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 Heading to Moon

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Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 1573
Type : Advanced
Rank : Chuunin
Elements : Ice and Water

PostSubject: Heading to Moon   Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:31 pm

Ryuu grimaced as he walked up to a see port, "This is always my least favorite part of traveling...I need to come up with a way for us to get back and forth without traveling the ocean..." he said as he walked onto the boat.

After hours of waiting the boat was finally full and Ryuu was on his way. He quietly walked into the room he bought and laid on the bed quietly on the bed. Quickly falling asleep, he slept there for hours. Until someone woke him up by banging on the door, "Sir!! its time to wake up, we have arrived!" the man said.

After quietly getting out of bed he picked up his sword and quickly and silently ran it through the door stabbing the man who had woken him up "next time...just let me sleep." he said angerly as the man died.

{Next post - The Sea port}
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Posts : 70
Type : aurora
Rank : jounin
Elements : dark, lightning

PostSubject: Re: Heading to Moon   Sun Jan 10, 2010 3:16 pm

I came to up to port as though i had been here many times though this was my first time i got on the boat went into my cabin and instantly fell asleep. When we arrived a man knock on my door and said "we've arrive sir." i got up irratated becuase i was woken up so i walked up to the door and opened it i kick the man in the chest sending flying so hard into the water he been skipping on the surface as though a stone and said "next time u desturbe me ill kill you" I then got off the boat and continued on my way tp the moon village
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Posts : 299

PostSubject: Re: Heading to Moon   Sun Jan 10, 2010 10:28 pm

He had taken the only route he knew to get to Moon Village. The ports. He quietly took a boat to Moon Village, waiting till the boat arrived. He stepped off and headed in a different direction, needed to take care of some tongues before he went to the meeting he had heard about.
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Haku Shasa
Council of Four
Council of Four

Posts : 841
Rank : Genin
Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Heading to Moon   Sun Jan 10, 2010 11:16 pm

Mari would come upon the ocean shortly after traveling though the snowy forest for the last time in awhile. Perhaps not as she smirk standing at the ocean line. She though for a moment of stealing the boat. Mari could prove her worth by killing them off but she wouldn't yet. Instead she walk calmly towards the boat looking as nothing was wrong. She would pay for her room on the boat simply boarding as she heads straight towards her room.

Mari would open her window in the room letting in the sea breezes as she lay down on the bed. She smile at the ceiling as the wind breezes kept her from going insane. After about 10 minutes had pass she saw a dophin flip out of the water and back in it from standing up. She walk around the room too restless to get to the moon village to sleep. She smirk as she walks around for another 10 minutes.

It would seem there being a hold up, perhaps there should be a killing or so on this boat for it. Mari would chuckle as she peeks out her door to see what the hold up was. It would seem the other's was yelling about a stupid holdup on the engine breaking down, funny it would happen here. Considering she saw them checking over the equipment twice when they saw who it was hearing details about the young Mari, sister of Ryuu and appretice of him.

She would chuckle glaring before speeding into the hallway behind one of the workers and puts a kunai to his neck and whispers words that was fake to her and him if he caught on. "Keep your mouth shut if you wanna live." Then she would chuck him in the head and slam him to the floor which got the other attention of the workers. "If you wanna stay alive then get this boat to moon village already." She was making them fear of her, showing them who she had became. That was her first vitcim as she watches the body on the floor crack it skull bleeding a slow death.

Mari would laugh and walk away not caring anymore as she feels the boat start again being warn of who is on board. She grinned as she looks out the window again as the sea calms her insane ways down. Soon after another 20 minutes of traveling she would see the boat hult beside a sea dock which she assumes they arrive on the shores of moon village as a knock is heard on the door saying in a steange voice "Miss. Mari, we have arrive." She would nod as she tells them to go away leaving the ship in the direction of moon village.

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Chizuru Hayate

Posts : 120
Type : Ketsuekigakure - Village Hidden in the Blood
Rank : Genin
Elements : Lightning, Water

PostSubject: Re: Heading to Moon   Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:10 pm

It was a foggy day that Hayate arrives at the docks. The mist was thick and pouring rolling up he shores from the warmer waters. He walks through the mist and to those who view him he seems to be a spector. He doesnt talk to anyone he passes and he passes by the boats in the harbor. He finally arrives to the office of the harbor master. He turns the doorknob and sees a chubby sea faring man behind a desk. He had many tattoos that can be seen on what ever parts of his body that were exposed. Hayate put a few ryo on the table.

I am looking for passage to the Moon Village and I would like to catch a boat with a crew that asks little questions.

The harbor master looks over the coins and points to a particular dark coored boat a few docks down. Hayate leaves his office and heads down the pier and arrives at the boat. He gets an audience with the captain.

I need to get to the Moon Village and I hear you are on your way there. If you allow me passage, I can provide my abilities as a doctor for your travels.

The captain accepts Hayates offer. Hayate then goes to his cabin, He sets out a few of his medical supplies about the room and drowns his thoughts in possible research. The first patient walk into through the door. He had a few minor scrapes that had gotten infected since he never got them treated properly. Annoyed by such a minor inconveniece, but sterilized the wounds and healed them. The trip was near over and Hayate was even deeper in hs thoughts. When the next patient walked into his cabin. He had nearly ripped his leg off in an engine room accident, Hayate was deeply annoyed to be bothered a second time, and this mans screams of pain were annoying him. He reaches into his bag and pulls out a piece of cloth and gags him and splints his leg and starts to heal it.

The boat arrives at the moon village and Hayate walks off the boat. The man whose leg he saved approaches him while he was walking through a back ally to thank him. Hayate turns and shoves one of his poison kunai into his chest and pierces his heart. The man stares at him with questioning eyes but unable to speak as his death draws near.

This is for disrupting my studies with your petty pathetic problems.

Hayate pockets his kunai and continues his way through the Moon village.
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PostSubject: Re: Heading to Moon   

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Heading to Moon
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