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 Ojike Zetsubou

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Type : Haigakure
Rank : Genin
Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Ojike Zetsubou   Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:07 pm


General Information
Ojike Zetsubou
Body Type:
Lean and muscular with decent height.
General Appearance.
Appearance: He had medium length light brown hair with hazel eyes. However, the years of living within the village hidden in the ash have died his hair to a light gray with an occasional brown highlight. Aside from that one can see a scar which lies upon the upper right corner of his temple and is covered by his bangs. While inside the temple walls he has been seen in a set of burgundy/white silk zen robes.

While traveling outside of the walls, however, the boy dresses in a different fashion. He wears a gray undershirt with a sleeveless black vest over it. His arms have gloves which run along them until just beneath the shoulder where they taper off. Around his neck is a singular chain necklace which was rumored to have belonged to his father. However, that fact is disputed. While traveling he often can be seen wearing a red cape-like scarf around his neck. His waist is covered with a sash similar to his scarf in material and design.

His body has several scars from where he has burnt himself in order to build tolerance for pain. The scars, however are covered up by his robes. He secretly hides senbon beneath his robes as well, however, these are not carried by a strap, nor a pouch. They are carried, embedded, in his skin arranged in a diagonal line spanning from his left kidney region, to his right shoulder. The reason for this is currently unknown.

Quiet and observant, Ojike is always watching others. Due to being raised by said monks Ojike has been trained to be level headed and calm at all times. This includes both on and off the battlefield. His respectful nature is most commendable. He has a tendency to be witty and seemingly philisophical at times.
He is seen as bipolar due to his ever changing persona. To date, only two have been seen, however, there remains a third. The second persona is that of his sadistic side. This can be seen when either his positive spiritual energy is low, or when he chooses to reveal it. The third, however, is his 'inner voice.' This is often times suspected to be the will of the god Sanshouseki.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: Roughly 100 lbs.

Likes: Peace and quiet, most girls, studying the art of fire style ninjutsu, practicing taijutsu, and being together with friends.

Dislikes: War, greed and human ignorance; as well as stupidity and over protective people.

Ojike was born many a year ago in the Village hidden in the Ash. His parents were fine Shinobi and had fought in several great battles. Due to being away on missions often, Ojike was often times left alone back at home. Lord Kage saw fit to have him put into a daycare system in which he would be taken care of until he comes of age to learn the ways of the Shinobi.

Upon returning from one of said missions, Ojike's parents were understanding with Lord Kage's decision and so he was raised with foster parents until he was of the age which he could take care of himself. Upon turning the age of five, however, a great war broke throughout the land. Fearing for Ojike's safety at the daycare center, he was sent to live in the monastery until his parents arrival.

The family lived there for several weeks as the battles raged on, and in this time his father had taught him a special jutsu that had been passed down to him from his father - Lunar Lux Lucis no Jutsu, or the Lunar Shining Light Technique. It was to help him study at night and to help on his travels that he was sure the young one would have. With that, the child's parents left the monastery in order to protect the village.

His parents were considered missing in action and had not returned to retrieve young Ojike. It has been several years since they were last seen. Keeping to the understanding Lord Chiriku had made with the young one's parents, he has taken Ojike under his wing and allowed him to make permanent residence within the temples walls. Ever since then he has been placed in the protective custody of monks and is currently being trained in the arts of spiritual ninjutsu.

Until recently his training was comprised of low level taijutsu so that he may build up his endurance for pain. His low tolerance for pain was indeed a hindrance in battle and Lord Chiriku decided to switch him to something more realistic for the boy - spiritual ninjutsu. Though the boy showed much promise in spiritual ninjutsu, his experience with it was little to none. In order to help train his ninjutsu abilities, he had his subordinates teach young Ojike the foundational techniques of being a Shinobi. The Clone Technique, the Transformation Technique, and the Replacement Technique, all of which would come in handy during battle.

Soon after Lord Chiriku saw that the boy's skills were flourishing and he saw fit to teach him the art that is spiritual ninjutsu. Lord Chiriku helped young Ojike to search for his main element so that he could teach him a jutsu that could help him if he ever had need to defend himself. In seeing the boy's strength and spirit during training, Lord Chiriku brought to him a piece of paper. He had Ojike take it into his mouth and depending on which color the paper turned, he would be naturally tuned toward that element.

The war, however, had not stopped. Time was short before the the final push into the sand village was complete. Lord Chiriku helped Ojike to learn his first fire jutsu, a powerful jutsu for a Genin to control. Joushou Fenikkusu Hana no Jutsu - Rising Phoenix Flower. Within mere weeks the boy had not only learned to control his elemental chakra, but he had mastered the jutsu as well.

Upon morning the cry of battle rang out in the village hidden in the ash. Lord Kage's men were fighting and dying in battle and had retreated to the temple. Within moments the next wave of raiders came storming the temple. Having learned the Rising Phoenix Flower Technique, Ojike was sent to back up Lord KazeKage's Chuunin by sending volleys of fireballs toward the attackers. Within moments the enemy Chuunin had gotten past Ojike's jutsu and used a high speed taijutsu crescent style kick to send the boy back into the temple. Ojike suffered head injury in the fall which was mainly just a laceration along the upper right hand side of his forehead.

Seeing that the temple walls had been breached, Lord Chiriku went to Ojike's aid and fended off the remaining Chuunin along side of his fellow monks and Shinobi. Within mere minutes the battle of Haigakure Temple was over.

Lord Chiriku's medical squad was the second best in all of the village. Lord Kage, seeing the village hospital was being filled up quickly, saw fit to send the overflow of injured people from the hospital to the monastery. It was at this point of the war when Lord Chiriku saw fit to teach Ojike a special summoning jutsu.

Meimei Jujika no Jutsu - Divine Cross Technique, was a simple summoning jutsu in which the user was to summon an elixir using a scroll. This elixir was used to cure many a toxin during the war and had saved several hundred lives during the entire campaign.

Soon thereafter, the war had left the lands of Haigakure and the lands where the temples and shrines resided were left in ruin. Lord Chiriku, having taught Ojike the necessities of being a Shinobi, saw fit to send him outside of the temple walls in order to help repair and maintain the shrines across the village.

Soon after Ojike was scouted and found for his first entrance into the Chuunin exams. Though the trek through the desert was tiring, it was not unrewarding in that he was able to discover a new technique of which he is has managed to master; Gekido Hasu no Jutsu - Petulance of the Lotus Technique. The true strength of this technique, however, can only be unlocked with further experience. [/spoiler]

Ninja Information

Name: Joushou Fenikkusu Hana no Jutsu - Rising Phoenix Flower Technique
Rank: C
Range: Medium Distance; 10-20 meters (32-65 feet) radius from user.
Style: Fire element, Ninjutsu
Joushou Fenikkusu Hana no Jutsu is a lower Chuunin level ninjutsu. This technique is used to shoot at multiple targets from a medium distance by use of ones hands. The flames are estimated at a stunning 750 degrees Fahrenheit. As the distance from the user grows, it's heat intensity diminishes, though it is said to be most accurate at ten to twenty meters. Assuming this jutsu is to miss the predetermined target, as well as any other obstacle in it's path, it will diminish into nothingness at a distance of no longer than fifty meters. This jutsu can be used in combination with the ritual staff for it's maximum effect.

Name: Gekido Hasu no Jutsu - Petulance of the Lotus Technique.
Rank: D
Range: Short-medium distance; 0-15 meters (0-49 feet).
Style: Fire style, Ninjutsu
Gekido Hasu no Jutsu is a technique which has been recently discovered and mastered. It is comprised of several intricate movements that give off the appearance of flames as lotus blossoms. The user focuses chakra into his or her hands and, with a slight counter clockwise motion, forms balls of fire at the palms of their hands. The user then places their hands together and molds the chakra, infusing the two forces together. Upon taking ones hands apart, the flames have taken the shape of a lotus, which is colored a bright blue. The user then closes his or her eyes and chants "Spread, petals of the lotus, and fly with great speed. Show these fools the Petulance of the lotus." Upon completing the chant, the lotus blossom disperses into several small petal like flames which are then shot at the target with moderate speed and accuracy. These petals do not attack in linear motions and are said to be intensely hot. Contact with said lotus petal can cause severe burns on ones flesh.

Name: Hinotama - Fireball
Rank: D
Range: Short-medium distance; 0-15 meters (0-49 feet).
Style: Fire style, Ninjutsu
Hinotama is a technique in which the user focuses his or her fire element chakra within a hand or other appendage. This fireball is considered extremely hot, and can sear flesh and cause extreme burns. However, after being released from the body, it looses heat rather quickly and is considered as an ineffective attack. However, if combined with short range taijutsu or ninjutsu, this technique can be considered a perk when added to a kick, punch, or other technique. Usually, this technique is used in order to heat senbon, kunai, and other metal objects of similar uses in order to add a more painful effect to the weapon.

Name: Lunar Lux Lucis no Jutsu - Lunar Shining Light Technique
Rank: D
Range: 0-15 meters (0-49 feet) radius from user.
Style: Ninjutsu
Lunar Lux Lucis no Jutsu is said to be passed down from generation to generation of the Zetsubou clan. This jutsu is used to illuminate an area of even the most infinite darkness. It is given this name due to the light appearing the same shape as the moon during it's rotation around the Earth. It grows more powerful during full moons, and on the day of the new moon, cannot be seen at all. However, it has no practical use in battle, due to it's visibly low light. This jutsu can be used in combination with the ritual staff for more effective lighting.

Name: Meimei Jujika no Jutsu - Divine Cross Technique
Rank: D
Range: N/A
Style: Poison Cure/Summon
This jutsu is used in combination with a special scroll found solely within the temple walls. The scroll is used to summon an elixir which can cure most simple toxins and may help speed up healing marginally. However, this jutsu cannot be used more than once per scroll and should be used sparingly. When used in large amounts it has been known to disorient those who consume it. This jutsu is given its name due to the glow of chakra that is released into the surrounding terrain. It is said to take the shape of a golden colored cross which is imprinted on the ground.

Name: Bushin no Jutsu - Clone Technique
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Style: Ninjutsu
The Clone Technique has been the foundation to academy level jutsu across the globe. In this jutsu the user is to create several intangible copies of oneself. This jutsu is especially for covert missions into enemy territory as well as distracting or confusing enemies on the battlefield. However, when a copy is hit with a sufficient amount of force or poisoned, it will disperse immediately.

Name: Kawarimi no Jutsu - Replacement Technique
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Style: Ninjutsu
The Replacement Technique has been used in many a sticky situation. Shinobi have been known to use it in order to dodge anothers attack as well as to serve as a distraction to help evade them in and off the battlefield. This jutsu is comprised of a swift action, usually replacing oneself with a nearby object or person so that they can evade an attack, or avoid being found.

Name: Konbi Henge - Transformation Technique
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Style: Ninjutsu
The Transformation Technique is primarily used in order to transform oneself into another person, animal, or object. This is a great asset to a person who is attempting to go undercover, provided that they can do a flawless transformation, that is. However, sloppy transformations can often times lead to a Shinobi's downfall.

Haini Kettou - Calcinatory Lineage


Personal Information
Habits: He tends to approach girls of the same age more often than boys. He often times is seen hanging around hotsprings or areas where women frequent. He is very insecure about his body due to his scars and will often dress in baggy clothing to conseal it.


Combat Weaknesses: Has trouble defending against high speed taijutsu because of a low tolerance for pain. He also is highly effected by water element techniques, and (but to a lesser significance) ice element ones as well.
Mental Weaknesses: Bipolar tendencies and prone to black out.

Combat Strengths: Shows promise in spiritual ninjutsu and in use of fire element techniques. Has decent speed as well as moderate acrobatic skills.
Mental Strengths: Has excellent foresight and the ability to predict his opponents next attack.

Fears: Drowning, his sadistic persona, and being alone.

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Posts : 73
Type : Haigakure
Rank : Genin
Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Ojike Zetsubou   Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:21 pm


* Zen robes (or alternate outfit shown in appearance section)
* One ritual staff (carried at all times in the right hand)
* 15 barb tipped senbon (concealed beneath the zen robe; embedded in his skin)
* A medium sized pouch. (resting upon the hip)
* 10 Kunai (of various natures; within pouch)
* 10 additional senbon (within pouch)
* 5 exploding tags (within the pouch)
* 1 summoning scroll (within the pouch)
* Sandals

Item Descriptions

*Ritual staff
This object is a simple wooden staff which is often engraved with the symbol of the shrine from whence it came. The symbols differ from shrine to shrine due to each representing a different element. Often times the staff is colored a similar color to that of the element, such as red/orange for fire, yellow/blue for lightning and so on and so forth. This staff can be used in order to aid the focusing and manipulating of chakra elements while preforming jutsu. However, the elements that are used with it are limited to the element which is engraved on the staff.

*Barbtipped senbon
The senbon has always been traditionally a medical device used to coincide with medical ninjutsu, however, with this new feature, they can be used for powerful weapons as well. Though it's appearance may seemingly be that of a normal senbon, after piercing it's intended target, it becomes barbed by pushing three prongs outward from it's main shaft. This feature has recently been added to add to it's effectiveness in battle by restricting the target's movements with senbon which cannot be removed easily.

*Medium sized pouch
A medium sized pouch used for storing tools or weapons.

*Summoning Scroll
This scroll is used in the summoning of an elixir which was given to Ojike by the head monk of the monastery.
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Council of Four
Council of Four

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PostSubject: Re: Ojike Zetsubou   Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:24 am

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Posts : 73
Type : Haigakure
Rank : Genin
Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Ojike Zetsubou   Sun Mar 14, 2010 12:47 am

Q~Q Ojike has no color yet...

*is saddened*
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PostSubject: Re: Ojike Zetsubou   

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Ojike Zetsubou
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