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 Okamiuri Clan (Done)

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Okamirui Kaishin

Okamirui Kaishin

Posts : 79
Type : Anthro
Rank : Genin
Elements : Wind

PostSubject: Okamiuri Clan (Done)   Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:13 am

Okamirui Clan



The Clan itself is ancient in all terms, dating back 1000 years prior to the Ninja, Samurai, or even Medics world were thought of. But due to the Clans own power struggle, it feel practically to nothing, and faded away into the textbooks of the world. It was re-awakened once again by chance, through recent generations. Starting off as nothing, but a lone Clan lead by one person alone, Kaishin. Though even he himself didn’t know he was the “Soul Survivor” of the ancient clan. With the help of a pack of wondering wolves, he began to understand his ancient history, and the secrets behind the new found “Okamirui Clan.” The small Clan began to grow in size and fame as Kaishin took in that same Wolf Pack that found him and taught him the ways of the Ancient Past.

Some years before Kai's birth occurred, a small disagreement, soon to be fight, broke out the Main Branch and Kenji, a son from the Lower Branch. He was bright, talented and powerful when compared to the sons of the main branch. Wanting change he challenged Daichi, the head of the family. Daichi agreed to Kenji's challenge and stated that the terms would be that if Kenji lost he would leave the family, but if he won he would become the next young man to take over as head of family when Daichi died? The battle went on for 3 full days between the two men, countless injuries and broken bones by the end, but only one was left standing. Kenji was victorious yet he would spend the next few months healing a broken arm and waiting 5 years for the old man to finally pass.

Days after Daichi died Kenji took over as head of the Clan as promised. His changes were felt all the way down to the lowest branches of the family. He insured even the children of the lower branches had the ability to climb the social latter and become the head of the clan if they so wished. This caused the main branch to train their children even harder so they would not sink to a lower level. The competition caused by this change made the clan grow in power quickly for the first few years. A clan that used to be a lower leveled clan had become a powerhouse but in the resent year’s clan wars has changed the world around them. Still one of the most powerful clans in the all of the lands they try to keep their lifestyle alive. With trained wolfs at their side during daily lives, there is almost never a moment when they are without a companion by their side.

Due to the Clan growing so rapidly, and advancing in power at a more higher rate then expected. Underground assassins from around the ninja world began to eliminate the clan slowly, but surely. Enemy Clans decided that the Clan must be dwindled down, to keep a higher power from coming in and taking over. With both main branches and branch family members down to nothing, they all eventually fled there separate ways and fled to different sections of the world, into hiding. With word around the ninja World, that the Okamiuri Clan has been eradicated, nations began to let them slip into history with other fallen Clans. None knew, but the Clan was being reborn, and maybe even dug up out of hiding from its "roots". One remaining survive of the Clan remained. Young, but full of life and prosper, as he could carry the Clan back into fame. Though with a little bit of help from some guiding words from original members. The Okamiuri will soon rise again...after Kai passed his Chuunin exams that is!!

This clan uses the full potential of their bestial brothers and sisters by utilizing their extremely strong bond this clan shares with the animal kingdom. Having a few ties with their distant cousins of the Inu Clan, they also have their own hidden potential, the "Berserk Limit", their most dangerous ability they posses, but yet fatal to even themselves.

Berserk Limit

Bloodline Name: Berserk Limit
Clan Name: Okamirui Clan
Bloodline Founder: Okamirui Kaishin
Prime Element: None

Bloodline Abilities:

- Chakra Barrier - Active (First Stage Transformation)
A light barrier of chakra forms around the user as a protective shield. This barrier only forms during the first stage of the transformation, and fades away into fur as the user goes into his second stage.

- Elemental Barrier - Active/Passive (Second Stage Transformation)
A light protective barrier forms around the user as a protective shield. The barrier itself can take on different forms depending on the users Main Elemental preference. The user can at will put the shield up and down themselves, but most times it’s always active. The barrier is hard to get around but not impenetrable.

- Bone Armor - Active (Third Stage Transformation)
Bone plates of armor begin to form on and around the body. Skull shaped helmet, Shoulder Pads, Sharp Shoulder Blades, (with an extra set to match below them) Chest Plate, Wrist Guards, Shin Guards and Paw Claws. Can protect from Heavy damage, and even cause damage depending on its usage.

- Heightened Senses - Active
A few of the 5 senses on the body are heightened to greater extents. Smell (track and sniff out hard to find things with little ease), Eyes (Binocular vision and hand-eye coordination to some degree), Sound (greater distance and lower frequency readings can be heard to a degree).

Bloodline History:

Nothing is really known about this Kekkei Genkai, for even Kai himself doesn't consider it to be one. He tends to say it’s an ill manor way of showing his anger, almost as if it were a condition. None other than Kaishin, actually poses such an ability, so it seems to be limited to only himself, but even still considering the fact that an ancient Clan once lived with such abilities, it is most likely dormant in its later ancestors that Kai eventually finds, and forms a new Clan with. The transformation itself is caused by pure anger and rage; from loss, sorrow, malice, pain or even an uncontrollable desire to fight, which would fit well for Kai's appetite for battle, or with simple training to tap into the state. Kai takes on a unique state of mind and form when he does however reach this Berserker Limit. Kai goes from a seemingly normal looking person, give or take his already animal like qualities, into a beast of almost mindless proportions. Destroying and blowing up anything in its path, even friends to a degree of self control. Having no actual history on such a transformation, Kai himself is still learning as he goes through it.

The first appearance Kai takes on is rather distinct compared to his next few transformations. A light chakra barrier begins to form over the user, in the color of the user’s general chakra color, Kai's being Blue, and one chakra tail forms just behind the user. The remaining 2, Kai has yet to unlock as of yet. The wolves wouldn't want him to grow to out of control, till he was able to fully control his first state.

Giving its name, the user goes into a mindless Berserk like state of mind, going after any and all things in its path. Though Kai has managed to gain some control over this beast within him, and can somewhat tell who and what to and not to attack, though depending on his own anger upon transformation, it may still lean more to "everything in sight". A major asset to this unique trait is that it can be held in great respects if the user can maintain control over himself when in it. The user may be used as a weapon of sorts, but also a shield for greater foes, though tempting the user in the wrong way may result in casualties on both sides, depending upon the user’s choices and everyone around him. A major downfall for the clan is that if the Clan user doesn’t gain enough control over its transformed states, they can be plunged into complete insanity, and eventually kill themselves off to finally end their uncontrolled rages.

Berserker Limit Stages:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3


It does have some. But I honestly leave that up to the user how they wish to do those. I personally have set the amount at 10 ONLY. So I have 10 myself, and that's all for this BL that I'll ever create. But I have created 2 Summoning Jutsu. All are welcomed to them, as well as more ideas for other Summonings.


Clan Members
Okamiuri Kaishin
Okamiuri Shurui
Okamiuri Ukiyo


✖️ Bloodline Element - User Inclined. Main element at best. Mixtures, and advance Elements are not allowed. This is not a Bijuu!!

✖️ Chakra Barrier - Color of the barrier, varies from user to user.

✖️ Elemental Barrier - A simple, but durable shield that protects the user. The users makes it to fit to their main element. Wind, Water, Fire, Lightning, Earth. No Combination Elements or Special Elements (Wood, Blaze, Crystal etc.)

✖️ Bone Armor - Shape and sizes of the bones can differ from each user. And you are welcome to not have all of those plates of armor.
✖️ Enhanced Sense - Okamiuri Clan members already have heightened sense. They are now doubled in Berserker State.

✖️ Weakness - Yes Genjutsu is the Bloodlines weakness. Unstable, and Berserk like mind states are free to think of only one thing, RAGE and nothing more. Which makes them unstable, and easily able to be probed and defeated or calmed. Also..the user themselves is a weakness...If plunged to deep into rage, what remains of the users mind, will go insane, and try and kill off themselves...

✖️ Jutsu/Summonings - Jutsu are created by YOU ALL!! The Wolf Pack Summoning can be summoned by Every Clan Member at the start, but with the said restrictions in rank. "Shiba and Kano" don't have to be the lead member's of YOUR said Wolf Pack. You may freely choose names for yours.

Last edited by Kaishin Okamirui on Tue Mar 23, 2010 2:29 pm; edited 4 times in total
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Kazuki Hatoba

Kazuki Hatoba

Posts : 1232
Type : none
Rank : Genin
Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Okamiuri Clan (Done)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:21 pm

Well the thing is I see that your clan isn't really based off of one detail. What worries me is that since the clan has no true element to base itself off of it seems more as a union of people then a clan. Also if you want to keep the berserker thing that is fine but the bone armour is way to much like the kaguya (kimimiaro). Since there is already a clan like that in the actual series it would be easier to just bring the clan to the site. As for the rest it seems fine.


1. If no element is specified for the clan then focus all jutsu around the main purpose (seemingly the berserker ability)
2. Get rid of the bone armour thingy.
3. The variation of the wind shield is okay but that is to basic of a jutsu so in the sense there is really no reason to affiliate it with your clan.
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Okamirui Kaishin

Okamirui Kaishin

Posts : 79
Type : Anthro
Rank : Genin
Elements : Wind

PostSubject: Re: Okamiuri Clan (Done)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 5:55 pm

• Main element for this Clan isn't really needed. Since elemental jutsu aren't really needed for a Berserker. But I can simple put no Main Element, and it will still all flow. That should work fine?

• As for the Bone Armor...the bones don't move, come off, bend, or any other fancy things Kaguya Clans can do. The Armor is simply ARMOR o.o xD How Naruto got a fox skeleton that covered his body in his 6 tails state. That's what the wolf armor is. Its only purpose is to be used as armor, it can break like any other bone. And when I said that it could be used as a weapon, I meant for like Claws (ex. of course, can become deadly weapon..that's a duh.) But the shoulder blades..if the user does flip or something, can cut the opponent with them. The shoulder blades (hoping you know the body, or have atleast seen how they form) they go straight back, so its almost as if those are wings..but don't allow you to fly, just 2 long bones that extend from the back. Woulda added the spin and junk...but that looked weird in my mind, so I left that part of the skeletal structure off...o.o Cleared any confusion up there?

• Nothing to fancy, but I'll mention this as well...Chakra Barrier (First Stage Armor) Elemental Barrier (Second Stage Armor) Bone Armor (Third Stage Armor)

All just upgraded things of armor o.o...nothing to advance there, nor really useless. They all can be broken, gotten through, or simply destroyed. O.O

• As for that Wind barrier I'll just change that to an Elemental Barrier. O.O The Wind Barrier, was Kai's actually shield, since his elemental preference is Wind.T
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Kazuki Hatoba

Kazuki Hatoba

Posts : 1232
Type : none
Rank : Genin
Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Okamiuri Clan (Done)   Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:06 pm

I am still a little skeptical about it but I approve for now
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PostSubject: Re: Okamiuri Clan (Done)   

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Okamiuri Clan (Done)
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