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 Delete this please. Old version.

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PostSubject: Delete this please. Old version.   Thu Dec 17, 2009 5:25 pm

Background Description:The history of the clan is fairly normal. The clan was formed about half a century ago. It was a small clan with little to do with the world outside its own compound. Even then the clan specialized in the usage of their blood for combat, but without the acidic nature. For a decade the clan grew in numbers, but sadly not in skill. More members where being born and replacing those who died in combat. Finally one day the leader of the Clan couldn't take it anymore. He secretly fled his sleeping quarters one night, and in a mad, finally attempt to keep his clan from one day being wiped out, made a pact with a demon. The demon, he had heard from old scrolls and several elders as a child, was the demon of Sadism, and an expert in the uses for blood. The demon told him he would share his knowledge with the man and his clan, but any child born after this night, would be born with demon blood. The man, not thinking about the consequences of his actions hastily took the offer. The members starting winning battles, gaining power, and were labled as masters of the way of Chiton, or Blood Jutsu. Soon however more children were born, and just as the demon had said, they were born with demon blood. Soon they became populated, and the children of the next two decades caused havoc and insanity where ever they went. Soon villages began making missions for their ANBU to hunt and kill of members of the Keiri Clan, as they were becoming a plague on the surface. Soon not only ANBU but shinobi of all skilled ranks began to join the hunts. At the end of the 4th decade, the clan leader, fearful that once again his people would become extinct, took his clan members and fled. They disappeared, and some speculate they fled straight to hell, where their demonic children could cause carnage without upsetting the order of things. The hunting's stopped, and after a while it was normal again, the villages declaring that the Keiri were no longer a threat, so they need no longer be hunted. Now in the last decade a Keiri is a rare site. They are watched carefully, and allowed to live. Few know the location of the Keiri presently, and those who boast about knowing the location often mysteriously wake up without a tongue. So once again, the Keiri had saved themselves from being wiped out, and remain hidden, save for the few brave souls that walk the surface once more. As well it seems the clan has also recently taken up another skill/hobby, Black smithing. They make their own type of special weapon, that in the Keiri clan has recently been incorporated as a right of passage, signifying the official maturity of a clan member. For an outsider, receiving one such weapon from the clan is considered a great gift and honor.

The clans main ability is the power to imply their intentions through their blood and the manipulation of their blood. Also another, naturally occurring, ability is that their blood is highly corrosive, or acidic. It is theorized that their body has a mishap and strange, digestive, enzymes are found in each blood cell. When the enzymes are met with large proportions of oxygen their digestive process quickens somehow, growing to a rapid rate. The enzymes inside the blood will start digesting other materials. This then gives the appearance of acidic blood. Thankfully when the blood is still inside the body, the amount of oxygen it transports to the lungs isn't enough to wake the weird enzyme out of its otherwise calm state, keeping the members of this clan safe. Along with this another discovery of their anatomy is that their bodies make blood cells faster than most other peoples bodies do. This is speculated as simply the body, overtime, adapting to the bloodline, since the bloodline requires the constant usage of blood in their jutsu. This is to help them in battle so that they have more blood than necessary in their body, allowing them to use blood without fear of killing themselves from blood loss.

(Anyone who wishes to join the clan must either restart their character and become a Keiri, or just simply make an alt and become a Keiri. Clan members can be Human or Demon. No Halfies.)


Bloodline:Gift of the Demon



-Acidic blood creates a great defense or offense against weapons
-Bloodline is flexible in combat, serving many purpose at once
-Blood reproduction is faster


-Human and some demon members will use too much blood, and will let their blood supply decrease during the fight, killing themselves from blood loss
-Human members do not have acidic blood.

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PostSubject: Re: Delete this please. Old version.   Wed Dec 23, 2009 12:07 pm

I like it, but we need another approval.

Xzeno Clan
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Delete this please. Old version.
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