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 The Will of Seirei Sora.

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Sora ~Guardian of Dreams~


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PostSubject: The Will of Seirei Sora.   Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:58 pm

Dear all, ninja and friends, acquaintances, and allies, everyone dear to me. I address this letter of order to you. I wished for Sawaii/Icisia-sensei to read this letter, since at the time she was the Kage, and my sensei during my genin years. I ask her to stand here today and tell you all of my last wishes, regrets, and items that I would like to give you as a memory of me. A personal memory.

Whether you choose it to use to kill others as a use of a power source, determination, pride, memories of the saddened heart. Whether it be a source of goodness or evil, purity or revenge, I wish that you take it, without hesitation. I am dead, and I know it. So gladly take the memory of me in your heart and let you wander forward. I will explain each item, and what they mean, why I have chosen to give it to you.

Please do not fear death, fear the un-lived life. I do not doubt that you all have lived once and lived well and as so you stand before my body with maybe much sorrow, or maybe much relief that I am finally put to rest, I ask that you take a moment of silence to think of the fun and good times you had with me. As the thought of me rests in your mind, and as the touch of me is imprinted on your skin. I am with the flow of the moon. Look to the moon at night, and I shall always be watching over you. This, sometimes, is so hard to say goodbye. I knew all of you well. Onto the items.

The first item...

A red sash: The red sash around my arm tied as a band, goes to Crowe. Though we did not know each other truly for a long time. It is of importance to me and should be to him. This red sash represents great strength and power. It also represents determination and perseverance to carry on through anything. I think he should have it, because he has shown these attributes of himself, clearly. I wish for him to treasure it, as he would have treasured what meant the most to him. Wear this proudly and use it, however you wish.

The second item...

A blood-diamond stained kunai: This item, goes to Tsurenai Ryu. I want him to have it. This kunai has blood stains on the tip of it, showing of the bravery I have used during my life. And the boldness even enough to kill. It has stainless diamonds on the sides of it, and they are unbreakable. They have regenerative properties, in other words they will always regenerate. Please take care of it, an cherish it as you cherish what is important to you. I would have wanted you to take care of it. It represents the will to fight, and yet the sensitivity of the person behind the weapon. Ryu, I want you never to lose this, and fight with it, as I did. And my skill shall always be with you. (Though you may not need it.) Carry on, and use it as you please.

The third item...

Two items: A necklace and a jutsu for the Shikimori Art: Meteor Dragon Assault: I leave these two items to my sister, Rika. And to my brother, Tsumi. Tsumi is a great brother and friend, and even though I haven't known him for that long in my lifetime, I have left him one of my strongest jutsus. I was taught by Kazuki Shikimori, amazing ninja. I want my brother to have it as he is one of the strongest I've ever met. I revere him greatly. And I want him to use this scroll as I would. Learn it diligently. And the necklace I leave to my sister Rika. She is my twin sister, fraternal of course. Though we have only been able to spend a small time segment of our lives together, our training and powers have increased greatly. I give you the necklace around my neck. I want you to wear it proudly, and in times of need of hope, or determination, will power, and integrity, protection, just look and hold the necklace. My necklace is now yours my good hearted twin. You were the dark to my light. I will miss you both dearly.

The fourth item...

My Ninja Headband: I give this to Sawaii/Icisia-sensei. We were good friends. She was my Kage, sensei, friend, and so much more. A person I could trust with my life, and a person whom was someone I would tag team with and we would never be beat. A true ninja in her heart and in her mind, she deserves this greatly. A member of the Aurora village, my home town. And someone whom I have basically grown up with to be the ninja I was. Sorry that my death might be in vain to you, but take my headband. I want you to have it. Fight with all your might, and never let your dreams go.

The fifth item...

Shikimori Gi: I leave this to Kazuki Shikimori. He was a friend, a teacher, and a true ninja on the inside and out. His attributes about himself blatantly state that even as he was, young, he was also brave and always willing to fight what he truly cared for. As his esteemed student, and of course his trusted friend, I leave him the Shikimori Gi he gave me when I was his student a long time ago. It helped me to become the ninja I was. And I want him to have it back, to always have my presence with him in his fights. As well as my memory. He may do with it what he wishes.

The sixth and final item...

My soul: I leave this of course to Rialen. She was really close to me, someone I love with all my heart even now in death, and before when I was alive. She was someone I could trust, and a best friend. A member of the Aurora Village as well, and a great ninja. She is a smart and independent woman whom always seems to be able to think with both her heart and mind, though through those emotions she is feeling today and of yesterdays she has accomplished something. She has accomplished to become a great ninja I know her to be. Kind and gentle, and yet fierce and strong. She has an aura that just means she is friendly, and I cherished and protected her any way I could if I could. While I was alive, I did love with truly. And for that as I had given her my heart, I cannot give her myself. But there is a crystal in which, I want someone who knows of how to remove a soul, to seal mine safely inside. I wish to be sealed inside the crystal and worn as a necklace for everyone to see, and for Rialen to protect with her life. She may do as she wishes with the necklace. But this is truly my last wish. I know this might be challenging, but I shall always be with you now, Rialen. My spirit, my soul, my power, my legacy. everything. My heart, and now even my soul rests with you. For both protection and of course security you'll never have to be alone.

~ Those are my final items and regrets that I did not get to say you while I was still alive. I wish I could have, but I could not find the time to say them as I was crushed to death by two dragons whom crushed my body. Myself is now just an angel in heaven watching over you all with a smile. If you wish to do what you will to this world, that is fine with me. I will not stop you. Just know that I am always with you. As both your guardian angel, and of the course the shining moon in the starry night sky, shining down upon you. Let me illuminate your features in the darkness, and open your hearts to the truth that is life. Do not fear death, fear the un-lived life. And so as I conclude this will, I shall say goodbye to you all. As all I can say is, you truly meant a lot to me, all of you. Thank for you being there for me, now it is my turn. I am never truly going to be gone. Peace and love, for good this time....

'I've been through hell and back, but I'm not giving up, no never. I will never give up!... It's just who I am."

'A dream is a true desire, a wish from your heart, and they should never be forsaken. I have my own dreams, and I have a right to chase them. Your dreams are safe with me.'
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The Will of Seirei Sora.
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