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 Crowe's solo training

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Posts : 70
Type : aurora
Rank : jounin
Elements : dark, lightning

PostSubject: Crowe's solo training   Tue Jan 05, 2010 8:48 pm

as i stand in the middle of the field surounded by dummies i take a deep breath. then i focus my chakra into the shaft of my chakra sythe which created its blade. i then focused on the first row of dummies i charged at full speed almost as a blur and used an upward strike that caused a shockwave that sliced threw everything in his path. then i spoke.

dark sythe style: aura spark..

i then spun keepin my momentum and charged at another target.

aahhh!!! take this... eternal end!!!

i said this as i kicked the dummy into the air then jumped over him and kicked it back down and slashed seven vital points as it fall and slamed it into the ground with a final kick leaving a small crater. i then continued to attack and attack not leting up until i was back where i started surrounded by nothing more then shreads of wat was once 50 practice dummies. cover in sweat i gave took a big breath. i then said

that was a gud werk out im gettin a lil faster. as i look at my timer. then i thought to myself

this is still to small of a difference though i want to become stronger

i then smiled and let myself fall back and just laided there on the field staring at the clouds. then a cool breeze swept past and i said

ahh the breeze feels nice

smiling i just layed there
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Crowe's solo training
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