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 Bio and History of Sakura Haruno.

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PostSubject: Bio and History of Sakura Haruno.   Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:22 pm

As a child, Sakura was made fun of. She did not have friends, because everyone disliked her for her large forehead. When Yamanaka Ino offered friendship in the form of a ribbon and a small word of advice, Sakura was happier than she had ever been. However, years of mocking and Ino's appealing looks made Sakura feel just as inferior as before. At one point both girl's realised they liked Uchiha Sasuke, and Sakura, who felt she could not compare to Ino, gave the ribbon back and announced they were rivals.

Years later, now a Genin, Sakura was still infatuated with the only Uchiha. When the Genin were split into groups of three, Sakura was placed with Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke, which she had mixed feelings about. She found Naruto annoying, while he liked her, and ironically, Sakura learned that her relationship with Sasuke was the same. He found her annoying, but she cared deeply for him. Later, however, Sakura would begin to accept Naruto for who his is and respect him for the powerful ninja he would become.

Hatake Kakashi, Team 7's leader proved to be an important role model in Sakura's youth. He trained all three of them and taught them the true meaning of teamwork. Their first C-rank mission put them all in grave danger, and they probably would not have survived if Kakashi hadn't been there. The meaning of teamwork led Sasuke and Naruto to fight for one another, and even made Sakura, who usually stayed on the sidelines, fight to protect.

Chunin exams marked the turning point in Sakura's life. From Genin years, she had always cared more for her "Sasuke-kun" than being a kunoichi. She had an epiphany, where she realised all the wrongs and false accusations she made in the past. To signify her break with the past, Sakura cuts off her long hair that had been caught to prevent her from moving, and fights until Sasuke came to the rescue.

The night Sasuke left, Sakura found him. She hadn't realized what he was going to throw away for power until that moment. Driven by her intense feelings for the Uchiha, she begged him not to leave with anything she could think of. Unfortunately for Sakura, Sasuke could not return her feelings and instead, replied "Sakura...­ Thank you" before knocking her out. The next day, Sakura spoke to Naruto who had been assigned to bring Sasuke back. It was then, when Naruto swore to Sakura he would bring the Uchiha back, that Sakura finally understood what she meant to Naruto. From that moment on, she would never view him the same again. Though Naruto returns without Sasuke, he swore again that he'd bring him back to her. Sakura, in return, replied they'd do it together. A little while after, Sakura took up an apprenticeship under Tsunade.

After the time skip, Sakura had become an excellent Med-nin. Her abilities that she had once looked over her honed, and her chakra control was so precise it was rumoured to have enough potential as a Med-nin to rival Tsuande. Sakura played a major role in the Rescue Gaara arc. Her medical skills came in handy when creating an antidote for Sasori's poison, and cured Kankuro. Chiyo was assited by Sakura in defeating Sasori, where they learned more information on Orochimaru.

At fifteen, Sakura was no longer the weak kunoichi she had once been. Her motivation, which had been lacking in the past, was now stronger than ever. She was able to aide in battle because of her desire to help Naruto rescue Sasuke and prevent Akatsuki from harming Naruto.
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PostSubject: Re: Bio and History of Sakura Haruno.   Mon Jan 25, 2010 9:36 pm

How I came to the future:

Suddenly the harbor would have a girl with pink colored floating in the water. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to be unconscious. There was a headband around her head, but it was unclear what village she was from since the meniscus of the water cut off the symbol on the headband, making it ever impossible to read. She had a lean body and seemed to be in quite good shape for someone her age. Strong, and had slightly toned muscle. But her face was angelic, and smooth. Her pale skin looked as though it could glow from the heavens if someone came by it. To run a hand down this person's cheek would be like skimming on ice skates across the smoothest ice you've ever skated. She liked to keep her body toned and in great physical shape as well as she did crystalline perfection.

The girl started to float more towards the surface of the water and of course the shores near the harbor. This girl seemed young and not too old, but not like a child either. If someone would meander a guess of her age, it'd probably be about 15-16 years of age. Little does everyone know, and what's yet to be discovered. This ninja, floating upon the water unconsciously awaiting her rescue is a ninja from over 100 years ago. Her name is Sakura Haruno. Who will discover her first?
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Bio and History of Sakura Haruno.
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