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 Okamirui, Shurui

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Okamirui Shurui


Posts : 31
Type : Sunagakure
Rank : Genin
Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Okamirui, Shurui   Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:38 pm


General Information
Name: Shurui Okamirui

Nickname: Shu-chan

Gender: Female

Body Type: Slender and Fairly Muscled

General Appearance.
Though her body is slender and small at her age, Shurui is fairly strong and pretty lean in muscle mass. Shurui wears her headband around her neck. Shurui has a dress is that reaches down to her thigh, with a vest over it usually only with the top of it buttoned. She wears sleeve like arm-warmers that are baggy like a kimono's. They usually keep her hands and arms hidden all the time but she can maneuver around in the fairly well. Underneath it she wears black capri-pants that come down to half of her knees. She wears her silver behind her in a unkempt ponytail that reaches down the small of her back. Her long bangs are usually pushed of in the left direction but still hanging down in her face. Her eyes are a slightly dark golden-honey color with a canine tome instead of a regular one. She has long scar under her right eye reaching up the side of her cheek, along with burns and scars on her right arm usually hidden under her sleeves. Strapped to her left leg is her weapon carrier and strapped higher on her left leg is her two small swords (Enkou-Kiba and Yami-Ookami) and she wears her ninja sandals with her banadges up half of her calf.

Personality: Shurui is a quiet, somewhat antisocial, and even timid girl. Not shy just quiet she speaks her mind with no restraint, whenever there's something on it, she'll speak it and not care. When she does speak it's mostly sarcasm and rude comments but she can be nice when she wants to be,but that's mostly to the people close enough to her. Shurui sometimes acts without thinking and pays for it later, she'll dish it out in battle and take it right back, and dish out again. Shurui have her moments of kindness. She doesn't put herself out for anyone, you have to be somewhat close to her or at least an acquaintance. But when a person has her kindness it's almost unconditional as love would be. But only a few people have had that luxury. It's almost as if she's a different person around them. She has a really bad-tempered and it's pretty short too. She's not one for holding grudges, but when she does hold them, it's for a long time.


Age: 13

Height: 4'6
Weight: 96 lbs

• Being Active (Things other than battle)
• Fighting (Hand-to-Hand combat mostly)
• Candy (Mostly Chocolate)
• Music
• Climbing
• Star Gazing

Pointless Chattering
• Arguing
• Sour Candy
• Loud Noises
• Unneeded Idiotic Behavior
• Strong Smells


Ninja Information
Village: Kyokukogakure

Rank: Genin

Elements: Fire (Primary), Earth (Latent, Secondary),Goal: Lava (,Latent, Tertiary)

Jutsu: (Next Post)

Bloodline: Berserk limit

Clan: Okamirui Clan

Personal Information
• Star Gazing
• Climbing
• Following Others (Sneaking Around)
• Clinging (To people she trust's most)

• Genjutsu (Performing and Canceling)
• Bad Tempered
• Inability to trust
• A little Weak (Strength-wise)
• Mental Block (A tendency to block others out of her mind or not letting them know what's of her mind)

• Chakra Sensory and Control
• Hand-to-hand Combat
• Strategic
• Unique Style of Fighting
• Ninjutsu
• Athletic

• Being without Kai
• Being useless
• Seeing others hurt

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Okamirui Shurui


Posts : 31
Type : Sunagakure
Rank : Genin
Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Okamirui, Shurui   Sat Mar 13, 2010 3:45 pm


Primary Weapon
Name: Enkou-Kiba and Yami-Ookami
Armory Type: Okamirui Clan
Main Description: These two twin short swords were given to Shurui by her father after their leave to Wind Country. It was a family heirloom passed down through the family. Though the two are twins the abilities differ. But together Shurui can make an execute explosive chakra and jutsu.

Enkou-Kiba Description: (Picture up in the Appearance) Enkou-Kiba is more element inclined. It adapt to ones element and in Shurui's case it's fire. It helps her to manipulate it better to execute more than half her jutsu. As she grows more accustomed to the blade the better control of her element she will posses.

Yami-Ookami Description: (Picture up in the Appearance) Yami-Ookami is used to turn her chakra into more effective attacks. She doesn't need to wield to have the effect of manipulating her chakra into form shapes or use it for paralysis. She just needs the blade at her side. Though the blades ability seems powerful, it is hard to maintain and control the power as a genin. As she grows older she will wield the power better.

Secondary Weapon
Name: Sadna and Kengo (Twin Sai)
Armory Type: N/A (Given to her by Ranji)
Description: Twin dagger-like weapons used for Shurui's basic fight style. The steel that was used to make these twin sai, is stronger and more durable than steel used for a katana or a kunai.

Other Equipment


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Okamirui Shurui


Posts : 31
Type : Sunagakure
Rank : Genin
Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Okamirui, Shurui   Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:10 pm

Quote :

There are a few added jutsu to Shurui that she is planning to learn. They'll have a * next to them to let you know which ones.




Summoning Techniques

Combination Techniques

Still Under Construction!!

Last edited by Shurui Okamirui on Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:47 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 1573
Type : Advanced
Rank : Chuunin
Elements : Ice and Water

PostSubject: Re: Okamirui, Shurui   Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:30 am

I wowuld like to point out taht with the jutsu rules you can not have Berserk's Rage. Unless you had it before the reset, which i checked and you don't seam too. However, a ninja who knows the jutsu (Which Kai appears too) can train you in the jutsu, even if you are both genin.

Other then that everything looks good so far.
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Okamirui Shurui


Posts : 31
Type : Sunagakure
Rank : Genin
Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Okamirui, Shurui   Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:35 pm

He will ^^; I'll just mark it off so you know she doesn't know it yet.
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Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 1347
Type : The best ones
Rank : Kage ish
Elements : Depends

PostSubject: Re: Okamirui, Shurui   Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:20 pm

GENIN. o_o

Shouldn't be able to use so many C-rank jutsu. O= Your profile looks fine as it is, though, with less C-rank jutsu. =o

Divine Wrath [Kenjutsu] cannot be C-rank. D: It's like, several burning dragons which smash into the opponent. D: If they were tiny, it would be fine. D: But even a single big dragon is B-rank.

Shurui Rage Combo [Combination] is powerful, and reminiscent of Sasuke's Lion Combo. =o Provided it doesn't do extremely fatal damage, it's C-rank. =D

The Flaming Wolf technique requires strong control over fire. o-o I'll assume your berserk stage gives you just that. No problem with it's rank whatsoever, but again, provided it doesn't do extremely fatal damage. ;D

I like how you made your summoning-limit at genin to be 1. I wouldn't have allowed it if you had been able to summon more wolves. o-o xD

The rest of the profile is pretty. <3 Approved if someone else approves as well / You feel like you want to change your profile.
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Hyosuke Asako


Posts : 659
Type : Sunagakure
Rank : Sannin
Elements : Poison mainly

PostSubject: Re: Okamirui, Shurui   Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:52 pm

o-o I totally agree with Yaka. And I ask you to have less C ranks too~

Otherwise, nice work ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Okamirui, Shurui   

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Okamirui, Shurui
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