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 Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done

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Ayame Miyuki

Posts : 32
Type : Crater
Rank : Jounin
Elements : Katon, Raiton, Doton

PostSubject: Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done   Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:34 pm

General Information
Name: Ayame Miyuki
Age: 17
Height: 5'3
Weight: 115 pounds
DOB: March 13



Bio: Next Post


Likes: Students, Training, Relaxation Time, Traveling/Exploring
Dislikes: Bullies, Someone who gives up easily (Which makes them end up having to trian harder if they are under her), Veggies

Ninja Information
Rank: Jounin
Village: Crater

Combat Strengths:
  • She is pretty good at controling her chakra and stamina to conserve it so she doesn't pass out.
  • Ayame has a excellence control over using ninjutsu as her major speciality..
  • Ayame has a good control over using weaponry as a battle tool and not just to give people pain.

Combat Weaknesses:
  • She has a hard time battling against poison and genjutsu type ninja users.
  • If she see's someone who is really close to her, then her emotions takes over in battles when they don't forcing her to just be able to use defense jutsu's till that someone is gone.

Mental Strengths:
  • Good control at Katon and Lightening Element
  • Good Taijutsu(+2)

Mental Weaknesses:
  • Ayame has a hard time of breaking out of genjutsu (+2)
  • She is weak against Poison Elements


  • 20 senbon's
  • 15 shurikens
  • 8 flash bomb's
  • 3 smoke bomb's
  • 15 exploding tags
  • 10 kunais
  • 3 jounin pills
  • 2 soldier pills
  • Spike Chains
  • 1 wooden staff (painted in red and black)

Jutsu: Next Post

Element(s): Katon (Fire - First Element), Raiton (Pick up in my genin years), Doton (Earth - Genuis Group Element, pick up in the beginning of my Jounin life.)

Other Information
Relationships: (Your relationships with other shinobi}
Family: None

Last edited by Ayame Miyuki on Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:48 pm; edited 10 times in total
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Ayame Miyuki

Posts : 32
Type : Crater
Rank : Jounin
Elements : Katon, Raiton, Doton

PostSubject: Re: Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done   Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:31 pm


Childhood Arch

The life of Ayame Mizuki started back at the Nightmare village. When she was born in the village without any medical ninjas around her unknown mother who died with a unknown father who supposely ran away from her mother at birth. During most of her childhood life she live at various neighbor houses during the age 1-6 who would take care of her needs and raise her up to be a sweetheart and cheerful. But would teach her during practice battles with a weapon given to her, a wooden staff at the age of 5 to be serious matter and not to loses any emotions unless a person who she deeply care for steps in the way. Then they taught her how to defend the person so that way she'll be able to not let that person be harm.

As the days of her childhood when on, she slowly discover the academy of the nightmare which send her into wanting to be a shinobi for real. Her neighbors decided it was time at the age of 8 and enroll her in the academy and send her there. From that day forth at the age of 8, the life of a shinobi began for her. She look forward to her new path and hope to grow more.

Pre-Academy Arch
During Ayames life at the academy she would quickly get involved in classes about learning the elements of the academy life. She had plans on being a ninjutsu major so she needed to choose a element to train in. She attended many classes until one day when she had more informaton than she needed that she would choose to train first in the element of fire, katon. She decided that day forth that she would work hard towards being the best shinobi in the world and promise herself she wouldn't take the genin exam unless she felt ready too.

Three years later, she was still at the academy studying hard, her teachers through she was ready for the genin exams but she refuse to take them. She was intending on being fully ready but she knew she was smart. Finally at the age 11 she decided she was ready and the teachers were relived sending her straight to the principals office with a note saying, Sign her up for genin exams.

A few monthes later after this had happen she took the genin exams. She finish them in just a short time and was later on in the day seen the results which show her at the top of the class. She was shock and the teachers were too but were proud of her. From that day forth she was given looks of a pride student and a favorite too. She went on to the genin cermony a month later and was given a headband of the nightmare village from the kage of the village.

Genin Arch
From the day that she got her genin headband she quickly hurry home to the neighbors house she was currently staying at and show her genin headband to her. That day they hold a small party for her proud of her and much more. They knew she would be famous someday and they heard her say that day, Someday I will be the strongest ninja of them all. After that day she went back to the academy a final day where she met her sensei and raise up to be a great ninja.

She train very hard under her sensei and with her teammates. She was one of those who refuse to go to the chuunin exams so they sat her out. She went on to watch the chuunin exams with somene who replace her on the team as all her team mates except for one who made it on during all three rounds got killed. She wasn't sad for them but she hope that she end up passing them when she did finally take them.

As the years of her genin life past by she discover the element of the Raiton which stood for lightening. She was willing to learn it and it only took her a few monthes to train it and learn a few jutsu's to use it. She knew she was almost ready for the chuunin exams now after she learn a second element to guard herself with. But for another year she end up studying and studying readying herself.

The kage kept having to put her on different teams with different sensei's as she kept on refusing to take the chuunin exams each time the year pass.
But 2 years later after the kage ran out of teammates to put Ayame with, he beg her to go take the chuunin exams and start her life as a chuunin. He told her she was smart enough to and he was guarteed that she would pass it for sure. After this happen, Ayame end up taking the chuunin exams at last.

She was 14 years old now. She went on to the chuunin exams with her new teammates they found for her at the last second and pass every round working with teamwork, brains and smartness. She end up becoming a chuunin of the nightmare village and was one of the few nightmare chuunin villagers there. From that day forward she made a goal to reach Jounin sooner than possibly if she could, no matter how long it takes.

Chuunin Arch
As Ayame went on to her chuunin life, it was a short one. She went on serveral missions with her last teammates and different people. She as well did errands it seems a lot for the kage as she went on to her life. Ayame end up going on to Jounin 2 years later when it seem the village was short as Jounins. The kage approach her on her 16 birthday is how this happen and ask her to go ahead and please take the Jounin exams since she was extremely smart.

She agreed to it and a few monthes later she went on to Jounin with passing everything except the written exam at the top of her class. She went on to the Jounin cermony shortly afterwards and celebrated with ramen stand with a small group of friends. She knew she had a great life and more to come after she was pronounced offically Jounin. Ayame would shortly find out, there is more to a shinobi's life in her Jounin life than she knew of.

Jounin Beginnings Arch

As Ayame move into her Jounin life and started down the path of shinobis that are at this rank. She was looking much older and taller, she didn't have any family still and she didn't know of any. During her first few monthes she had quickly pick up the element Fuuton, which stands for the wind. She knew she had a long ways to go through as she went through the training of the Jounins. But this was the start of her shinobi jounin ways and she was determine not to fail at her goal of being the strongest ninja in the world.

Last edited by Ayame Miyuki on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:37 pm; edited 10 times in total
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Ayame Miyuki

Posts : 32
Type : Crater
Rank : Jounin
Elements : Katon, Raiton, Doton

PostSubject: Re: Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done   Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:31 pm

Jutsu's (17):

Non-Elemental Jutsu's

Katon (Fire) Element Jutsu's

[color=yellow]Raiton (Lightening) Element Jutsu's


Doton(Earth) Element Jutsu
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Neo Yurizaki
Global Moderator
Global Moderator
Neo Yurizaki

Posts : 210
Type : Rouge
Rank : Unknown
Elements : Fire, Lightning,Wind

PostSubject: Re: Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done   Mon Nov 16, 2009 4:51 pm

Ayame Miyuki in your bio it says that you have"Element(s): Katon (Fire - First Element), Raiton (Pick up in my genin years), Fuuton (Wind - Genuis Element, pick up in the beginning of my Jounin life.)",but then you have fire,lightning,and earth elements.Besides the fact that jounnin are only allowed 2 elements!

Paper Shuriken is a kekkei genkai so who cannot have that jutsu!
Also in your description it says that you need to know Kage no bushin Jutsu to use Shadow clone jutsu,so this is also not approved!

So please edit!
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Haku Shasa
Council of Four
Council of Four
Haku Shasa

Posts : 841
Rank : Genin
Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done   Mon Nov 16, 2009 10:21 pm

Me posting from my main account - Sorry will edited the genuis element to earth. Plus the fact that anyone in the genius group is allow a third element. Plus Kage no Bushin is the clone technique .-. Just didn't feel like putting the full name.

Group name: Genius
Group description: This is a group for shinobi with no bloodline or no clan affiliation.This is for shinobi who have no bloodline or clan at all.You are called a Genius.A genius is able to learn and use one more extra element regardless of rank.
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Ayame Miyuki

Posts : 32
Type : Crater
Rank : Jounin
Elements : Katon, Raiton, Doton

PostSubject: Re: Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done   Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:48 pm

Okay edited details, I decided on my village to be Crater. Now its just needs to be accepted ^^
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Posts : 320
Type : Moon
Rank : Genin
Elements : None

PostSubject: Re: Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done   Thu Nov 19, 2009 5:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done   

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Ayame Miyuki [Jounin] ---> Done
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