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 "Guard Duty"

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PostSubject: "Guard Duty"   "Guard Duty" Icon_minitime1Tue Oct 13, 2009 7:53 pm

{neo walks in to Tsukiamioshi,a small river village where a convoy is staying for the night witch carries all of Shogun Mizuazk i's gold and weapons for his military.The people of Tsukiamioshi greet me nicely aswell as Shogun Mizuazki's guards who have been throught hell since Mizuazki's rival General Hin Zyoung told everyone of the convoy and even hired people to ambush them.That is why Mizuazki sent for a B-rank ninja to help}

Neo:hello I'm the ninja they sent to reinforce your platoons protecting the gold and weapons

Head Guard:I'm glad you got here when you did,night fall will be soon and my men are taking postions on every entrace in this village with fire on site orders.

Neo:It seems they follow orders too well{neo pulls a couple arrows from his pouch}

Head Guard:Those are the phoenix arrows.They are the best shooters we have.Are you sure they didn't het you?

Neo:They didn't even scratch me! Now no more talking eat and then get ready to defend this place with your life!

Head Guard:I agree.I have a place for you next to me in the tower in the middle of the village

Neo:Thats ok I like the ground better{Neo then makes a tiger seal with his left hand and puts his right straight down at the ground.His back starts to glow as mass amounts of sand goes everywhere including in the forest around the village and on the village roads} Now we should go eat and wait for them!

Head Guard:{in complete shock}umm.. umm..yes..yes right this way!

{neo and the head guard along with two other guards eat in a huge tent put up as neo looks up as says,"on of you guards are coming to inform you that there are multipule targets around the edge of the treeline}

Head Guard:what are you--

{just then a guard runs in the tent and kneels and says,"I'm sorry to bother you sir,but there are bandits at the tree line we beilve getting ready to attack.But there is something more,we belive they have ninja aswell.There is a very heavy mist starting to come in from the south-east.I asked a vilager if this is normal and they said very rarely but never even close to this thick."}

Neo:Looks like this will be alot more then alittle more then a feast{neo goes outside and sees a huge cloud of thick mist coming over the buildings and filling in all the allies and streets}

Head Guard:What the hell is this?

Neo:tell all you gaurds to be on there tippy toes with this much mist this thick means atleast a jounin{Neo just then makes all the sand he put out before grab the feet he could sence and crushed them,forcing the bandits to falls then making the sand crush them,but the mist didn't settle witch either means the ninja is inside a building inside the village already,or ontop a tree or somewhere he cudn't get to}

{just then the mist over took the area where neo was}

Neo:Guard can you hear me?

Head Guard:Yes

Neo: Don't worry about the bandits anymore just try and make it to you men and tell them to hide,becasue I need to catch this guy.Now go!{neo then sits down and goes into a meditative state focusing on his sand trying to find him}
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PostSubject: Re: "Guard Duty"   "Guard Duty" Icon_minitime1Wed Oct 14, 2009 4:45 pm

{neo then starts to hear screams that quickly die out and fast little disturbances in the sand around the village but the thing running around didn't even have half the chakra to pull of this technique, so neo knew it was a clone and the real one was somewhere that wasn't the trees,village, or-or-or.He new it was a jounin that was quiet good at mist and water jutsu.Neo kept thinking and thinking untill it doned on him that you need water for the mist and the only place his sand wasn't "THE RIVER".Neo quickly ran towards the river and used his sand to crush the clone from doing any further damage.As neo ran to the river the mist got so very thick he could not see his own hands a couple inches in front of his face.Neo then used all the sand he had summoned earlier to create a down draft, jet stream to blow away the mist as it reveled a ninja standing on top of the water with one eye closed and wearing very roughish clothes}

Neo:So your the little shit that messed up my feast

Ninja:Neo Yurizaki I presume.I got some intel that you would be be protecting this convoy, but I underestamated your powers.You even killed all my little minions given to me!But your sand can't do anything against me here on the water

Neo: you really think I can't just send so much sand over this river and get you?

Ninja:you can try!

Neo:Well looks like you called my bluff.But doesn't mean I won't kill you.{neo points at him and then extends all his fingers,raises his hand and then closes it}

Ninja: What the hell was th---{the ninja jumps into the air as a snake like shape comes out and grabs the ninja's foot and pulls him back to the water surface.}

Neo:{laughs} You ninja from other villages really are dumb.If no one ever told you there is sand at the bottom of all rivers,oceans, and ponds.But u'll have to pay for your stupidity witht your life{ as more sanke like creatures comes up,witch are actualy comprimessed clumps of sand so the water doesn't get into it and break it down, and grab at his arms and legs and neck and bring him under the water strangeling him and compressing certain key parts of the body to kill him}

{ the mist quickly setteles and neo walks off the water back into the village and goes to sleep ontel the morning when the convoy leaves,Neo heads home and reports to Aloide and retrives his 2000 ryo}
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"Guard Duty"
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