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 Nagato "Pein" Fuuma

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Nagato "Pein" Fuuma

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PostSubject: Nagato "Pein" Fuuma   Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:53 am

Name: Nagato "Pein" Fuuma

Gender: Male

Village: Amegakure


Age: 29

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 180 lbs.

Element: Rain,Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Nature Manipulation and Life/Death (Souls/Tenshi)

Giant Drill-Beaked Bird
Giant Multi-Headed Dog
Giant Panda
Giant Ram
Giant Rhino
Giant Crustacean
Giant Centipede
Giant Snake-Tailed Chameleon
Deva Path
Human Path
Preta Path
Asura Path
Naraka Path

Bio: During the war in Amegakure, two Konoha shinobi broke into Nagato's house looking for food thinking that the house had been abandoned. His parents, believing they were going to be killed, attacked the two strangers so Nagato could escape. Thinking that they were enemy ninja, the Konoha shinobi killed Nagato's parents, prompting Nagato to awaken his Rinnegan and dispose of the intruders. He would come to consider this incident the first great pain of his life.[2]

Having no one left to call family, Nagato left his home after burying his parents and began wondering aimlessly with nothing but a few supplies, along with meeting and befriending a stray dog that he named 'Chibi'. He later grouped up with fellow orphans Konan and Yahiko and they looked after each other.[3] One day, the three friends got caught in a battle crossfire between the Legendary Sannin and Hanzō, resulting in Chibi dying in Nagato's arms. This infuriated Yahiko to the point of declaring that he would become a god to stop all madness, which eventually became Nagato's desire.

After the great war ended, Nagato and his friends met the Sannin, who at first were less than willing to help them. Orochimaru even suggested to kill them as they were orphans of war and as such would only live their lives full of misery. Jiraiya, on the other hand, decided that he would take care of them to compensate for what the Sannin did.

One night at dinner, Nagato cried because eating together with his master and friends reminded him of his family; Later that night, he ran away with Yahiko. The two were attacked by an Iwagakure chunin, who injured Yahiko. To his horror, Nagato activated his Rinnegan and killed the ninja. When Jiraiya found out about this, he decided to train them in ninjutsu.[4] Nagato was very emotional about killing the ninja, and asked Jiraiya for help so he could protect Konan and Yahiko. Jiraiya's response was for Nagato to grow up. He also revealed the truth behind Nagato's Rinnegan, that his eyes may be the key to finding the peace they both desired for the world.

After three years, Jiraiya felt they were strong enough to fend for themselves, so he was convinced to head for home. Jiraiya believed Nagato to have later died with the other orphans under unexplained circumstances,[5] but has told Konan that whenever their names were mentioned outside their village, it was always about someone being killed when they opposed them.

In truth, Nagato, Konan, and Yahiko began a quest to find the peace that they desired, just like Jiraiya did. While becoming full-fledged Rain ninja, they followed their own path and began gathering several supporters with Yahiko as their leader. Unfortunately, then Amegakure leader Hanzō viewed Yahiko's gang as a threat to his position as leader and schemed with Danzo and Konoha's Foundation to eliminate them. Luring Yahiko's group into a trap under the guise of three-way peace talks with the Land of Fire, Land of Wind, and Land of Earth, Hanzō took Konan hostage and used her life as a bargaining chip to try and force Nagato to kill Yahiko. Faced with a horrible decision and with both Konan and Yahiko showing their willingness to die for the sake of the other, Nagato struggled with himself until Yahiko physically forced Nagato to kill him by placing the kunai in his hand and guiding it. With Yahiko's dying breath, he told Nagato to survive because he believed in Jiraiya's words that Nagato would become the world's savior; This would become the second great pain of Nagato's life.

After Yahiko's death, Hanzō ordered his shinobi to kill Nagato as well, but Nagato managed to unleash his Shinra Tensei to repel their kunai. As Nagato rescued Konan, Hanzō captured him with exploding tags, severely burning his legs and hands in the resulting explosion. However, Nagato continued to hold his ground and returned Konan to safety, telling her to take hold of Yahiko's body. Nagato then performed Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, despite Konan's pleas, and used the Illusionary Dragon Nine Consuming Seal statue to decimate both Hanzō and Danzo's forces. The technique didn't kill Hanzō and Danzo, as they were able to flee. However, it left Nagato emaciated with numerous chakra rods embedded in his back, which, along with the injuries from the explosion, seemed to necessitate his future use of a robotic transport. Leadership of the gang passed on to Nagato as he scratched through the symbol of his Amegakure forehead protector, presumably indicating both the origin of the rebellion that would lead to civil war and the beginning of his teaching of enlightenment through pain.

Upon adopting the alias "Pain", Nagato led the rebelling forces in the Amegakure civil war and took control of the village by assassinating Hanzō, then solidified his leadership by systematically killing anyone who had direct ties to the former leader. The members of Pain's faction then wore their forehead protectors with scratches through them (a practice shared by the members of Akatsuki) to symbolize their rebellion and continued to wear them even after gaining control of the country, despite no longer being rogue ninja, to symbolize their victory in the conflict

Family Members: Parents dead

Team mates: Konan and Yahiko (Ame Orphans)

Sensei: Jiraiya

Weapons: Black metal pikes and spears, That disrupts chakra flow.

Outfit: Akatsuki Robes on Paths and Nagato wears Ame Shinobi style gear.

Strengths: Group Combat, Leadership and Elemental Mastery.

weakness's: Time delay after powerful jutsus.

Abilities: Able to control anyone or thing pierced by his black metal. Able to see and hear anything his Paths do.
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Council of Four
Council of Four

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PostSubject: Re: Nagato "Pein" Fuuma   Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:32 am

o.o Er, we're not accepting any cannon characters...
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PostSubject: Re: Nagato "Pein" Fuuma   Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:07 am

Pein the thing is No canons are allowed. You also have to buy Rinnengan (Seeing as many people saw this unfair. =/ ) and Ame doesnt exist anymore seeing as we are in the future.All ya have to do is change your name,village and choose a rank and your fine.
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PostSubject: Re: Nagato "Pein" Fuuma   

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Nagato "Pein" Fuuma
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