green , dark green capri-pants, soft brown colored sandals. Her moves are quick, unnoticable almost and silent. Her long black hair is tied behind her in a bun, covered by a green cloth, her headband is on her forehead and two long bangs frames her pale face. She wears a mask white mask with a red swirl when she's on a mission. On her hips is a large pale purple sash.

Her previous appearance, was that of a man with long black hair in a ponytail and glasses on it's nose. She wore a classical men's kimono, of the color blue. Her moves were quick, precise and her eyes had a piercing look. Apparently, her skills were good enough to even fool her own friends the first few days she played "Jin". That time, she also wore a long katana on her left side and hid her ninja tools in the long and ample sleeves of her costume.

Asako's personality is like that of her appearnces. When she was "Jin" she was addicted to sword fighting, reading and strategy games. Now that she plays "Ogami" she's a calm and silent person, who's easily forgotten or not noticed.
Though, behind those fake and split personalities, Asako hides a great pride and sense of loyalty. She's a very kind person who will always put the other people's needs before her own. She likes everything that's related to the theatrical arts and great litterature; from Nô to Kabuki, from political speechs to haiku's, she's interested in everything in which people's words becomes a piece of art.
The young girl has also the obsession to remember each detail of each thing she sees, hears, smells or feels and to reproduce it as perfectly as possible, showing in that, that she's a maniac and also a perfectionnist.
When it comes to her ninja duty, she's serious, concentrated, loyal and without any mercy. But beware, she's no doll you can manipulate easily, even if it seems so.
Asako has a tortuous spirit, which she often uses in advantage to herself to trick, manipulate, scare or convince people. Her real thoughts have never been able to be read or understood and no one knows anything really personal about her. Not even her favorite color, since even that changes with the character she plays.
People has been asking if she doesn't have a split personality...
Her biggest fear is to be forgotten and to be left behind. Her biggest asset given by the people around her, is that she cheers people up, even without trying anything.

Other: Se's a very jealous person and has an nervous illness that makes the notion of physical pain inexsistant...

Age: 12

Weight: Roughly 100 lbs

Likes: Acting, kabuki theatre, costumes, cleaning, Surpentheon.

Dislikes: Swearing, hyper-active people, stinking clothes, the fact that she can't look Ojike in the eyes without becoming red.


Asako's hisotry is confusing and not very well known. To be able to remember her real history forever and not to be forgotten, she wrote it down on a serie of scrolls, in chronical order.
In the first scroll, the tells about her youth before she entered the ninja academy. In the second scroll about her Academy days, in the third scroll about her genin days. She hasn't started her thrid or fourth scroll, in which she'll desribe how she became a special jounin.

First Scroll:

I was born in a theatre troup, composed by my own family, including cousins and grandparents.
Mom was a great dressmaker, often asked to make the most beautiful kimono's for ladies of all around the world. Her kimono's were known for it's great originality in the embroideries and in it's grrat solidity too. Some people said that her silk was able to survive snow, fire and wind for years without getting any damaged. Personally, I've some doubts about that fact, but since I never owned any piece of cloth made by mother, I can't say it's a lie.
Dad was a great kabuki player, Kankuro Ogami, like he loved to call himself. I never knew his real name. Father was someone I admired a lot, but who I also feared, since I never knew who he really was and because he had strange mood changes. His voice was also a source of fear, for all of us. It was like that it transmitted curses to bound us to him, to make us fear, smile, cry and laugh at the same time along with him. In the rules of an actor, you only use such skills on the scene. Father used it in on his own family and therefore was a man without honor in my eyes. He was also a violent man, enjoying hitting his own children and wife...I remember a scar on mom's back, in the form of a cross he had made with a katana. How many scars did I enherit thanks to him? I don't know.
I won't tell anything else about the rest of my adoption family, since I learned a few years later that I was just an orphan they found along the road in the Ash Country and deceided to take me with them as slattern. Luckily for me, they saw interest in using me as an actor.

I met a lot of people while we traveled. I played for Daimos, Lords, Samurais Kages, Princes, Princesses, commoners, ninjas, merchants, soldiers even for criminals. I never deceived them and played on my best, entertaining them with stories and poems, with songs and acts. I showed them the skills of an actor, made them enter a world of fairy tales, a world of wards, a world of loyalty and royalty, a fantasy world in which each person could find their place and hero.
But life is ungrateful and at the age of 12, I was thrown out of the troup, left behind in a Country with a hidden village called Ketsuekigakure. I deceided to stay there and begin a new life.

Second Scroll:

Haigakure is a nice place in my opinion. People have a well tempered character and the spirit of the place is pretty fiery. What I appreciate there, is that people knows what they want and how they want things to be done. The main color that reigns over that place is red and brown, warm and safe colors. The people have a slightly browner tone and often their hair is light brown. Personally, I love it.

Not having any money and only possessing what I had with me, I deceided to see the Kage of the place, wanting to make me useful for my new home. In the time, students in the ninja academy were lacking and once he told me I would be able to use my acting skills for missions, I accepted to join the school.
I never bounded with anyone really and simply followed the classes. I became first of my class within a few months and kept that place for my generation of ninja students. I picked fairly quickly up every notion about chakra and stamina, how to combine them to make jutsus and to use them to enhance my moves. To be fairly honest, I was bored and slightly shocked of the lack of interest that the teachers put in their teaching.
Though, not everyone managed to enherit of a photographic memory, and some of the students had a lot of trouble to accomplish the basics of the ninja arts. Personally, I would have invited those people to change directions for their profession and become something else, like baker.
Sure, we need ninjas to protect our country, but all other jobs are just as important to keep an society up.

Anyway, lets return to the main subject of this chapter.
The academy was pretty boring. But also very interesting and opening a lot of ways to the youngsters who wanted to be a shinobi. I discovered the Special Jounin rank, a rank in which a ninja specializes specifically in one form of the ninja arts. Since I discovered that spying was actually fun, I deceided to achieve the rank of Special Jounin and specialize in infiltration and information gatherer. But for that, I had to become first genin and chuunin...
Oh yeah, I also learned I inherited a bloodline from Ash...I'm training it as well as I can. I lost my eyesight for it though...Luckily, sensei made some chakra infused ink for me, so that I can still write. I'm very gratefull for that. If I couldn't write, half of my dreams would be broken I guess...
And hush, this is a secret but...I like Surp♥

Ninja Information
Village: Ketsuekigakure

Rank: Genin

Elements: Fire


B Rank Techniques:

Name: Great Wall of Zetsobou -
Range: N/A - 8"
Style: Fire Style, Ninjutsu
Description: The user will form a few handseals and raise it's hands to the sky in a quick motion. From the earth, a 8 feet high wall will appear and protect the user and what's next to him in the 2.5m range.

Name: Summoning jutsu - Homonculus contract
Range: N/A
Type: Summoning, Ninjutsu
The Homunculus summons are strange and dangerous summons, that only some type of people can control. Asako signed the contract while being drunk and swore to never use it ever again. Though, she has the abilities to use it and to train it if she wanted to. The Homonculus summons are quite a lot and all different one from another.


C Rank Techniques:

Name: Gekido Hasu no Jutsu - Petulance of the Lotus Technique.
Range: Short-Medium distance; 0-15 meters (0-49 feet).
Style: Fire style, Ninjutsu
Gekido Hasu no Jutsu is a technique which has been recently discovered and mastered. It is comprised of several intricate movements that give off the appearance of flames as lotus blossoms. The user focuses chakra into his or her hands and, with a slight counter clockwise motion, forms balls of fire at the palms of their hands. The user then places their hands together and molds the chakra, infusing the two forces together. Upon taking ones hands apart, the flames have taken the shape of a lotus, which is colored a bright blue. The user then closes his or her eyes and chants "Spread, petals of the lotus, and fly with great speed. Show these fools the Petulance of the lotus." Upon completing the chant, the lotus blossom disperses into several small petal like flames which are then shot at the target with moderate speed and accuracy. These petals do not attack in linear motions and are said to be intensely hot. Contact with said lotus petal can cause severe burns on ones flesh.

Name: Suimen Hokou no Waza (Act of Water Surface Walking)
Rank: C
Range: None
A variation on the Kinobori no Waza (Act of Tree Climbing), the art of water surface walking allows a ninja to walk on water as if it was a solid surface. Focusing an even amount of chakra out of the soles of their feet, they can balance themselves on the very surface of the water.

D Rank Techniques:

Name: Feathers of the Phoenix -
Range: ~15"
Rank: D (can become C and higher)
Style: Fire Style, Ninjutsu
Description: In the hands of the user, two large and long feathers made of fire will appear. And, in a blast, the feathers will scatter in thousands of smaller feathers that will be reappearing 5 times over again in the battle after each time that a new jutsu has been excecuted. The effect of this jutsu is to distract but also to give light burn wounds and to make it's view blurry from the heat of the feathers.

Name: Hinotama - Fireball
Rank: D
Range: Short-medium distance; 0-15 meters (0-49 feet).
Style: Fire style, Ninjutsu
Hinotama is a technique in which the user focuses his or her fire element chakra within a hand or other appendage. This fireball is considered extremely hot, and can sear flesh and cause extreme burns. However, after being released from the body, it looses heat rather quickly and is considered as an ineffective attack. However, if combined with short range taijutsu or ninjutsu, this technique can be considered a perk when added to a kick, punch, or other technique. Usually, this technique is used in order to heat senbon, kunai, and other metal objects of similar uses in order to add a more painful effect to the weapon.

Name: Chakra no Kaisan - Chakra Disolution
Rank: D
Range: Short-medium distance. 0-15 meters (0-49 feet).
Style: Fire element, Ninjutsu
Chakra no Kaisan is a technique in which the user focuses and channels his or her chakra into a medium such as a staff or sword. The users chakra then is spread evenly throughout the object and is expelled at the users disposal. This technique requires the user to send his or her own chakra into it, therefore costing the user chakra. Those who are more experienced with this technique will be able to use it remotely, however during the early stages it must be confined to being connected directly with a chakra source on the body. Not only does this restrict the users range distance, but it effects how he or she will fight and which area they hold it. This is usually the hands, feet or other areas where the item can be held.

Name: Nervous system sight
Rank: D (and up)
Type: Bloodline jutsu
Range: ~15m max
Description: This jutsu only works with a activated Doukengan. It lets the use see the whole nervous system of a person and all particular nervous connections and fragile points.

E Rank Techniques:

Name: Bushin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Style: Ninjutsu
The Clone Technique has been the foundation to academy level jutsu across the globe. In this jutsu the user is to create several intangible copies of oneself. This jutsu is especially for covert missions into enemy territory as well as distracting or confusing enemies on the battlefield. However, when a copy is hit with a sufficient amount of force or poisoned, it will disperse immediately.

Name: Kawarimi no Jutsu - Replacement Technique
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Style: Ninjutsu
The Replacement Technique has been used in many a sticky situation. Shinobi have been known to use it in order to dodge anothers attack as well as to serve as a distraction to help evade them in and off the battlefield. This jutsu is comprised of a swift action, usually replacing oneself with a nearby object or person so that they can evade an attack, or avoid being found.

Name: Konbi Henge - Transformation Technique
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Style: Ninjutsu
The Transformation Technique is primarily used in order to transform oneself into another person, animal, or object. This is a great asset to a person who is attempting to go undercover, provided that they can do a flawless transformation, that is. However, sloppy transformations can often times lead to a Shinobi's downfall.

Kakuremino no Jutsu - Magic Cloak of Invisibility Technique
Rank: E
Range: -
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Kakuremino no Jutsu is a very basic Ninjutsu technique. The ninja uses a camouflage cloth to cloak themselves in the background.

Kawarimi no Jutsu - Change of Body Stance Technique
Rank: E
Range: -
Type: Ninjutsu
Description: Kawarimi no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique. When in danger the ninja will quickly substitute themself with another nearby object. This can be a block of wood or even another person. This allows the ninja to quickly flee and hide while the original object takes the brunt of their opponents attack.

Name: Devided Fan
Rank: E
Type: Weapon
Description: The user will throw the open fan in the air after a few handsigns and the fan will decompose itself into several parts. All those parts will fall in the user's hands and can use them as individual blades.

Name: Fan-shield no jutsu
Rank: E
Type: Weapon
Range: N/A
Description: One of the fans transforms into a circular shield, which is pretty resistant to some attacks. It can be trained further into a real shield, resistant to more jutsus.

Name: Hinotama - Fireball
Rank: D
Range: Short-medium distance; 0-15 meters (0-49 feet).
Style: Fire style, Ninjutsu
Hinotama is a technique in which the user focuses his or her fire element chakra within a hand or other appendage. This fireball is considered extremely hot, and can sear flesh and cause extreme burns. However, after being released from the body, it looses heat rather quickly and is considered as an ineffective attack. However, if combined with short range taijutsu or ninjutsu, this technique can be considered a perk when added to a kick, punch, or other technique. Usually, this technique is used in order to heat senbon, kunai, and other metal objects of similar uses in order to add a more painful effect to the weapon.

Name: Chakra sight
Rank: E (and up)
Type: Bloodline jutsu
Range: ~100m max
Description: This jutsu only works with a activated Doukengan. It lets the use see all chakra signature and see "colors" and "shades" to determine each person's chakra affinity and later on after use and gaining more experience, seeing a person's character and mood. Ninjas at a greater level with the Doukengan eye can even read chakra signature and foresight litterally what sort of jutsu their opponent is going to use.

Bloodline: Doukengan (active)

Clan: N/A

Personal Information
Habits: Becoming bright red when looking at Surpentheon, say directly what she thinks, nicknaming Surpentheon Perv-san, roll her eyes when something annoys her. She also tends to speak in haiku's if it's possible.


Combat Weaknesses: Lacks stamina, doesn't feel pain correctly, so tends to go too far in a fight, weak against ice techniques.

Mental Weaknesses: Split personalities and very suspcious.


Combat Strengths: Fairly good speed and gifted in fire jutsus. Learns pretty fast and good acrobatic skills.

Mental Strengths: Very good acting and is rarely stressed. She learns very fast and has a pretty good memory.

Fears: Being alone, hurt a friend, being ubable to protect people.

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Hyosuke Asako


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PostSubject: Re: Kabuki Asako   Wed Mar 31, 2010 11:01 am


* A white mask with a red swirl
* Two metallic fans (hidden in her sash)
* 15 senbon (in a senbon holster on her left leg)
* A medium sized pouch. (resting upon the hip) with:
* 10 Kunai (of various natures; within pouch)
* 3 small poison recipients
* 5 exploding tags (within the pouch)
* 1 medical first aid kit (bandages, oinment for burn wounds, a small water flask, plasters)
* A small empty scroll (often replaced, because filled with written notes by Asako)
* A pencil
* Kabuki sandals

Item Descriptions

*The mask
The mask is made of white extreme cold and heat resistant material and covered in the inside with a special light purple tissue. It's attached behind the head with a invisible thread. The mask is slightly heavier then that of a usual kabuki mask and has no facial forms. The only decoraction on it is the red swirls that begins at the right jaw and end on the right cheek. She got the mask from the troup with who she lived before.

*The metallic fans
The fans are made of a light, golden aspect metal. They can be flipped open and closed easily and don't need a too intense maintenance. Attention, the borders are sharp, as are the points...

*The poisons
The three poinsons are basic onces, which have three effects:
The first one makes you feel sick and makes you throw up.
The second one makes the extremities of the hands and feet hurt.
The third one makes you dizzy and sleep if the dosis was strong enough.

*The pencil
There is a small needle hidden in it, with a sleeping middle in it. A weapon of last resort.

* The Kabuki Sandals
The sandals are made of wood, with metallic reinforcments at the bottom. Pretty heavy, they are perfect weapons to throw at people's head's to knock them out or to block a weapon attack.

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Council of Four
Council of Four

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PostSubject: Re: Kabuki Asako   Wed Mar 31, 2010 1:26 pm

Approved! <3
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PostSubject: Re: Kabuki Asako   

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Kabuki Asako
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