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 Black Star \'The One Who Will Surpass God\'

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Black Star

Black Star

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PostSubject: Black Star 'The One Who Will Surpass God'   Fri Oct 09, 2009 2:22 am

General Info

Name: Black Star (Of The Hoshizaku)

Gender: Male

Village: None, Wandering

Rank: Chuunin Leveled

Age: 14

Height: 5'6

Weight: 123 lbs

Element: Darkness

Summonings: None


Black Star comes from a long line of assassins known as the "Clan of the Star." The clan was known as a group of ninjas who did anything for money. They previously victimized people in several villages, which made them infamous in various places. Due to their actions thirteen years ago, the entire clan was exterminated by Shibusen. Black Star, who was still an infant at the time, was taken in by Shibusen. Despite this, Black Star bears no malice over the lost of his clan, because he understood that his parents led a wretched life and eventually paid the price for it.

Prologue (Academy Student)
Black Star first appears with Tsubaki on a mission to take down a merchant Al Capone and his men. Though they fail the mission, they discover that Al Capone plans to go after a witch named Angela. Black Star and Tsubaki go after him once more, only to find Capone and his allies already defeated by Angela's powerful bodyguard, Mifune. Black Star and Mifune engage in battle. The match ends when Black Star uses his Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave to win. Black Star ends up not killing either Mifune or Angela, and even gives the souls of Capone and his men over to his kage since he himself did not kill them.

Graduation Lesson (Genin)
Due to their lack of success in chakra gathering, his kage assigns Black☆Star and Tsubaki to a mission, where they must capture the zombified sensei Sid Barett and find out who changed him into a zombie.
The 4 students face Sid in Hook Cemetery. Black☆Star takes a hard blow from Sid's Living End and barely avoids being killed. Realizing Sid was following the Way of Assassination, he managed to anticipate Sid's next move, so he and Tsubaki could tie him up using Trap☆Star. After the battle, Black☆Star lifts up Tsubaki's dress to coax Sid into telling them that it was Franken Stein, who made him a zombie.
At Patchwork lab, the group face against Stein. With Tsubaki keeping Sid tied-up, Black☆Star fights weaponless. He manages to hit Stein with his soul wavelength, but is easily rendered unconscious by Stein. Black☆Star wakes shortly after the group learn that the battles with Sid and Stein were a set-up as part of the lesson.

The New Student (Genin)
There is constant talk concerning the kage's son, Shi's enrollment in Shibusen. Black Star, being the person that he is, is angered that there is someone who is talked about more than he is. He then proceeds to go outside and wait for Shi to appear. Shi, however, is three hours late, as he spent the entire time making certain that everything was perfectly symmetrical before his departure. When Shi finally does arrive, he immediately begins to admire the supreme symmetry of the school building; however, he is quickly devastated when Black Star ruins the symmetry by standing on and breaking ones of the spikes protruding out the main skull structure. This greatly angers Kid and he prepares to do battle with Black Star.

During battle, Shi uses his great dexterity and handles Black Star with extreme ease. The fight soon attracts the attention of the students inside the school; leading to Tsubaki and Stein having to go outside to deal with it.
During the battle, Black Star attempts take down Shi. Despite his attempt, it fails horribly with Black Star slipping.

Angered by his failed attempts, Black Star tries once more. Black Star manages to grab Shi’s leg and pulls him onto the ground, thenl seizes the opportunity to slash at Shi. Shi narrowly avoids this and breaks free from Black Star's grasp, all the while pulling Black Star into an embarrassing blow to his head. Kid responds to this barrage by performing a soul resonance with Liz and Patty. He then gets into Execution mode and performs Death Cannon. This creates a large explosion that knocks Black Star out.

Shi, surprisingly, loses consciousness too for seemingly unknown reasons. It is then revealed by Tsubaki, when Black Star attempted to slash at Kid, he had cut some of Kid’s bangs, with Shi not noticing the broken symmetry until after the explosion. Black Star both agree that this was their "win from behind".
Tsubaki then goes to Black Star and asks if he is alright, though, his only concern is if she saw him and how well he did. Black Star is later seen when Shinigami comes to take Shi home.

Seiken (Genin)
As punishment for learning from the extra lesson, Black is tasked with cleaning up the entirety of a library. However, instead of completing the task, he starts reading manga, and proceeds to make noise while doing so.It is at this moment that Shi finds him there. Shi is at the library to borrow books, with his main purport being to read about the holy sword Seiken. Kid is fascinated by its possible symmetry, while Black Star is by the fame it entails. Their interest is piqued further after they hear from Stein that Seiken was impossible even for himself. With that, they go search for the sword.

Eventually, they reach Koana Island, North Part. Their first obstacle is to climb a large cliff. Shi easily does so by riding on his skateboard. Black Star is forced to climb it bare-handed. After Black Star climbs it, he soon reaches the cave and sees Shi hanging off of an obstacle. Shi begs Black Star to carry him, because he does not want to step in mud. Eventually Black Star gives in and carries Shi. While walking through the cave, they pass by a fairy. They inquire her about Seiken. She instantly makes a disgusted face after she hears them say the name. The two soon reach the sword’s cavern and are impressed at the sight it. Shi is especially fascinated by its beauty. When both try to pull it out, they are surprised at how easily they were able to. Seiken then begins talking to them and changes into his human-like form.

Shi and Black*Star are amazed over how ridiculous Seiken's human form looks. Seiken quickly begins to ask the boys trivial questions, while at the same time not giving them time to respond. On top of that the manner in which Seiken waves his cane around and referring to his own legend quickly angers Black Star. It is even revealed that the book of Seiken was written by Seiken himself. Seiken the gives them a large amount of sheets, delineating all the things one must do to be able to wield him. After giving them the stack of papers, Seiken finally declares them his masters. However, immediately after they hold him, the two put him back into the ground and leave in disgust.
The following day, Black Star and Shi meet each other while walking down the hallway in the school. the two shake hands because of their good partnership. Shi then notices that some of the other students are laughing at them. The reason is because Excalibur has sent a pair of giant gifts to them, with the message “I’ll always be waiting for you.”

Get Masamune! The Demon Blade Of Fear (Chuunin)
Black Star and Tsubaki are sent on a mission to kill Tsubaki's younger brother, Masamune, located in Shin Village. Before they could properly start their mission, Black Star and Tsubaki are chased out of the village due to Black Star baring the mark of the Star Clan.
Black Star and Tsubaki return to the village when Black Star senses Masamune's arrival. They reach just in time to prevent the possessed Ryoku from killing a fellow villager. Black Star is then forced to battle the possessed boy. Black Star manages to capture Ryoka with his Shield Star and perform his Certain Kill: Black Star Big Wave. With the chakra between Masamune and Ryoku disrupted, Tsubaki claims the demon blade with the intent of fighting her brother. Black Star is left to wait and hope for Tsubaki's return.
During his wait, Black Star is repeatedly assaulted by the villagers, though he simply ignores them. Eventually, Tsubaki returns, with the soul of her brother. Back at the village, everyone celebrates Black Star's first mission complete. Black Star also shows everyone the new mode of Tsubaki--Demon Blade. When he performs it, however, he merely faints due to the large power.
Stein gives Black Star a jar filled with chakra absorption water with the incentive that, if Black Star can soak his entire hand in it, he will be able to use the demon blade without fainting.

Experiment (Chuunin)
Black Star journeys to Mabushi Town. After a brief conversation, Tsubaki notices a strange man; She is unable to distinguish his chakra. Black Star tells Tsubaki to transform into her demon blade form. She does so, and the two perform resonance. In this form Black displayed amazing speed but, before her could land a hit, he faints--not even lasting 10 seconds. He awakes a couple seconds later and fights Free. He manages to cut Free's arm off and kill him.

Black Star spends his time traveling, journeying to carve his legend.

Extra Information

Family Members:
White Star: Black Star's father. Becoming obsessed with power, White Star, eventually, became a demon. After realizing this, Black Star overcomes his doubts and finally finds peace with his soul and unlocks his true power with Tsubaki.

Team mates: Tsubaki: Black Star's weapon partner. Tsubaki's attitude is more reserved and quiet which makes her the complete opposite of Blackstar, but at the same time does her best to cope with him. Unlike, other weapons, she has the ability to transform into multiple weapons that allows Black Star to perform various Ninja-like techniques during a battle. This makes him a versatile fighter. At times, she seems to be embarrassed to be around her partner, because of his eccentric personality, but deep down she's very fond of him and feels she can be herself around him.

Sensei: --

Soul Authority (魂威, Kon'i;)is a move originally created by Black Star.
The technique is an attack which is only known to be usable by Black Star. By focusing their chakra, the user can drive their own chakra directly into an opponent's body through a physical strike on them. This can cause strong direct and internal damage.
Rank: C+

Certain Kill: Black☆Star Big Wave (必殺・黒☆星ビッグウェーブ, Hissatsu: Koku☆sei Biggu Wēbu) is a powerful attack used by Black Star.
The move requires Black Star to use a fighting style similar to Soul Authority. Initially it starts with an elbow strike to stun the enemy, then a powerful punch which sends a large amount of soul energy through the opponents body.
Rank: B

Shadow☆Star (影☆星, Kage☆Boshi) is one of the attacks used by Black Star and Tsubaki.
Using Soul Resonance while Tsubaki is her Demon Blade form Black Star and Tsubaki manipulate Black Star's shadows and use them to repeatedly attack the enemy. Though through examination, usage of this form of Shadow Star has the side effect of slowly killing Black Star.
After confronting the spirit, later known to be Masamune, Tsubaki's brother, and accepting the consequences that Black Star may face on this path, he and Tsubaki are able to unlock their true resonance.
Rank: B


Sheild Star: By using Tsubaki in her Chain Scythe form, Black Star creates a shield in the shape of a golden star for defense.
Rank: D

Speed Star: Black Star is able to move at extremely high speeds. To preform this technique, Black Star must focus his chakra to attain speed, to the point where even his movements can't be seen, allowing him to perform both rapid attacks and defensive evasions. This grants Black Star the advantages of being able to not only approach and attack either an enemies blind or weak spot, but to also allow him to better engage and fight in close combat, which the Ninja Sword is best suited towards. However, this ability does have a weakness in that it must be preformed upon a surface that can produce a good amount of grip. If the surface does not have the required friction Black Star is likely to trip, even ground made slippery by recent rain is enough to produce this reaction.
Rank: C

Trap☆Star (罠☆星, Torappu☆Sutā) is a technique used by Black☆Star and Tsubaki.
By placing the chain of Tsubaki's Scythe Chain form in a star shape on the ground anything that enters the area will by instantly sensed by Black Star and bound in the chains before they can escape. His ability to sense an opponent even extends to the area directly below the star, by using Tsubaki to hear their "chakra frequency". It also appears that the technique is indiscriminate once activated, capturing anyone who is present in the area other than Black Star, as seen when the technique was first used to capture Sid but also trapping Maka in the process.
Rank: C

Planet Destruction Cannon (惑星破壊砲, Wakusei Hakaihō) is an upgraded version of Soul Authority which Black Star uses. The move is similar to his Certain Kill: Black Star Big Wave.
Rank; A

Weapons: Tsubaki Nakatsukasa - the Demon Shadow Weapon, is Black☆Star's partner. She can change into multiple ninja weapons (shuriken, smoke bomb, Masamune later in the story, etc). Like her brother, she is a member of the Nakatsukasa clan.

Outfit: Black Star has blue hair styled to look like a star. His eyes are green, and his main outfit resembles that of a very modern ninja. A sleeveless black shirt with a funnel-like collar. On the shirt, there is a design on the right side of the shirt that runs from the top of the collar to the breast of the shirt, which resembles rivets in a sheet of metal. The back of the shirt has the same design but it's on a tether, rather than the actual shirt. On his hand, he wears gray gloves with wrist weight/padding and a metal plate across the knuckles. His pants are just little short of being full length jeans. The legs of the pants' color runs white until about the knees, where they turn black. The cuff and the waist of the pants has the same rivet design. Black Star's footwear are basic steel toe boots, with a star design at the toes.
On his right shoulder is his Star tattoo, which is just a shade whiter than his normal tone. In the manga, Black Star hair is shown as an emerald green, while in the anime, it is subtle cyan.
Despite the fact that his arms are a bit muscular, his voice is more like a child's than an adult, rather rare.

Strengths: Black Star has the capability of an excellent fighter, seeming to go toe to toe with the strongest. He is also very fast and seems to have an innate skill with weapons. Also, when needed he can be a very useful teammate.

Weaknesses: He is loud, which sometimes reveals his whereabouts when sneaking up on an opponent. He also mainly focuses on 'looking awesome' than fighting his opponent, which sometimes is his downfall.

Abilities: Black Star has attacks he can use with and without Tsubaki, which makes him more versatile than other weapon fighters. Without Tsubaki, Black Star relies on his skills in hand-to-hand combat. In the instances he uses Tsubaki, Black Star is known to take full advantage of Tsubaki's ability to change into a multitude of weapons.

Black star comes from the Star Clan, which specializes in ninja tactics and stealth. Black Star's arrogance often leads him to reveal his whereabouts, defeating the purpose of the ninja arts. The few times he uses his ninja stealth is when he peeps on Tsubaki (which normally ends up with him yelling and showing his whereabouts upon seeing Tsubaki's nude body) when she is bathing, or when he finally takes the fight seriously.

Soul Resonance (魂の共鳴, Tamashii no Kyōmei; Literally meaning "Resonance of the Soul") is a special technique used by Black Star and Tsubaki, in which, they synchronize their chakra. By doing so, they can release highly powerful techniques and, more often than not, change the tide of a battle.

Bloodline: --

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PostSubject: Re: Black Star \'The One Who Will Surpass God\'   Mon Oct 12, 2009 5:12 pm

Approved. ._.
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Black Star \'The One Who Will Surpass God\'
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