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 Reikon Keiri

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PostSubject: Reikon Keiri   Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:43 pm

General Information
Name:Reikon Keiri
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight: 138 lbs
DOB: Jan 7th, 1985


~Body Appearance~
His body appearance is a slim but muscular frame. His skin from head to foot is a pale white color, similar to chalk. He has black hair that is cut short, just barely covering the eye brows. His fingernails and toenails are pointed slightly and his canine teeth are more pointed than the average human. He has hazel eyes, that are often switching between green and brown.

He wears a formal suit with a dark green undershirt and a top hat.The suit is decked in black with gold lacing around the cuffs of the shirt, pants, and the rim of the hat. He has a single golden feather sticking out of his top hat. As for shoes they are a pair of comfortable, flexible, and formal ninja shoes. It along with his body appearance gives him the look of an demonic like doctor.


~Birth and Infant stages~

Reikon's birth is a strange one. He was left in the hospital, his parents taking off in the middle of the night. A note was left that actually gave a warning. It read: A warning to the village. This child is not of human birth. I speak not from insanity or lies though the child will surely drive anyone to such lengths. Be warned he WILL become a monstrosity, so I leave him here for the Kage to decide his fate. After reading this note the Kage decided it unfair to kill the small infant, so she had him adopted by one of the assistant in the kage building. The child grew up with nothing short of normal, human, activity.

Reikon childhood was different than most. The Kage had kept the warning left beside him as a child a secret to all and had all other villagers who had known swore to secrecy, and thus far the warning wasn't taken seriously. He showed no signs of the threat his birth warning made. Then one day at the age of five the first disturbance came. He was being taught more speech and pronunciation when he quickly spoke a whole sentence. The disturbing thing was that it was spoken in an old, dark sounding dialect. His voice grew deeper and aged. The whole scene lasted but a few seconds when he was back to normal. Reikon didn't seem to even notice he had done this. It was reported and the kage set a special group of 3 ninja to watch over him. Several more occurrences happened and during his 6th and 7th year he developed a taste for raw meats, and even hunted them on his on. His agility, skill, intellect, speed, strength all of his physical attributes quickly developed and progressed. It was clear that he should be placed into the academy, but not without caution.

~Academy Life~
His academy life should have been filled with confusion for him, but it was the opposite. After more years of obviously being watched he seemed not to care. He found the cautious, almost distrusting factor, to his liking. He accepted the inhuman behavior he displayed as just natural. It came to him like breathing. At this point though no one seemed to bother him. Everyone seemed to stand back and watch as he quickly forced his way to the top of the graduating list. Now it has been a few days after his graduation and he is a genin. He has a full life ahead of him and he is ready to take it on, inhuman and all, with a much more drastic detail, it is true. The boy has been discovered as a demon, and he is showing it. Soon he progressed into Genin.

~Genin Life~
His genin life was short. He was put into a team and immediately began training. Here he started developing his bloodline more, and his skill in puppetry. He went on several missions, and even a B-rank mission, through a village mishap were his team was accidentally assigned the wrong one. After completing that mission him and his team were saw as fit and ready. They were put through the Chuunin exams where they passed.

~Chuunin Life~
This was even shorter than his genin life, as in a week after he became chuunin, he left the village. Completely disappear and nobody knows where too.

~Missing Ninja Life~
He had for several years traveled around looking for a purpose. He knew that his new method of puppetry wouldn't be accepted, so he simply left the village. Finally one day he grew tired of keeping it all in. He wanted to kill, he needed to kill. He revealed himself as the demon he was, and massacred a small, unnamed village. He had taken many corpses from the village to experiment on. He had been, in that moment, unleashed. Soon word got to him. The other villages had placed him in the S-class criminal list. He smiled, and set out to Moon village. He wanted a bigger challenge.

~S-Rank Criminal/Moon Villager~
Going to Moon village he didn't expect to be welcomed. A newly developed group, the Akafuzen. He was accepted and found that he sort of just, fit in with them. He joined them and is now beginning his S-rank life. What will the future hold for him? We will soon find out.

Personality: His personality is that of an demon, sadist like and chaotic as well as bloodthirsty. He seems for right now to be on the side of evil but he has demonstrated several times that he simply stays on the side that keeps his interest and benefits him the most.

Likes:Raw Meat, uncomfortable or hostile situations, hunting for food, and black smithing..
Dislikes:Peaceful crap. Priests and what not.

Ninja Information
Rank: S-rank
Village: Moon
Combat Strengths: All around jutsu user
Combat Weaknesses: Small spaces.
Mental Strengths: Secure about himself and a strong mental focus
Mental Weaknesses: Claustrophobia

Kunai x20
Shuriken x20
Steel Wire 50 feet
Nekode x1



Name:Clone Technique
Description:This is the simple academy jutsu that replicates the user with a clone. This clone cannot take or deal physical damage and doesn't have any physical matter, for example not crushing grass when walking or kicking up dirt when running.

Name:Transform Technique
Description:This is another academy jutsu that allows the user to transform a clone, or object, or himself into another person or object.

Name:Replacement Technique
Description:Yet another academy jutsu this one allows the user to replace themselves with a log or dummy right before impact from an enemy attack. Usually after the replacement has worked they will take refuge in a hiding spot and try to gain the advantage of a sneak attack.

Name:Drowning Fist
Description:Reikon will deliver two punches at the opponent. The strike is then mimicked by his water element, creating another fist made of water, that will strike the opponent in a random place. Total of 4 punches.

Name:Blood Sphere
Description:Reikon will cut his palms and manipulate his blood to form spheres in his hands about the size of an orange. He then uses an exploding like intention, as the chakra sets in. He hurls the blood sphere at the opponent hoping for an impact. However once the deadly, corrosive, blood sphere hits any object it will have an exploding effect, covering at least 4 more feet.

Name:Earth Softener
Description:Reikon will place a seal around him, that will soften the ground around him, allowing him to move it much more easily.

Name:Water Devils
Description:Reikon will shoot a jet of water in a forward motion, then will quickly throw shuriken into the water jet. The water jet pulls the shuriken with its current force, spitting them out of the end of the water jet and launching them with great force and speeds, towards the opponent.

Name:Sinister Earth Replacement
Description:Reikon uses a replacement sack but this one is alittle meaner. If the enemy strikes the sack, which often happens when replacements are used, the seal inside it will activate and it will explode violently with earth chakra, and the dirt and rock mixture.

Name:Stalking Earth
Description:Reikon will at some point secretly carve a seal into the ground with a senbon, the thin lines making it harder to see. The seal will set in and wait to be triggered. The seal has a 10 foot radius that, once entered by an opponent, will trigger. Earth will shoot underground towards the target and burst out of the ground as a spire of deadliness. The movement is silent and will continue to track the opponent as long as he stays within the 10 foot radius. To those who aren't earth users the only warning is a cracking noise right before the spire bursts from the ground. This gives the enemy a few seconds to realize whats going on and avoid the spire.

Name:Deception of the Demon
Description:Reikon will take out a specially prepared shuriken from his pouch and launch it at the opponent. The shuriken is really Reikon's blood shaped into 12 shuriken and disguised as one normal looking shuriken with a transformation jutsu. A string of ninja wire is attached to the trick shuriken and when the shuriken gets within 10 feet of the opponent Reikon will send the chakra to cancel the transformation down the string and to the shuriken. The transformation jutsu ends abruptly and the single shuriken multiplies into the original 12 blood shuriken.

Name:Blood Clone
Description:This is a Shadow clone of Reikon, except the Element blood is used. They can perform the same jutsu as Reikon can, and can deal physical damage as well as take it. However, All information gained by them will not be sent to Reikon as they are destroyed.

Name:Thousand Pieces of Pain
Description:Reikon will cuts his palms and allow the blood to drip out in small drops. He holds each drop in the air until he has a nice little cloud of blood droplets surrounding him. He then manipulates his blood to form into tiny, randomly shaped, shards. He puts his thoughts into it along with chakra, and the corrosive blood sharpens, as Reikon feeds these images of glass shards, sharp razors and deadly swords. Each drop of blood is small and ineffective, but in numbers such as this the damage builds up quickly. Then with murderous glee he will send the cloud of death towards his opponent(s).

Name:Pulse of the Maggots
Description:Reikon needs the opponent to momentarily stand still for this jutsu to take effect. He will send out an pulse of chakra into the air, and if the opponent stands still long enough for two pulses to reach him/her without him/her moving and being disrupted then the Genjutsu will start. The genjutsu begins immediately, with large bumps starting to form and appear on the opponents skin. The bumps soon start moving over area's of the body, and with a sudden, disgusting surprise the bumps pop and bust. Thousands of maggots can be seen by the opponent, pushing their way out from underneath the skin, clumps of meat and flesh falling off as the maggots escape. If this genjutsu can't be broken off by the opponent it will eventually get canceled out, as the pain will be too much and snap the opponent out of the genjutsu. In any case Reikon uses this illusion as a chance to attack his victim.

Element(s):Water(Primary), Earth (Secondary), Blood (Kekkei Genkai)

Other Information

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PostSubject: Re: Reikon Keiri   Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:31 pm


Xzeno Clan
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Haku Shasa
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PostSubject: Re: Reikon Keiri   Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:45 am

Approved and move

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PostSubject: Re: Reikon Keiri   

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Reikon Keiri
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