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 Uchiha Sasuke - SPOILER alert- Do not read unless you have read to current day manga on OM(or other manga sites)

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Uchiha Sasuke

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PostSubject: Uchiha Sasuke - SPOILER alert- Do not read unless you have read to current day manga on OM(or other manga sites)   Fri Jan 22, 2010 9:36 am

Part I
Upon the formation of Team 7, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke were forced to mingle. Sasuke tried to avoid both of them, but he kept getting drawn into Sakura's romantic advances and Naruto's attempts at a competition. Accordingly, Kakashi gave them a bell test, the three of them being tasked with taking the two bells he kept on his person. Sasuke tried to take a bell by himself, ignoring Sakura and Naruto, and had more success than either. He was still unsuccessful, however, and was forced to regroup with his team. Together, they realized that the true goal of the test was to learn to place teamwork above the single-handed completion of the mission, and, in doing so, were allowed to pass.

Land of Waves arc
Sasuke's first major mission was escorting the bridge builder,
Tazuna, to his home in the poverty-stricken Land of Waves. Soon after setting out, Sasuke showed exceptional skill when attacked by the Demon Brothers, even taunting Naruto for being shocked and useless during this encounter. When they later had a tree-climbing exercise to improve chakra control, he managed to stay ahead of Naruto for a good length of time, but, as Naruto began to catch up, they started to push each other's limits. His skills improved, Sasuke was almost able to compete with Haku, who was extremely dangerous because of his extreme speed and dexterity. It was during this battle that Sasuke reawakened the legacy of his clan, the Sharingan, and even selflessly put himself in the way of Haku's attack on Naruto to protect him. Although he claimed his body had moved on its own, his actions showed that he was willing to put himself in mortal danger for Naruto's sake. Although it appeared that Sasuke had died in the process, it was later revealed that he was merely put in a temporary death state.

Chūnin Exam arc
Before the
Chūnin Exams started, Sasuke fought Rock Lee, who easily overcame the power of his Sharingan through an amazing display of speed and taijutsu prowess; for if the user can't physically keep up with the target then the Sharingan is useless. However, before the finishing blow could be given, Might Guy interrupted the match and punished his beloved student for using a forbidden jutsu in a normal fight. In the first part of the exam, Sasuke realized that, to succeed in the written test, it is required to cheat without getting caught, as the written exam tests a ninja's information-gathering ability. Sasuke was shown using the Sharingan to copy the movement of a student in front of him, effectively copying the answers.

In the second test of the Chūnin Exam in the
Forest of Death, Sasuke was attacked by Orochimaru. Recognizing that they were no match for Orochimaru, Sasuke tried to surrender. However, Naruto stopped him, attacking Orochimaru regardless of the clear difference in strength, and taunting Sasuke just as he had earlier taunted Naruto. This spurred Sasuke into action, giving him the resolve to defeat Orochimaru. Impressed, Orochimaru put his cursed seal on Sasuke's neck during the battle as a reward, causing Sasuke so much pain that he fell unconscious. As the seal attuned to his body, he had nightmares, and, when he woke up, was immersed in its power. He immediately saved Sakura from the attacking Sound Genin, effortlessly defeating them and going so far as to break Zaku's arms. Recognizing that the Cursed Seal had apparently corrupted him, Sakura hugged him and pleaded for him to stop. He relented, and the seal receded. Sasuke was surprised by his own sudden burst of strength.

Sasuke's match up in the preliminaries was against
Yoroi Akadō. Before the fight started, Kakashi warned Sasuke that, if his Cursed Seal got out of control, which would happen if he used any chakra, he would need to be removed from the competition. The match started with Yoroi absorbing what little chakra Sasuke had left through his hands, and with Sasuke being in constant pain from his Cursed Seal. Having only one option, and remembering his previous encounter with Rock Lee, Sasuke used the Lion Combo. Yoroi was knocked out, and Sasuke advanced to the next round.

Following his win, Kakashi took Sasuke away to seal the Cursed Seal, but made it a point to tell him that the seal would only remain active as long as Sasuke wanted it to. Not convinced that his words would deter Sasuke from seeing the Cursed Seal, and Orochimaru, as a source of power, Kakashi used the month leading up to the final rounds to teach him the
Chidori. At the same time, knowing Sasuke would be facing Gaara, he helped Sasuke to emulate some of Lee's speed. After showing up late for his match with Gaara, Sasuke demonstrated the fruits of his training, even managing to break through Gaara's defenses and injure him. Before the match could finish, however, it was interrupted by the start of Orochimaru's attack on Konoha.

Invasion of Konoha arc
With the start of the invasion, Gaara fled the village with his siblings, and Sasuke was sent after them by
Genma. Sasuke chased them and, after short battles with Kankurō and Temari, Sasuke caught up with and fought Gaara. Sasuke used Chidori, once again managing to wound Gaara, who by now had started to transform into his Shukaku state. The form, however, allowed Gaara to quickly recuperate from the attack, putting Sasuke on the defensive since he no longer had the chakra reserves to use Chidori again. With Gaara's resolve to kill him growing increasingly stronger, Sasuke had no choice but to tap into the Cursed Seal in order to use another Chidori. However, this had no effect against Gaara, and Sasuke was left exhausted. Unable to move, Sasuke was saved by the prompt arrival of Sakura and Naruto. Sasuke watched Naruto's fight with Gaara unfold, becoming jealous of Naruto once he claimed victory.

Return of Itachi arc
After the failed invasion, Sasuke went to see Kakashi. When he arrived at Kakashi's house, he found Kakashi in a coma. Although nobody in the room was willing to tell him what had happened,
Aoba Yamashiro soon arrived and let slip that Itachi had returned to the village in search of Naruto. Determined to find Itachi and to save Naruto (by order of priority), Sasuke tracked his teammate down and found that Itachi was already there. Despite his best efforts, including the use of Chidori, none of his attacks were able to hit Itachi. Itachi tormented Sasuke physically and mentally, belittling him for still being too weak, eventually leaving Sasuke with a broken wrist and mind. Sasuke then fell into the same coma-like state as Kakashi, and it was not until Tsunade returned to Konoha that he recovered.

Land of Tea arc
In the anime, after Sasuke's recovery from Itachi's
Tsukuyomi, Team 7 was assigned a mission in the Land of Tea without Kakashi. During the mission, they encountered Idate Morino, the client they must protect during his race in the Land of Tea. Near the end of the race, they also encountered Aoi Rokusho, who attacked them. Sasuke's Chidori was ineffective with Aoi's lightning sword; though it made a crack. When seeing Naruto use the Rasengan, not only was it the first time he saw it, but the Rasengan proved strong enough to destroy Aoi's sword and defeat him. At the end, Idate won the race and Team 7 left the Land of Tea, Sasuke resulting back in the hospital for his injuries during the fight with Aoi. Unlike other filler arcs, this arc actually affected the story, as it gave more reason for Sasuke to be irritated that Naruto was becoming stronger. Aoi's words about Sasuke being the weakest member of the Uchiha clan also acted as a catalyst to Sasuke's desire for power.

Sasuke Retrieval arc
Angry that Itachi was still so much stronger than he was, and envious of the fact that Naruto had gotten stronger in such a short period of time, Sasuke challenged Naruto to a fight. Although they were stopped by Kakashi, their brief exchange was enough to show Sasuke that Naruto's Rasengan was more damaging than his Chidori. Kakashi lectured him about using Chidori on his own friends, but, before this could fully sink in, Sasuke was confronted by Orochimaru's
Sound Four, each of whom had their own Cursed Seal. Amazed by their abilities, which they claimed to have received from Orochimaru, Sasuke was left with their offer of escorting him to Orochimaru so that he could get stronger.

To gain the power he so desperately wanted, Sasuke decided to take Orochimaru up on his offer, turning his back on Konoha in the process. As he snuck out of the village, Sakura found him, and soon understood the magnitude of what he was about to do. Desperate not to lose Sasuke, Sakura did anything and everything she could think of, confessing her love for him and even offering to help exact revenge on Itachi. Sasuke's cryptic last words before swiftly knocking her out and departing were, "Sakura... thank you." Sasuke left with the Sound Four, who soon afterwards advanced his Cursed Seal to its second level, a process that left him unconscious for most of their battle with the
Sasuke Retrieval Team.

Soon after Sasuke woke up, he was found by Naruto. Sasuke was glad to see Naruto; after slaughtering the Uchiha clan, Itachi had told Sasuke that he would only be able to match him in battle after he had obtained the Mangekyō Sharingan, which could only be attained by killing one's best friend, which was now Naruto for Sasuke. Naruto refused to accept that Sasuke would do this or his other reasons for pursuing Orochimaru, choosing instead to drag Sasuke back to the village by force if he had to. They subsequently engaged in battle, with Sasuke initially having the upper hand thanks to his Cursed Seal and Sharingan. When he managed to pierce Naruto's right shoulder with his Chidori, however, the
Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's chakra kicked in to protect Naruto, giving him a massive power increase.
With the Nine-Tails' chakra now active, Naruto easily tossed Sasuke about in an attempt to knock some sense into him. Sasuke merely retorted that Naruto could never understand what it was like to lose family members, as he had never had them to begin with. Naruto reasoned that Sasuke was like a brother to him, therefore he would not let him destroy that bond. Sasuke's Sharingan evolved to its final level at that point, tipping the battle in Sasuke's favor because he was able to predict Naruto's movements. The Nine-Tails' chakra once again came to Naruto's rescue, enveloping him in a fox-shaped shield of chakra and boosting his power once more.

With the Nine-Tails' chakra shield, Naruto was again more than Sasuke could handle, even with his Cursed Seal active. To counter Naruto's power, Sasuke activated the second stage of his Cursed Seal, becoming a demonic figure with a pair of huge, hand-like wings sprouting from his back. Naruto attacked with his signature
Rasengan (enhanced by the Nine-Tails' chakra) and Sasuke attacked with his Chidori (also enhanced by his current state). Upon impact, a massive dome of black energy formed around them. Sasuke punched Naruto in the chest at the last second (instead of impaling him with what was left of his Chidori) and knocked him out, while Naruto opted to scratch Sasuke's forehead protector, something Sasuke had said he wouldn't be able to do at the start of the fight.
After the energy dome dissipated, Sasuke was shown to be the victor, now standing over an unconscious Naruto. He considered killing Naruto, but realized that doing so would be exactly what Itachi wanted him to do. Leaving behind his scratched forehead protector, which had fallen off after Naruto's last attack, Sasuke made his way to Orochimaru. While doing so, Sasuke resolved to surpass Itachi in his own way, instead of relying on the same skill Itachi used.

Part II

Sasuke and Sai arc
Sasuke debuted in Part II during a meeting with his replacement in Team 7,
Sai. Sasuke wasn't interested in the slightest, and was more interested in Orochimaru's presence. When Sai stated that he might be able to get along better with Sasuke than he did with Naruto, Sasuke froze him with a stare, catching Sai in a genjutsu exuding a large amount of killing intent.[2] Sai was amazed that even an emotionless person such as himself was affected by Sasuke's gaze, showing the power of his Sharingan. When Sai commented on how Naruto and Sakura had been searching for him, Sasuke once again regarded him with indifference.

Later, when Sai entered his room while he was resting, he told Sasuke that he wanted to repair his and Naruto's bond together. Sasuke then blew up the room, angered that he had been woken up to hear about bonds, his action drawing Naruto and Sakura to their location. Despite this being the first time in three years that they had seen each other, Sasuke expressed his usual indifference towards his former team.[3] Uninterested in going home with them, Sasuke engaged them in battle, showing off his increase in speed and improved abilities. They were little match for him, causing Naruto to begin struggling with the Nine-Tails' chakra. Sasuke used his Sharingan to enter Naruto's mind to meet the Nine-Tails itself, finally discovering the source of Naruto's strength, and managing to suppress its influence. Before releasing Naruto, the Nine-Tails warned Sasuke to not kill Naruto, or he would live to regret it forever.[4] Back outside, Sasuke decided to finish off his former teammates, only to be stopped by Orochimaru. Listening to Orochimaru's plan to use them to thin
Akatsuki's numbers, he left with Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Hunt for Itachi arc
Orochimaru tested Sasuke's abilities by having him battle hundreds of Sound ninja, a task he completed without taking a scratch and without killing any of them. About the latter, Sasuke remarked that the only person he wanted to kill was Itachi. Soon afterwards he attacked Orochimaru, deciding that there was nothing else that he could learn and that Orochimaru was unworthy of having his body or the Sharingan.[5] Although Sasuke appeared victorious after a brief scuffle, Orochimaru was able to initiate the
body-stealing jutsu. Sasuke, however, was able to reverse the process, absorbing Orochimaru into his body.[6]

With Orochimaru gone, Sasuke went ahead to recruit Orochimaru's former test subjects to form a team to help him find and kill Itachi. He recruited
Suigetsu Hōzuki, Karin, and Jūgo and dubbed his new team Hebi. Almost after forming Hebi, Sasuke had his team split up and learn Itachi's whereabouts. While searching, Sasuke was found by Deidara and Tobi. Using his Sharingan, Sasuke managed to counter most of Deidara's attacks, driving him insane with his pre-existing hatred for the Sharingan, which to him could not see his art. As a last ditch effort, Deidara used C0 to blow Sasuke and himself up. Sasuke however summoned Manda to shield himself from the explosion, at the cost of the great serpents life. After recovering from his wounds, Sasuke and Hebi continued onto one of Akatsuki's lairs where Sasuke finds a crow clone of Itachi which tells him they will have their final at the Abandoned Uchiha Stronghold, leaving the rest of Hebi behind with Kisame.

Once inside, Itachi told Sasuke the history of their clan, of
Madara Uchiha and the powers of the Mangekyō Sharingan. Once he finished, the brothers fought first in a battle of genjutsu, and in the end, Sasuke emerged victorious after successfully repelling the effects of Tsukuyomi. The two then switched to a battle of ninjutsu. During the battle, Itachi ignited the area in Amaterasu flames and Sasuke managed to surprise Itachi and attack him with his lighting jutsu Kirin. Itachi survived only by his use of the third and final Mangekyō technique, Susanoo. At this point Sasuke was out of chakra and at Itachi's mercy, but Orochimaru reappeared in a final attempted to take Sasuke's body for his own.[7] Itachi however had Susanoo seal him in a permanent genjutsu and continued towards Sasuke. Cornered, Itachi aiming for Sasuke's eyes, but instead poked Sasuke in the forehead and fell to the floor dead. Sasuke passed out from exhaustion moments later.

Sasuke wakes up in a cave in the care of Tobi, who was in reality Madara Uchiha. Madara tried to befriend Sasuke by removing his mask and revealing his Sharingan eye, something that caused Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan to form in Sasuke's left eye and made him use Amaterasu on Madara, who quickly retreated into the darkness of the cave. After stopping the black flames, Madara then appeared again with his mask and began to muse about how Itachi never ceased to amaze him.[8] As Sasuke asked what he was talking about, Madara revealed that Itachi had most likely set it up so that the sight of his Sharingan would trigger the Amaterasu he had sealed within Sasuke. As Sasuke complained that he was making no sense, Madara revealed that it had been to protect him, and, when Sasuke still didn't believe him, Madara said how it must all sound crazy, but assured him that he was telling the truth, and introduced himself as the man who had helped Itachi to slaughter the entire Uchiha clan.

Madara revealed to Sasuke to "truth" of Itachi, that he killed his clan by orders from
Konoha, how he joined Akatsuki to make sure the elders didn't forget him, and how in the end his only goal was to keep his village, and his brother safe. And that everything he had done was to make sure Sasuke grew strong. Remembering his childhood of how Itachi really was a kind, good brother, Sasuke developed his own Mangekyō Sharingan. He renamed Hebi to Taka and vowed he would destroy Konoha after crying over the memories of his beloved older brother.

Hunt for the Eight-Tails arc
Before Hebi, now renamed
Taka, could attack Konoha, Madara convinced them to start working with Akatsuki. He sent them to the Land of Thunder to capture the Eight-Tailed Giant Ox, where they found its host, Killer Bee. The capture attempt got off to a bad start, as Killer Bee easily defeated both Suigetsu and Jūgo, and wounded Sasuke by impaling him in the chest with multiple swords. Sasuke was rescued and healed by Karin, and the team decided to all attack at once. While they had more success, Killer Bee released a great deal of the Eight-Tails' chakra and created a chakra cloak. When Sasuke failed a genjutsu on Killer Bee (who easily shook the attack off), the latter retaliated with great force, using the Eight-Tails' power to blow Sasuke's neck and chest apart. While Sasuke was down, Killer Bee fully transformed into the beast sealed within him, leaving Taka outclassed. Suigetsu then sacrificed himself to give Jūgo time to heal Sasuke by fusing some of his own flesh with Sasuke's. Fearing the deaths of his teammates, Sasuke unleashed his new Mangekyō Sharingan and Amaterasu to capture Killer Bee.

Sasuke delivered Killer Bee to
Madara (although this was later discovered to be a fake) before regrouping with Taka. While resting, they dealt with a Kumo ninja who had been following them. However, when Sasuke tipped over a glass of water, he learned that his eyesight was already starting to deteriorate. He opted to keep this revelation from the team.

Five Kage Summit arc
Once Taka recovers from their fight with Killer Bee, they head for Konoha. Madara stops them en route, telling them that Konoha has already been destroyed and that the Eight-Tails has evaded capture. To reach a compromise, Madara convinces Sasuke to go to the
Kage Summit to kill Danzō, the new Hokage and one of the conspirators in the Uchiha's assassination. Zetsu leads them to the Land of Iron, and upon arrival Taka sneaks past the samurai guards.

As they wait for the meeting to end so that they can ambush Danzō, Zetsu exposes Taka's location and the samurai mobilize to eliminate them. Sasuke slaughters their attackers, and Karin notes that Sasuke's chakra has become noticeably darker.
Ē, the Fourth Raikage and Killer Bee's brother, is drawn to the site and engages Taka in battle. Taka tries to fend off the Raikage and his bodyguards, but both Jugo and Suigetsu are defeated. Ē then turns his attention to Sasuke, determined to avenge Killer Bee.

The Raikage delivers a series of debilitating attacks to Sasuke, forcing him to produce the bones of
Susanoo as a defense. When E proves able to break through this as well, Sasuke coats the bones with Amaterasu's flames to act as a deterrent. The Raikage attacks anyway, sacrificing his arm in order to try and kill Sasuke. Ē moves in for a finishing blow and Sasuke attempts to counter with Blaze Release: Kagutsuchi, but both are stopped by Gaara, the Kazekage. Gaara tells the Raikage to heal the damage to his arm while he speaks with Sasuke. He encourages Sasuke to end his life of darkness and hatred, reminding him he was once like that but changed. Sasuke refuses, saying that he had long ago shut his eyes and had no intention of opening them again, as he claimed that his goal was now in the darkness.

Gaara and his siblings join with one of Ē's bodyguards,
Darui, in attacking Sasuke. Sasuke forms a more complete Susanoo to block the barrage and then uses its sword to destroy the room. As his attackers deal with the falling debris, Sasuke locates Karin and has her take him to Danzō. Danzō flees when Sasuke arrives. He attempts to pursue but is stopped by Mei Terumī, the Fifth Mizukage. Sasuke struggles to combat her two kekkei genkai in addition to the strain caused by use of Susanoo. As his chakra begins to dwindle, Zetsu intervenes, sapping Mei's chakra and giving it to Sasuke.

Sasuke begins searching for Danzō, but is this time interrupted by
Ōnoki, the Tsuchikage. He attacks Sasuke with Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique. Karin believes that this kills Sasuke when she loses track of his chakra signature, but Madara quickly appears with Sasuke draped over his shoulder. He sends Sasuke to another dimension to keep him from Kage and sends Karin with him to heal his wounds.
After Sasuke recuperates, Madara appears in the dimension to offer him a "gift". He releases Sasuke right in front of Danzō, giving him a chance at vengeance. At the same time, Danzō reveals that his right arm is covered in Sharingan, and voices his intention to add Sasuke's to his collection. When Sasuke asks where Danzō got the Sharingans, Danzō said that it would take too long to explain all of their origins. Sasuke agrees, saying that the answer would only fuel his anger even further and that he has already determined that Danzō must die. Giving the elder a menacing glare, he asks if it was true that Danzō and the other elders were responsible for making Itachi kill the Uchiha. Instead of responding, Danzō performs several hand seals and rushes towards Sasuke and punches him but is blocked by Susanoo's rib. It has no apparent effect on the young Uchiha as he grabs Danzō with the hand of Susanoo. After Sasuke pressures Danzō by crushing him with the Susanoo hand, Danzō admits the truth and curses Itachi, wrongly believing that he told Sasuke the truth (though it was really Madara). After hearing this confession, Sasuke becomes even more angry and summons more of the Susanoo's body, which lets out a ear-piercing shriek. Danzō goes on to say that Itachi was just another sacrificial ninja who threw away everything just to maintain a peaceful world. The elder continues by ridiculing Sasuke for ignoring Itachi's wish and making his sacrifice in vain. Sasuke then literally crushes Danzō, telling him to never speak Itachi's name again. However, Danzō appears alive and well behind Sasuke, much to the latter's shock and tells him that they should now speak with their eyes.

Sasuke continues to use advanced Mangekyo Sharingan techniques to seemingly finish off Danzō, but he keeps emerging unharmed. Danzō uses two wind style techniques at Sasuke, but he is able to evade both of them, showing his new summoning, a Hawk. He cuts off Danzō's right arm and across his chest, but he emerges, without any damage. In a quick sudden, Danzō is surrounded by dozens of crows, followed shortly by a Genjutsu of Itachi Uchiha, shocking Danzō. While distracted, Sasuke uses Amaterasu to trap Danzō and attempts to finish him with his sword. Unfortunately, Danzō already saw through the Genjutsu and paralyzed Sasuke with binding seal he put on Sasuke during their earlier struggle. As Danzō begins ridiculing Itachi for his "mistake" of letting Sasuke live, Sasuke's rage allows his chakra to finally produce a complete Susanoo and break free from Danzō's binding, much to Madara's joy. As Sasuke has Susanoo fire an arrow at Danzō, Danzō shockingly uses a Wood Release to produce a wood barrier from his arm.

As Danzō's mysterious jutsu continues to toy with Sasuke, Danzō unleashes a summoning of his own, a Baku, which begins sucking Sasuke and everything around him in. Danzō then unleashes another
wind jutsu on Sasuke, but Sasuke takes advantage of it by using it to enhance his fire-jutsu and launches it in the Baku's mouth. Sasuke then has Susanno punch Danzō into the wall. Finally, Karin analyzes the weakness of Danzō's jutsu, telling Sasuke that Danzō can only maintain it for one minute at a time, after which he can no longer use one of his Sharingan eyes. Sasuke then attacks Danzō for a final clash, the two impaling each other.

Going to the future(Custom arc)

After impaling each other Sasuke found himself being sent through time do to a strange jutsu Danzo had used to get himself out of dieing. Finding himself confused and wounded sasuke wandered around the area untill a medical ninja found him and healed his wounds. He now wanders the world in search of a way back to his own time.
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Uchiha Sasuke - SPOILER alert- Do not read unless you have read to current day manga on OM(or other manga sites)
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