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 Tsumetai ~Event charector:Bijuu"One Tails"~

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Posts : 14
Type : ---
Rank : Bijuu
Elements : Ice,Water,WInd

PostSubject: Tsumetai ~Event charector:Bijuu"One Tails"~   Sun Feb 21, 2010 6:05 am

One Tails:
Name: Tsumetai ~[No Host]~
Sex: Male
Animal: Polar Bear
Characteristics: Complete Control Over Ice
Element: Ice
Extra Info: This is currently the weakest of all Bijuu. It is a giant bear that used to roam the arctic regions of the world. It is currently the weakest of all Bijuu. The user has the ability to control snow/Ice to attack for them. any ice or snow around will automatically guard attacks (like garra's sand) however if the attack is strong or fast enough it will brake through the ice/snow

(Unleashed Bijuu Power Form)
The host will become surrounded in a bluish white chakra his teeth grow into slightly pointed fangs and his nails grow into small bear like claws. The user gains the ability to use Tsumetai’s chakra as well as heal slightly faster than normal.

(First Stage)
The host sprouts a single tail made out of a blue chakra aura from behind him and starts to grow larger teeth, He/She's finger nails will start to grow to resemble a polar bears own and the is able to sprint and swim great distances. The host will gain the ability to sprout ice in even the hottest of temperatures and flames and will gain immunities to Water or Ice. Does not need to use hand seals and can active there jutsu instantly.

(Full Bijuu Stage)

The host will turn into a giant polar bear. The bijuu will now have full control of its body once again. Being able to use all of its chakra, his jutsu, as well as a few of the host’s original jutsu.The Bijuu's Ice will have similar properties as an Okakuji exepct with greater powers.

Tsumetai Jutsu
Ice Transfiguration
The user will be able to morph ice in the shape of whatever the please and it will be as strong as steel and cannot be melt by normal fire.

Summonning:Ice Golem Doppleganger.
The user will conjure up Ice golems to aid the conjurer in his battle that has an immunity to heat and fire.The golems can cast any jutsu the user or Bijuu have on them and has an ice replica of the user's weapon.

Can use ALL ice jutsu~

Other Info:
Jinchuriki's name: Omega

Omega was born into a simple family in Aurora, and grew up loved and happy. However that changed when he was sent out on a mission. It was an assasination mission, however he had failed in said mission and his body was taken over by an evil spirit. He then headed to a secret ice berg, which was forbiden to go near. Once he got there he unsealed the bijuu, in hope it would give him the power to remove the evil spirit. Instead it kicked the boys and the evil spirit out and took the body for itself. The bijuu now has the abbility to shift back and forth between forms.

Before mission; Chuunin
with bijuu; S-rank
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Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 1347
Type : The best ones
Rank : Kage ish
Elements : Depends

PostSubject: Re: Tsumetai ~Event charector:Bijuu"One Tails"~   Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:05 am

o.o Um, are we supposed to approve of this?
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Haku Shasa
Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 841
Rank : Genin
Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Tsumetai ~Event charector:Bijuu"One Tails"~   Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:17 pm

xD Its for a event Yakate
~I hearby state that this character is only for use of a bijuu event currently!~

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PostSubject: Re: Tsumetai ~Event charector:Bijuu"One Tails"~   

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Tsumetai ~Event charector:Bijuu"One Tails"~
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